Health & Nutrition, In Class Seminars, Book Reading, Motivational Speaking, Guest Gym Class Teacher.

1 Hr with Dismissal and Seating.

Bully Prevention, Diversity, Differences.

Zach Gowen, Father Time play Key Roles

Make a handout with How to spot a Bully 101, PPW Anti Bullying Pledge, fun games, and coupons to PPW shows, including Merchandise offer, Concessions offer, Family Pack offer, Free Youth ticket to any City Market event with Paid adult (cannot be used as part of a family pack). Free Youth Program Dates, and contact info.


The law says schools must adopt a bully prevention program

Budget can come from Special Ed Fund, Bully Prevention Fund, Title 1 Funds, At Risk Education Funds, General Education Fund, or since we are a fund raiser we can partner and use the show and its multiple revenue streams to pay for itself and raise money for the school!

No selling candy bars or catalog items, this is done in 1 night, it's fun, includes staff and student body, brings the community together, and of course brings money into the school. You don't have to be a pro wrestling fan to enjoy this event.

Why Pro Wrestling?

There are over 2 million subscribers to the WWE Network, Pro Wrestling is the highest rated weekly cable series for over 10 years, family, staff, fun, money, outside of the box type of fundraiser, less violent than tv/movies/music and it is a highly entertaining brand of Theatrical Sports pitting the heroes and villains of Pure Pro Wrestling!

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