James Alexander wears rival companies title in PPW

January 10th, 2018

James Alexander fancies himself to be the best professional wrestler in the PPW locker room. When looking at Alexander’s conditioning, training background, nearly 15 years of in ring competition, and raw ability – he may have a point. Despite all of his ability, James Alexander lacks one thing...the support of Michigan wrestling fans. Alexander is known to be cocky, egotistical, and downright brash inside and outside of the ring. If you ask James, he’ll tell you that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Which is why James Alexander did the unspeakable at PPW’s first event of the year. He came to a Pure Pro Wrestling event wearing another company’s championship belt without the prior consent of PPW’s office.


In an outright act of protest, James displayed his newly won CLASH Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. CLASH has been producing professional wrestling events for over ten years in the Taylor, Michigan area. Many of their homegrown talent have become some of the best young wrestlers the Great Lakes state has to offer. James Alexander has competed for PPW since the companies inception 12 years ago. James removed himself from several PPW shows before making the decision to challenge for the CLASH Heavyeight Title. After defeating their talented champion, James made a point to flaunt his new gold as a statement to the PPW management for “neglecting to see his value.”


James Alexander faced Cobra TA in an exclusive VIP match with the winner receiving an opportunity to challenge for the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship in the main event. As James Alexander was announced, fans and wrestlers were shocked to see the arrogant Alexander strutting to the ring with the CLASH title around his waste. Alexander soundly defeated Cobra TA, a former multiple time Michigan State Heavyweight Champion.


Later in the night he returned to the ring for his championship match with the CLASH title proudly displayed. To make matters worse he told PPW’s fans that they “wouldn’t know talent if it hit them in the butt!” James took full opportunity to replace the injured Salem Ash and as a result NEARLY captured the most prestigious prize in PPW. Although Alexander lost the match, he took the monster Gideon Malice to his very limits while making a bold statement of protest and a proclamation that “2018 will be the year that James Alexander ascends to greatness.”

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