January 15th, 2018

8 Man Tournament for Continental Championship in Milford!

After careful deliberation, PPW management has decided to strip The Beefcake of the Continental Championship citing a “lack of title defenses and two consecutive no shows in a months time” as the reasoning behind the decision. PPW will not wait to crown a new champion. In fact, a special 8 man – single elimination tournament will take place this Saturday at the Milford American Legion.


PPW will be producing a rare double header with events scheduled for 3:30PM & 7PM. The first round of this tournament will take place during the 3:30PM event and the remaining two rounds will be decided during the 7PM grand finale.


PPW management has also released the list of participants as well as the pairings for the tournament...


Xavier Justice: Founder of Pure Pro Wrestling, Head Trainer at Camp Justice, PPW Hall of Fame class of 2017. The new year marks the 18th year in professional wrestling for Justice. Throughout his career Justice has traveled across the nation winning championships and going toe – to – toe with some of the best wrestlers the industry has ever seen. Justice has won every championship PPW has to offer multiple times and continues to be a favorite among PPW’s loyal fans.


MC Breezy: The self proclaimed “Greatest mumble rapper in the game” is a former Michigan Gold Gloves Boxing champion, turned rapper, turned wrestler. Despite his small stature and odd attributes, Breezy packs a nasty right hook. MC Breezy is out to make a name for himself in PPW. Winning the tournament and the Continental Championship would give him instant credibility and force “the haters to take him serious.”


The Evilucha: Normally immigration issues in America revolve around illegal Mexican citizens sneaking their way into America. Undocumented immigration has been a hot button issue in this nation for many years. The Evilucha is the only American citizen (not engaged in illegal activity) to try to sneak out of America into Mexico. Ever since he was a boy, the American born Evilucha has been in love with Mexican culture, especially Lucha Libre. As a young man Evilucha snuck out of America and immigrated to Mexico City where he attempted to learn from the legends of Lucha. Unfortunately Mexican authorities caught up with him and he spent some time in Federale Prison. It was in prison that he learned a barbaric version of lucha libre that is rumored to be banned in all of the major Mexican promotions. After competing in the Mexican prison Lucha Libre scene, the Evilucha was released and deported back to America. Since his return he has joined Pure Pro Wresting and expects to use his prison style lucha libre tactics to defeat the other 7 men and win this tournament.


Aaron Orion: US Army Veteran Aaron Orion brings a battlefield mentality to the ring. Orion is big, strong, athletic, and aggressive. His striking and grappling technique is exceptional, but his strongest quality is the intensity he brings into every match. For the past decade Orion has competed across the nation against some of the best wrestlers in the game today. While serving on base at the US Army, Orion was granted special privileges to be able to travel and compete at various wrestling promotions. The leader of “Death Threat Army” is determined to win this tournament and take the Continental Championship on the road in 2018.


Cobra T.A.: The son of wrestling great “Destroyer” Alexander. This second gen wrestler is a former Michigan State Heavyweight Champion and Michigan State Tag Team Champion. Cobra is widely considered to be the strongest wrestler on the PPW roster. His power is always on display as he throws his opponents around the ring with easy. Cobra’s version of the Cutter is called the “Snake Bite.” This signature move has been used by some of the greatest wrestlers of all time – when Cobra executes his version his opponents don’t get back up.


“The Big Deal” Cody Manning: “The Big Deal” is a former model turned professional wrestler. After a successful career as as teenage heart throb model, Manning transitioned into pro wrestling. For the past decade Manning has built a reputation by defeating some of the toughest wrestlers PPW has to offer. Manning is a former Michigan State Tag Team and Cruiserweight Champion. Despite his size, Manning uses intelligence to find a way to win...even if it means breaking the rules.


RoadRash: He represents PPW’s resident band of outlaws known as The Nomads. The Nomads are the most dominant faction of wrestlers that PPW has ever seen. The Nomads currently hold the PPW Michigan State Tag Team & Cruiserweight titles in their camp and hope to add one more after RoadRash wins the big tournament. RoadRash is considered to be “The Nomad Mechanic.” According to Nomad spokesman Donahue, “When things need fixed, we call our mechanic. He’s always got the right tools for the job.” RoadRash has had limited matches in PPW, however he’s often seen throwing cheap shots at ringside during Nomad matches.


Father Time: The world’s only blind professional wrestler. This middle 60s grappler great is also a cancer and stroke survivor who made history nearly a decade ago when he became the world’s oldest rookie. After a successful in ring career, Time has captured several championships including the Michigan State Heavyweight Title. Time’s inspirational journey into the ring has been covered by media agencies nation wide. When he’s not in the ring, he’s volunteering at schools, giving motivational speeches, giving his time to the less fortunate, and serving as Pastor at a Flint church.



   Cobra T.A. vs Evilucha                         Cody Manning vs Xavier Justice

 Aaron Orion vs MC Breezy                        Father Time vs RoadRash

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