April 21st, 2018

Father Time Diagnosed w/ Cancer – The Fight for Father Time is On

   Pure Pro Wrestling regrets to inform fans that Leo “Father Time” Napier has been diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. The diagnosis was received a little over two weeks ago. A few months prior to the diagnosis, Time visited doctors seeking medical attention over issues involving his kidney functioning. The doctor’s discovered that Time’s kidney functioning was only at 50%. This discovery prompted more testing which ultimately lead to the prostate cancer diagnosis. And despite all of his health issues, Time has still been performing in PPW rings as the Continental Champion… BY CHOICE. A true testimony to his faith and his unbelievable will to endure despite insurmountable odds.

   As most fans know, this is not the first time Father Time has fought cancer. In his younger years, Time was diagnosed with cancer on a different part of his body, however after a year of being sick he soundly defeated the cancer. Time went on to become the oldest rookie in pro wrestling as well as becoming the only blind pro wrestler in the world. His storied career has been covered by media agencies from across the nation. His success even brought him to a match with Ring of Honor and put him on the WWE’s radar.

   More importantly than his career, Time has used his fame to bring about real change to those around him and in cities across Michigan. The wrestlers he has shared locker rooms with have had their personal lives changed by Time’s undying positivity and outlook on life. His incredibly journey from the projects of Cincinnati, Ohio to the squared circle has been shared with thousands of students across the state of Michigan as a source of inspiration to succeed and prosper in life. His counseling has saved the lives of two young students as he directly stopped them from suicide attempts. His counseling has helped to repair and rebuild hundreds of marriages. In his early years, his work as an EMT helped to save lives night after night. His work and teachings in ministry has brought hundreds of souls to God while teaching the life and principles of Jesus. Time has also spent thousands of hours volunteering to raise money for hundreds of charitable efforts. Simply put, anyone who has ever met and shared only a moment with Leo “Father Time” Napier has had their life impacted in ways that words cannot describe.

   NOW the Fight for Father Time is on. He needs YOUR help! With several doctor visits looming and treatments coming in the near future, overwhelming medical bills will surely follow. A special benefit event will take place at the PPW Arena inside Iceland Arena in Flint, Michigan on Saturday, May 26 2018 at 7PM. All ticket proceeds will be donated to Father Time’s Fight Against Cancer. Private donations will be accepted as well. A GoFundMe page will be up and running in the next few weeks to accept donations. Those who donate $20 or more will be sent a special computer file featuring a Father Time Wallpaper to be used for your phone or PC. PPW will also accept donations on behalf of Time during every event in 2018.

   To purchase tickets to the May 26 Fight for Father Time event please visit www.pureprowrestling.net. Click the upcoming events tab and select Flint Iceland Arena. A link to purchase tickets will be available. Tickets are on sale now. Buy your tickets now because “There ain’t no time like Father Time.”

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