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Clash of the Cruiserweights

Saturday, February 2nd | Flint Iceland Arenas

Clash of the Cruiserweights Tournament to Crown the brand New PPW Cruiserweight Champion starts at Flint Iceland Arenas!


Round 1 Match Ups:

Adam Wick VS Dylan Derringer

Wick: Is a solider for the Death Threat Army. This tournament will give him a chance to bring the title into the fold while showing the fans that he's the best cruiserweight in PPW.

Derringer: One year ago he was just a college student studying engineering, now after months of training at the PPW Develoment Center he looks to become the breakout star of 2019. Capturing the Cruiserweight title would be a great way to start a career!

Big Bite Martinez VS Nolan Edwards

Martinez: The loco luchadore from North Carolina is not afaid to take his attack to the air. He's lightening fast and pushes the law of gravity every time he takes flight. This young star is hungry and wants nothing more than to take a bite out of his competion.

Edwards: This young grappler is a tortured soul whose pension for pain makes him a dangerous foe. Despite his derranged nature, Edwards is an exceptional athelete and wrestler. 

Giueseppe Colonna VS Freedom Ramsey

Colonna: The Italian Submission Machine likes to keep his opponents on the mat where he can keep control. He's armed with a vast array of submission moves and pinning techniques. Winning the cruiser crown is his top priority.

Ramsey: This former tag team champion is young, hungry, and athletic. There's nothing Freedom Ramsey can't do in the ring. He's full of energy and isn't afraid to lay it all out on the line to win.

Tenshi  VS Mr. One Night Only

Tenshi: The reigning AIWF World Women's Champion isn't afriad to wrestle any women or man on the planet. An entry into the tournament is no suprise considering she just defeated one of Michigan's best high flyers, MM3. Tenshi has held her title for one year and has defeated several men in mixed wrestling contests across the state of Michigan. 

Mr. One Night Only: He's cocky and brash, but he's able to back up everything he says. Since making his debut in PPW in 2018, Mr. One Night Only has several victories under his belt including a recent one over Michigan legend Dylan Night. He's also not afraid to break the rules if it means gaining an advantage over his foes.



Heavyweight Title Match | Gideon Malice VS "The Dark One" Lord Asmodius

The 6'4 245 pound monster champion Gideon Malice will put his year long undefeated streak on the line against veteran heavyweight Lord Asmodius. Malice has defeated many of the top heavyweights in wrestling including wwe, ROH, & Impact TV stars. Lord Asmodius is a 15+ year world traveled wrestler who's been recently on ROH's "Future of Honor" TV program. The ring will shake and the building will quake as these to Goliath men collide. 


Tag Team Title Match | The Nomads VS The Real Rizers

Check out this awesome tag team action between The Nomads & "Flint's Beatdown Boys" The Real Rizers. Samson Real is a powerhouse rookie wrestler teaming with his life long best friend and energetic cruiserweight Tay Rizer. This n new tag team will have their hands full as they face the outlaw renegade team of CJ Anderson & Ace Evans. Together, this tandum has held more tag team championships than any other team in PPW history. 


Grudge Match: Nick Xero VS Tommy Vendetta

For the past several months the wiley veteran Nick Xero has been a thorn in the side of one of PPW's most popular heroes, Tommy Vendetta. Xero is a coach at the PPW Development Center and has had hands on experience training Vendetta. Xero feels that Vendetta has forgotten "who got him to the dance" and wants to "beat some respect" into the battle tested Marine veteran.

Future Contenders Match | James Alexander VS Ace Evans

James Alexander fresh off his battle with Joey Ryan has a chance at a future Heavyweight Title Match... All he has to do is go through the returning Big Bad Wolf, the Nomad, Ace Evans!

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