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Pure Pro Wrestling embodies our motto: “Pro Wrestling At It’s Finest.” You will won’t find our stars, training programs, or world-class live events with any other Pro Wresting Experience.

Pro Wrestling Training

You can go from being a lifelong fan, to fans watching you in less than eight weeks. Your training will not stop there. Pure Pro Wrestling offers a lifetime off training. You will learn how to become a professional wrestler and much, much more.

Live Pro Wrestling

Pure Pro Wrestling delivers world-class live pro wrestling events. Our in-person events, across the Midwest, offer the most exciting pro wrestling experience you can have. W

Youth Pro Wrestling

Pure Pro Wrestling’s young adult and Junior Grapplers program is the first and only program of it’s kind in the world.

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Camp Justice

Camp Justice

Join Pure Pro Wrestling head coach Xavier Justice for in-person one-on-one training.

Space is limited and social distancing will be observed.

Pure Pro Wrestling News:

Camp Justice Is Open For Sign Up!

Camp Justice Is Open For Sign Up!

Scheduling for Camp Justice pro wrestling classes in Hadley for ADULTS AND KIDS 1.) All sessions will be booked via first come first serve basis. You may schedule as many sessions weekly as you wish. 2.) Session availability is limited. Each session is $20 for 90...

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