Father Time slays MC Breeze in first ever PPW Rap Battle

January 8th, 2018

Father Time & MC Breezy went bar – for – bar in a freestyle rap battle. It was 8 mile rules. They only got one shot. Going into the battle MC Breeze made claim to being “harder than well water” while Father Time remained silent despite the smack talk. MC Breeze claims to be the “greatest mumble rapper of his generation” and wanted to show the 300+ fans in attendance his talent.


Despite the confident delivery, Breezy stumbled through his rap and ultimately drew a chorus of boos from the crowd. One fan was quoted as saying “MC Breeze’s rap was so terrible that I considered leaving the show.” When the mic was passed to Father Time he surprised the crowd and outright slayed MC Breeze.


As the crowd went wild Breeze lost his temper and attacked the announcer. After he laid out the announcer, he went after Father Time. As a result, MC Breeze found himself on the wrong end of Father Time’s strong hand.


Now that MC Breeze has lost at his own game, he claims he’s going to settle the score at an upcoming event. MC Breezy isn’t scheduled for any matches for the remainder of the winter, however in a bold mumble rap released on his Instagram page he claimed that Father Time should “watch his back because he’s got people coming for him.” He also claimed that he would be seeing him “soon.” MC Breezy also released a photo of himself posing with a handgun. The caption on the picture read “Tick tock.” Police later confirmed that the handgun was actually an air soft pistol of “inconsequential force.”

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