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Three of Wrestling’s Top Cruiserweights Take to the Sky in Flint

November 15th, 2018

Cruiserweight wrestling can be some of the most exciting in ring action on any event. For decades these little big men have been dazzling crowds with lighting fast technique, awesome athletic displays, and all our aerial artistry. PPW is proud to present three of the premiere cruiserweights in the game…MM3, Alex Weir, & Big Bite Martinez.

MM3 comes from a long line of wrestling greats. To say that wrestling is in his blood is an understatement. For MM3, pro wrestling is a family business. MM3’s late great grandfather was a successful wrestler and promoter in the Detroit area for many years. MM3’s father is an active wrestler who is known across the Midwest and is the promoter of Detroit’s premiere wrestling company XICW. MM3 has been in a ring nearly all of his life and when he steps between the ropes the experience shows.

Alex Weir is a black belt martial artist who has competed in tournaments across the world. The transition from martial arts to pro wrestling came easy for Weir. In fact, when he hit the ring, he brought martial arts with him. His unique almost ninja like style has earned him the nickname “Weaponized.” Weir is also a member of a group called DTA (Death Threat Army). Together this band of elite warriors hope to be the top draw for PPW.

Big Bite Martinez is a North Carolina Native who lives his entire life under the masked identity of Big Bite. Like all masked men, Martinez’s history is a mystery, however his opponents don’t need to know what he looks like under the mask to know that he means business. Martinez is a proficient striker and aerial artist who’s extremely athletic and aggressive.

Don’t miss 3 cruiserweight studs duking it out on Saturday, December 8 at Flint Iceland Arena. Tickets are on sale now at

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