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Joey Ryan Helps Pure Pro Wrestling Welcome the New Year!

January 8th, 2019

Flint Iceland Arenas was THE place to be on January 5th as international wrestling sensation Joey Ryan hosted PPW’s first annual Late to New Years Party. The night was full of so much action that fans were at the edges of their seats for just over 2 hours of awesome professional wrestling. VIP guests enjoyed a special after party champagne room where they toasted to the new year with Joey Ryan!

Here’s a quick recap of the night:

Joey Ryan introduces PPW’s New President

Over the past few months PPW has featured a campaign to elect a new President of Operations (P.O.O.) to help maintain order in the locker room. After hearing from both Donahue of the Nomads & K.I.A. of the Death Threat Army, fans voted on a new P.O.O. at a live event in December. Joey Ryan had the privilege of announcing the winner of that powerful position to start of the evenings affairs. Fan were hyped to see K.I.A. come down the aisle as Ryan named him PPW’s new President; however it didn’t take long for the fans to turn from joyous to angry as K.I.A. informed the audience that he had “duped them like the politicians in Washington do every election.” K.I.A. went on to explain that he had no intentions of serving the people, instead he would focus on DTA’s takeover of PPW.


If that wasn’t bad enough, he went as far as to ban Joey Ryan from attempting his infamous finishing maneuver! K.I.A. informed Joey Ryan that if he attempted THE move, he would be escorted from the arena and his pay would be withheld. This put a damper on the party atmosphere and threatened to ruin the night! Luckily for fans the next match would make up for their disappointment.

XJ & Vendetta Score a Win Over Xero & Edwards, but the Diabolical Duo Gets the Last Laugh!

The opening bout of the night featured a tag team grudge match featuring Nick Xero & Nolan Edwards taking on Xavier Justice & Tommy Vendetta. The four men have been locked in war that’s lasted three months and this match meant they finally had a chance to settle the score. In an exciting back and forth contest both teams looked strong. Early in the match Justice & Vendetta worked over their adversaries in expert fashion, however the crafty veteran Xero put a stop to that by kicking the ropes into the lower extremities of XJ & Vendetta. Edwards & Xero went on to single out Justice and focus their attack on his head and neck area, a documented weak spot on the veteran Justice. The hero tag team looked to be in dire straights as the onslaught on Justice continued, but somehow PPW’s Head Coach found a way to make it to his corner and tag his partner Vendetta who entered the ring in a fury with his guns blazing. Even after Vendetta entered the ring to even the odds, both teams fought back and forth until finally Justice & Vendetta found a way to drop Xero for good. After the match Justice & Vendetta were celebrating their victory and the embittered Xero & Edwards attacked leaving both heroes in a pile. After the dust settled it was clear that both teams have unfinished business.

MM3 Bested by AIWF World Women’s Champion Tenshi in Inter-Gender Action!


MM3 is a third generation pro wrestler who’s widely considered to be one of the most talented cruiserweights in PPW. He’s flashy and arrogant, but he gets away with it because he can back up every word he says. Tenshi has earned the nickname the “Warrior Princess” by her Master at a young age. This talented and mysterious martial artist has been destroying opponents both man and women alike in recent months. Tenshi is represented by Jack Kelly, the only licensed pro wrestling manager in the state of Michigan. MM3 had his hands full as Kelly refused to stay out the way as MM3 tried to pick up a win. Inthe end, it was Kelly that lent a helping hand to Tenshi thus allowing her to score a W against one of PPW’s brightest young stars.

PPW Goes Extreme! Mr. One Night Only tops Dylan Night!


Since arriving in PPW in the middle of 2018, Mr. One Night Only has solidified himself as one of the premiere competitors in the PPW cruiserweights division. In fact, much of his style was learned from his coach Dylan Night, a 20+ year retired pro wrestler turned coach who’s been across the world and back during his tenure in active competition. A few months back, Mr. One Night Only disrespected Night in away that got under the skin of the former champion. After a verbal altercation turned physical, a heinous attack leaving Night laid out in a pool of his own blood, a contract was inked pitting both men together in an Extreme Rules Match. Night had not been in the ring for 8 years and Mr. One Night Only was right smack dab in the middle of a bonafide hot streak after picking up victories over Xavier Justice & Giuseppe Colonna. As the kendo stick and chair shots echoed across the arena the packed crowd was at the edge of their seats. Both men fought with everything they had and just when Night seemed to have it wrapped up, Mrs. 1 Night Only got involved giving her husband the opportunity to suplex Night through a table from the top of a ladder! The fall was from over 10 feet and it was enough for One Night to score a victory over the veteran Dylan Night.


The Real Rizers Defeat DTA’s Wick & Weir to Earn Shot at the Tag Team Titles!

Four of PPW’s young guns went to war with a shot at the tag team titles at stake. DTA is a no nonsense group of ultra athletes who have one thing in common...they know how to win. The Real Rizers are“Flint’s Beatdown Boys” doing what they love for the community they grew up in. They too are excellent athletes and that is why this match up was one of the most exciting on the card. The fists and feet were flying and in the end it was Tay Rizer scoring the pin fall that made The Real Rizers the number one contenders.

The Junior Grapplers Put on a Top Notch Performance


Pure Pro Wrestling is the only place in Michigan offering professional wrestling classes for kids. PPW recognizes the long history of injuries and even accidental deaths involved with kids trying wrestling at home. Despite the warning on TV, kids often practice this dangerous activity. Parents often over look them trying wrestling at home and dismiss it as horse play, however accidents are all to common. PPW’s Junior grappler program allows kids ages 5 to 15 a chance to learn and perform pro wrestling maneuvers in a safe environment. The program promotes positivity, helps to boost self-esteem & worth ethic, and encourages fitness & nutrition. After 8 weeks of training the class was ready to show the crowd their stuff. The gauntlet match was hard fought by several young wrestlers, but in the end it was the five year old “Radical” Eli Roberts who picked up the final fall over Titan Boa.


Gideon Malice Retains the Heavyweight Title Despite Nomad Gang Like Attack


Gideon Malice is the PPW Powerhouse Michigan State Heavyweight Champion who, for over one year,has dominated every challenger to his throne. CJ Anderson is a multiple time Tag Team Champion, buthe’s never been able to capture the State belt. Before the match began Donahue, President of the Nomads,concocted a devious plan to weaken Malice prior to the match beginning. The plan was simple, AceEvans dressed as CJ Anderson, hid behind one of Anderson’s masks, and was used as a pawn by CJ tocause massive damage to the Goliath-like champion. The Nomads thought they had the match in the bag,but Malice managed to muscle his way to victory despite all the odds being stacked against him. A truetestament to the caliber of champion Malice has become over his tenure.


Joey Ryan & James Alexander Deliver in the First Ever “Extreme Thumb Grappling Challenge”


The most controversial main event ever booked in PPW did not disappoint the hundreds of fans in attendance at Flint Iceland Arenas. What better way to cap off an awe inspiring Late New Years Party by having a good old-fashioned thumb war! The internationally recognized Joey Ryan locked thumbs with veteran James Alexander and the crowd went wild. After a hard fought match with several near falls counted by special ref PPW Hall of Famer Corky Robinson, it was a blow pop taken from Joey’s pants and placed in Alexander’s mouth that sealed the fate of PPW’s “perfect athlete.” As Joey celebrate his victory, his happiness was cut short by PPW’s President of Operations (P.O.O.) K.I.A. The newly crowned P.O.O. accused Joey of cheating to win and demanded a new contest be created with James Alexander choosing the stipulation; James chose the game of Rochambeau, which is merely the proper name for “rock-paper-scissors.” Fans seemed to confuse the game with South Park’s version of the game which meant that both competitors had to exchange kicks to the groin with the first one to fall declared the loser. James clarified the rules and the match was set. Rock, paper, scissors was set to settle the score. As both men threw, James picked up the fall, but President K.I.A. changed the match to best 2 of 3 falls. James picked up the next two falls and celebrated his victory much to the dismay of the audience. Then Joey took the mic from K.I.A. and explained that both men had a victory and a rubbermatch should be set to determine the outcome of this feud. A confident James Alexander allowed Joey to pick the stipulation, but that backfired because the choice of match was “American Rochambeau.” Ryan took the first shot at James, but James held on and stayed on his feet. Next it was James turn to take a shot, but much to his dismay the kick backfired, injured his leg and caused him to go crashing to the mat thus losing the Rochambeau contest. After the match an irate President K.I.A. accused Joey of carrying aforeign object in his pants. K.I.A. demanded to check for himself, however James stopped him before hecould check by attacking Ryan. It didn’t take long for Ryan to get rid of James and as K.I.A. got in Ryan’s face, a blow pop was pulled from his pants, stuffed in his mouth, and then a superkick followed.The crowd roared, Joey took a final bow, and the new year was welcomed by Joey and the rest of the PPW fans with a countdown!

PPW’s next event at Flint Iceland Arenas on February 2 and it will feature the first round of the Clash ofthe Cruiserweights.” This 8 man, 3 round, multiple event tournament will crown a new PPW Cruiserweight Champion! Also on the card fans will see Malice defending his crown against Lord Asmodeous and a Tag Team Title match between the defending Nomads & “Flint’s Beatdown Boys” The Real Rizers.

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