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Welcome to the Pure Pro Wrestling Development Center at Flint Iceland Arenas! We are Michigan’s premier Pro Wrestling school and located conveniently in Mid-Michigan near I-75!

Flint Iceland Arenas

1160 Elms Rd

Flint, MI 48532

We have a comfortable training area with Two 16’ rings, a full gym and weightlifting area, locker rooms with showers, a sit-down restaurant, and full event center with three large arenas on site. If you have ever wanted to be a pro wrestler or just have the itch to give it a try then sign up today!


Professional wrestling is an international art form that began in America over 100 years ago. The infectious blend of fighting arts mashed with spectacle, theatrics, and colorful heroes & villains creates an atmosphere that suspends belief while entertaining masses worldwide. From its humble carnival beginnings, pro wrestling has spread across the globe and transformed itself to a multimillion-dollar industry. PPW takes great pride in honoring the rich tradition of a true American pastime by offering a well-rounded pro wrestling education for students of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels who wish to learn the craft. PPW strives to create a positive place for men and women to learn. Whether your goal is to become the next world champion or you’re simply looking for a place to have fun and get in shape, PPW’s Training Facility has something to offer you.



PPW instructors will primarily teach North American pro wrestling based in the catch-as-catch-can style, however elements of Mexican, European, Japanese, and Dragondor – Mexican/Japanese hybrid styles are incorporated.

PPW Pro Wrestling Training will focus on these key elements...

Ring positioning, mat wrestling, chain wrestling, slams, suplex variations, striking, submission holds & counter holds (chain wrestling), rope work, corner work, aerial maneuvers, advanced slam & suplex variations, hybrid maneuvers, ring psychology, spot & set structure, advanced high spot development, character development, the art of the promo, marketing and branding, social media management, booking management, brand and character merchandising, and much more.

Student Showcase Events:

PPW training also boasts events specially designed to give students opportunity, exposure, and experience. These events will provide an excellent opportunity for deserving students to cultivate their talent, technique, and ability before trying to make it to the main PPW roster or on to other independent wrestling organizations.

Seminar with a Star:

Perhaps the most exciting perk of PPW training, the rare opportunity to learn from experienced professionals who know what it takes to make it to the big time. PPW’s training program will provide a steady stream of seminars for students to take advantage of. Check out our Seminar With a Star now.


Join PPW’s Training Center today and begin your journey into the exciting world of professional wrestling. Our thorough and comprehensive program is designed to create a positive learning environment for students of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Seize your opportunity to learn from PPW’s experienced training staff consisting of active professional wrestlers. Whether you want to be the next world champion or you're looking for a unique way to keep in shape, we are sure to satisfy your needs.

Current Class Schedule

Mon: JR Grapplers 5:30PM - 7:00PM / Adults 6:30PM - 9PM
Tues: Adults 5PM - 9PM
Wed: Jr Grapplers 5:30PM - 7:00PM / Adults 6:30PM - 9PM
Thursday: Adults 5PM - 9PM
Friday: Jr Grapplers (Advanced only) Adults 6:30PM to 9PM

Cost for Pro Wrestling Classes

Seminar w/ a Star & Specialty Seminars

"Learn the in & outs of becoming a pro w/ Character Development & Marketing, The Art of the Promo, Getting Booked, Resume Building, Technique Based camps (Striking, submission wrestling, high flying, etc.), Professionalism and Etiquette, and more.

Junior Grappler Wrestling Training Program

PPW's Junior Grappler Program takes young wrestling fans (ages 5-15) and gives them an opportunity to learn professional wrestling in a SAFE environment. Coach Xavier Justice and staff teach students put fun as the first priority as they help to inspire confidence and build self - esteem while teaching several  WWE Style  pro wrestling techniques.

The 8 week course will also encourage healthy eating habits and teach participants that fitness can be fun! After the 8 week course is over, students will design their own character, costume, and make their IN - RING debut on a LIVE PPW Event at Flint Iceland Arena! Regular participation & attendance is encourage because our goal is to make your little grappler ready for a real pro wrestling match in front of a live audience!  

Let's face it, kids are pretending to be their favorite wrestlers in bed rooms, basements, and back yards all across America. While these activities can be fun, they are also dangerous! Many kids have been injured and in some cases killed imitating pro wrestling at home without proper training and guidance. Sign up today and let PPW provide a real ring, qualified instruction, and a fun, safe, and inspirational environment to learn.


*8 weeks of professional and wrestling training

*2 days per week (Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 5:00-6:30 w/ Advanced students staying until 7:00)

*Fridays from 5:00-6:30 for Advanced students only

*Pizza Party on June 1st for youth members

*Student Showcase Event at end of program in front of a live crowd at Flint Iceland Arenas


April 1st, 2019 – June 1st, 2019 

ONLY $100 for the 8 week program! 

($80 for ea. additional child in family)


*ADVANCED STUDENTS: Students who have completed at least one previous session please choose "Advanced Student"


REQUIREMENTS: Strapless Mouth Guard, Athletic Clothing, Athletic Shoes, Knee and Elbow Pads are encouraged, Parents must sign Waiver.

Xavier Justice

The head trainer and founder of Pure Pro Wrestling began his journey into the squared circle at the age of 16. Over the span of a 15+ year career, Justice has traveled around the country wrestling some of the best grapplers to ever enter the squared circle. His hard work and diligence as a promoter has resulted in Pure Pro Wrestling becoming the only touring professional wrestling company in the state of Michigan. His dedication to his students has paid dividends as many of his pupils have gone on to successful careers. Some of his top students have been featured on Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling. 

Ace Evans

Ace Evans is known around Midwest as the leader and founder of The Nomads, a renegade group of outlaws who have made a name for themselves by consistently stealing the show anywhere they go. As one of Xavier Justice’s original students, Evans brings a decade of experience to PPW’s training program. Over the years Evans has worked hard to create a name for himself and his brand.  The Nomads are the top merchandise seller in PPW and their infectious popularity has spawned spinoff branches in cities across the Midwest.

Aaron Orion

Aaron Orion is an Army Veteran who one of the original students of PPW & Xavier Justice nearly 15 years ago. Orion is widely considered to be one of the best indie pros in the Midwest and is regularly featured on top promotions across the US & Canada. His intensity, persona, and charisma has helped him grow into an excellent wrestler with a cult following. Orion has also been featured on WWE programming and has won several championships during his career.

Nick Xero

Nick Xero Bio Coming Soon!

Dylan Night

After 20 years in the wrestling business “High Profile” Dylan Knight finally made his way home to Pure Pro Wrestling! At the age of 17 he stepped into his first Pro wrestling school based out of Alexandria, Virginia called KYDA PRO Wrestling. The school had several top stars come thorough to train and be trained including, Christian York, Joey Matthews and most notably Alexis Laree who later went on to be WWE/TNA Superstar Mickie James.  Dylan eventually became one of the head trainers, but never stopped trying to learn his craft to the best of his abilities. He attended The Dory Funk Dojo, ECW Extreme Dojo where he learned promos and mic skills from Steve Corino, ring Psychology from Simon Diamond, mat work with Little Guido, and ring work with Super Nova (WWE Simon Dean). Continuing to pay dues and honing his craft he started to follow his dream to branch out and working as much as possible, then he was given the Name “High Profile” Dylan Knight honorably from his mentor Steve Corino.  After ECW folded up he became a top tier talent for the Philly area working for companies like IWA, PWF, and 3PW. Knight was able to work with former ECW alumni including Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, The Blue Meanie, and Nova. Next step for Night was the opportunity to step up and prove himself, to work with Zero One Japan. Knight then made the move down to Orlando Florida to become an assistant trainer and agent at FXE Pro Wrestling. While traveling on the road he met up with future lifelong friend and tag team partner AWA, WWE, ECW, WCW Superstar Pat Tanaka. Knight was very honored to asked to be part of a tag team with Pat Tanaka for a New Version of The New Orient Xpress, traveling all around the world learning from one of the greatest Bumpers and ring technicians of all time.  Next step of Knight’s career took him to Afa the Wild Samoans Pro Wrestling School named WXW, most notably known for being a WWE Developmental Territory and the promotion that was the start for The Rock. After proving his experience he became a top talent, commentator of shows, agent of promos, and assisted at the training school along side of WWE Legends Afa, Haku and Ricky Santana. Top Talent he assisted in training includes The Daughter of WWE Legend Jimmy Snuka, Tamina Snuka and sons of WWE Legend Haku, The sons of Tonga. After Taking several years off from the business Knight feels it is his calling to give back and help out the next generation of talent at Pure Pro Wrestling.

Training Staff

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