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What a Debut Night for PPW in Ferndale!

December 2nd, 2018

PPW debuted at the Ferndale Fraternal Order of Police to celebrate Mr. One Night Only's 40th birthday. The b-day bash inspired an amazing 2 hour event that finished w/ one of hardest hitting Michigan State Heavyweight Title fights in PPW history. The night was a near sell out and deemed a smashing success by PPW Management, Staff, and fans alike. After a successful debut, PPW is now making plans for a HUGE 2019 return! While your waiting for the announcement regarding next year's extravaganza, enjoy a brief recap of this year's festivities. 


Freedom Ramsay Defeats Nolan Edwards:


After a hard fought opening match between two of Michigan's brightest young talent, Ramsay pulled out a pin with a nice counter into a roll up. Ramsay, a former PPW Tag Team Champion just proved to the locker room that you don't need to be knocked out to be beaten. Now the Detroit native hopes to keep the momentum building going into 2019. Meanwhile the brooding Nolan Edwards continues his downward spiral into madness.


Ferndale's Finest Women Refuse Tenshi's Open Challenge


The reigning AIWF World Women's Champion hasn't had a title defense in nearly two months because every time she makes an open challenge, no women has stepped up to the plate. Tenshi's official representation Mr. Jack Kelly stated in a pre show VIP eyes only interview that "Tenshi has challenged the women of Ferndale, and none of them have answered the call." With no opponent available PPW management scheduled a singles match with rookie Dylan Derranger, a student of PPW's developmental program. The bout was recorded as a cruiserweight division bout. Tenshi picked up a quick win over the reluctant rookie and now has began her climb in the PPW cruiserweight standings. A side bonus considering her near long reign as World Women's Champ has been the finest run of her career.


Samson Real & Tay Rizer Join Forces to Topple The Nomads


PPW Developmental students Tay Rizer & Samson Real have impressed many fans, wrestlers, and promoters during the past year. The two real life best friends joined training together and are now forming a tag team they call "The Real Rizers." The rookie standouts aimed for the sky as they asked PPW management for their first match together to be against the reigning PPW Tag Team Champs The Nomads. Since this was technically their first bout as a team, they didn't qualify for a title shot, but what they did do was DEFEAT the champions in an exciting bout that lasted nearly 15 minutes! Now that the Real Rizers have shown that they can defeat the champs, they automatically find themselves in the hunt for the belts going into 2019.


A Family Affair: MR. One Night Only Turns 40 & Pins Xavier Justice


What started as a crazy idea for a birthday party turned into a wild dream-come-true for 40 year old Ferndale native Joe "Mr. One Night Only" Pary. Early in 2018 Pary approached PPW regarding a private birthday function. PPW provides children and adult birthday parties for affordable rates across the state of Michigan each year, however this event was to have a special twist in the form of guest "civilian" wrestler Joe Pary. This was always a dream of Pary's and he never got the opportunity to chase it, so a birthday party was his way of living out a childhood fantasy and achieving his dream...if only for a day. After an agreement was made for PPW to perform at his party, Pary began driving to PPW's training center located at Iceland Arena in Flint, MI. His goal was to get in better shape and learn enough to get him through a match with one of his favorite PPW wrestlers. He was even hoping to find a spot for his 9 year old son Brock! When Pary hit the ring he instantly fell in love. And all though it hurt, he loved training and couldn't get enough of it. A passion developed, a fire grew, and before he knew it he found himself at the ring multiple days a week. It didn't take long for PPW management and coaches to take notice and by summer Pary was approached to wrestle on live events. His official debut was at the Genesee County Fair in Mount Morris during PPW's infamous "Mandurance" week. Pary's debut match went so well that he was asked to wrestle again, and then again, and again...and before he knew it, he found himself running the course of the 7 day, 21 event triathlon. After his performances at the GCF, PPW staff signed more matches and suddenly Mr. One Night Only became a traveling figure on the PPW roster.


What began as a 1 night only appearance transformed into a life long dream fulfilled as Mr. Joe Pary became Mr. One Night Only. To cap it all off,  nearly one year after he began the journey, he found himself in a match w/ his Coach Xavier Justice at a private event turned public that resulted in a near sell-out PPW  Ferndale debut. Mr. One Night Only stole the show and a win from Xavier Justice after his wife & son provided a little assistance. The win was Mr. One Night Only's biggest, but more importantly it was the cherry-on-the-top of a night he'll never forget. Mr. One Night Only will continue to compete at PPW going into 2019 and his journey will stand as proof that a human being is capable of achieving any and all dreams; as long as they have the grit to work for them. 


Buddy Hanlon Crashes Mr. One Night Only's Party


Detroit veteran grappler and heavyweight powerhouse Buddy Hanlon showed up to Ferndale to wreck the night of Mr. One Night. Hanlon has traveled the country winning championships during his 15+ years of competition. Hanlon was featured by Ring of Honor on multiple occasions in 2018 and is hoping to land a full time deal in 2019. With that in mind, he wanted to "sharpen his skills," but unfortunately it was at the expense of Mr. One Night Only. The main event was an over-the-top-rope Battle Royal w/ the winner facing Gideon Malice for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title directly after. Mr. One Night Only survived a dozen of PPW finest only to be side-swiped by hulking 240 pounder. Hanlon got to face Malice and One Night ate the floor.



Super Heavyweights Collide as Buddy Hanlon Challenges Gideon Malice for the Belt


After winning the Battle Royal, Hanlon went straight after Malice and gave him all the firepower he had. Malice was rocked on numerous occasions and at times, looked to be down and out. The match was physical and intense like two bulls vying for a mate. Both men were equally matched, however a few key mistakes were made by Hanlon towards the end and Malice was able to use his 2 handed choke bomb finisher to get the win. Hanlon also suffered a concussion during the bout, meanwhile Malice continues his 2019 undefeated title defense streak.

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