PPW Live Results: Holly, MI from February 16th, 2018

February 17th, 2018

Here are the Results of  PPW Live: from Holly, MI on February 16th, 2018


Pure Pro Wrestling made its debut in Holly, Michigan at the Karl Richter Community Center. The event boasted over two hours of incredible action that helped to raise over $2000 for Holly area veterans. Check out the headlines from this action - packed event!



Gideon Malice Defeats TNA Original D Ray 3000 in Brutal Fashion to Retain Michigan State Heavyweight Title


The 6'4 Michigan made monster known as Gideon Malice successfully retained his Michigan State Heavyweight Championship against TNA Original D-Ray 3000. Malice has held the championship since this past Summer and has since all but dominated his competition. D-Ray 3000 is a crafty veteran who is athletic and very technique oriented. D-Ray was one of the original members of TNA where he defeated some of the companies top talent. He's also competed overseas in Japan, Mexico, & Puerto Rico. However despite his impressive resume, he was no match for Malice's "Malicious Intent." D-Ray 3000 gave everything he had in an attempt to dethrone PPW's king of the ring, however his efforts proved to be futile as Malice used two hands to lift him high over his head before planting him into the mat with fire and fury. After pinning D-Ray 3000, Malice looks ahead to his next title defense on March 10 in Charlotte, MI.


Tenshi Uses Mysterious Mist to Defeat Joseline Navarro - Remains AIWF World Women's Champion.


"Warrior Princess" Tenshi put her AIWF World Women's Championship on the line against Ohio Native and Mega Championship Wrestling star Joseline Navarro. "The Chocolate Goddess" seemed unafraid as Tenshi tried to intimidate her from the onset. Tenshi is known across the world as a master martial artist who can end anyone's career at a moment's notice. Her reign as champion has lasted since October and during her tenure she has steamrolled her competition. Going into the bout Tenshi seemed overconfident, however it didn't take long for her to be completely grounded as Joseline went to work. After several near fall pin attemps, Tenshi looked to be in serious trouble, however she as the ref was distracted she was able to spit the blinding mist in Joseline's face allowing her ample opportunity to KO her opponent with a Japan sized Flatliner. Although Joseline Navarro lost the fight she claims "the war has just begun." A rematch between the two is rumored to be in the works, however nothing official has been released by PPW staff.



Father Time Defeats 6 Men to Retain his Continental Championship


In a stunning turn of events, Father Time took the microphone and proclaimed his disgust at those who doubt his abilities and call him a circus act. A fired up time wanted to prove to the fans and to the wrestlers that he belongs in the ring and he is the rightful Continental Champion. To prove this very point, Time offered an open challenge to anyone who wanted a piece of him. As the music played, 6 wrestlers entered the ring all wanting a piece of "Michigan's Miracle Man." The wrestlers included former Continental Champion The Beefcake, Nikko Klitchkov, The Evilucha, Road Rash, Kalam, & MC Breeze. When the announcer asked Time which of the wrestlers he would choose to defend his title against, Time simply stated "all of them!" As the match began Father Time sent bodies flying left and right; however it didn't take long for the numbers came to catch up and Time found himself on his back on the end of a butt whooping. As Time seemed ready to be pinned, the wrestlers started arguing for the right to score the pin fall. With all six competitors bickering, Time regained his strength and composure and then issued a beating to all six men that would have made Grandma proud. After the bout, Time had his hand raised by the ref to declare victory as the rest of the crowd chanted "tick-tock, tick- tock." Time's next title defense will be on Friday, March 9 at Northridge Academy in Flint. 



Xavier Justice Makes a BIG Announcement


A few weeks prior to the event Justice posted an emotional message about making a big announcement regarding "his career and immediate future." Many speculated as to what the announcement would be. Some thought it was a retirement speech, others expected a jump to a larger brand. Instead, Justice announced that he would be spending the next six months of his career in Punjab, India as the new Coach for Continental Wrestling Entertainment - a company owned by The Great Khali. Justice will be training over 200 wrestlers in the world's largest pro wrestling gym while competing on CWE live events. Justice is expected to share his experiences in India on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.



Levi Blue's Return to Pure Pro Wrestling Thwarted by the Nomads


For over 20 years Levi Blue has entertained wrestling fans across the state of Michigan. Known as a locker room leader who is willing to put it all on the line, Blue hadn't been seen in a PPW ring for a decade. His return was supposed to be special, especially with it being at his hometown high school. Blue's trip down memory lane was interrupted by Michigan State Cruiserweight Champion Billy Ray Daniels, a member of The Nomads. Daniels not only stole Levi's thunder, but he also insulted the very town he grew up in. Levi wasn't scheduled to compete, but the anger and frustration that Daniels caused put the Michigan's "Hardcore Redneck" in a fighting mood. Levi challenged Daniels to a brutal match he made famous years ago known as "The Battle Alley Brawl." As the name suggests the rule book was tossed out and Levi went to work on Daniels. Although Daniels is a champion and member of The Nomads, he was barely able to land a punch as Levi blistered him with every ounce of fight he had. The match seemed to be a sure victory for Levi until Daniels partners CJ Anderson & Ace Evans ran out and nailed Levi with a cheap shot. Daniels stole one from the Veteran, but not before The Nomads could injure him so bad that an EMT had to wheel him off in a gurney. 



The Nomads 19 Month Reign as Tag Team Champions Has Ended - Cobra TA & Rookie Sensation Freedom Ramsey Score the Upset


As Levi Blue was carted off on a stretcher, CJ Anderson & Ace Evans laughed while infuriating the team of Cobra TA and Freedom Ramsay. The Nomads were proud of their actions, however Cobra & Ramsay wanted to settle the score by winning the Michigan State Tag Team Titles. As the match got underway, Cobra and Ramsay came out the gate fired up. Despite the team being a brand new pairing, the two super athletes showcased instant chemistry by unveiling a devastating tag team double team move that nearly scored a pin fall. However The Nomads have been champs for 19 months and they used their experience to gain advantage. They isolated Ramsay and worked over his body in ways that could be defined as torturous. As the fans ran out of hope for the new tag team, something amazing happened. Levi Blue somehow found his way out of the back of the ambulance and BACK into the ring where he helped Cobra and Ramsay become the NEW Michigan State Tag Team Champion thus ending The Nomads 19 month reign of terror. Nomad CJ Anderson shared his anger and frustrations on his personal Facebook account shortly after the defeat. In the post he scolded Levi Blue for interfering and vowed to regain the titles on March 10th in Charlotte.


Manning Defeats Alexander in Cruiserweight Clash 


Cody Manning picked up a huge win over crafty veteran James Alexander after a hard fought, athletic competition. Manning is a former Cruiswerweight champion with aspirations of regaining the title, Alexander has not yet won the belt as was hoping a win over Manning would get him one step closer to challenging for it. Manning took a butt-kicking through most of the bout, however his quickness paid off as he pulled a pin out of no where that was just enough to keep Alexander's shoulders on the mat for a three count. After the bout, Alexander gave Manning a cheap shot while he was having his hand raised. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Alexander isn't done with Manning yet. In fact, a rematch has been scheduled for March 9 in Flint!

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