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Saturday, January 5th | Flint Iceland Arenas

Joey Ryan is a cult followed international sensation whose comedic antics in the ring have helped him to capture hearts and championships across the globe. Ryan has been featured prominently on nationally syndicated programs Impact Wrestling & Ring of Honor as well as International powerhouses such as New Japan Pro Wrestling. Ryan is best known for his portrayal of a hilariously sleazy wrestler who goes out of his way to frustrate his opponents in the most embarrassing ways. Ryan is an accomplished mat wrestler, however once he dawned the Joey Ryan persona he became a smashing success. Ryan is so popular around the globe that some of his videos on Youtube has millions of viewers.

As always, PPW strives to provide fans with a family friendly event. Joey Ryan has been known to cater to an adult audience throughout his career, however being a consummate professional PPW can assure fans that MR. Ryan will adhere to PPW’s code of conduct policies ensuring families that all content is appropriate for viewing. Joey Ryan fans need not be concerned…Joey Ryan has confirmed that “there will be lollipops.”

Ryan will wrestle in the main event on top of hosting the best “Late to New Year’s” party wrestling fans have ever seen. PPW will be turning over the reins to the indie icon to take complete control of the event. Fans can expect to see plenty of awesome match ups, comedic antics, surprises, and of course to ring in the New Year w/ Joey Ryan! It all goes down at Iceland Arena in Flint on Saturday, January 5 2019! Tickets on sale now at

Hardcore Thumb Grappling Contest Set for Flint!

Joey Ryan VS James Alexander


James Alexander is a consummate ring general who has the finest pro wrestling training available in the United States. Alexander has competed for over 15 years across the country, spent time training in the WWE’s program in Florida, and has been featured several times on WWE programming. As a certified personal trainer and nutrition professional, Alexander’s conditioning and physique are in top form. At home, his mantle is full of championship trophies and belts; and yet, Alexander is not a household name in wrestling like Joey Ryan.


Joey Ryan is an indie wrestling icon whose viral fame featuring an infamous move (illegal in 32 states) skyrocketed him to fame and fortune. Ryan is one of the few fortunate pro wrestlers who doesn’t need the WWE to make a hefty living in the ring, meanwhile on the other side of the ring Alexander has spent half his life trying to make it to the WWE. Ryan has flown across the world while Alexander grinds the pavement. Ryan lives the lavish life while Alexander scratches and claws for the right.


While Ryan enjoys the limelight, Alexander obsesses about his big break. Every day he works his hardest to accomplish his goals, and every day he doesn’t reach his goals his obsession grows. Alexander calls himself “Perfection Defined” and the perfect ending for his career has not yet happened. A thumb grappling match with a celebrity wrestler could not only land him on the map, but it could create a stepping stone to a higher level and perhaps make him a viral sensation like his cross-ring rival.


Ryan will be fresh off recovering from a pectoral tear, Alexander will be fresh off yet another appearance on WWE programming. Will the indie darling be ready to face Perfection Defined in what has the makings to become the most exciting Thumb Grappling Contest in history!

ONLY 10 available! You can sit at a ringside table with Joey Ryan during the show!

-VIP Ringside seating at a table with host Joey Ryan
-Swag Bag
-Ticket to the after party (champagne toast) non alcoholic available
-Photo Booth or Private Photo session w/ Joey
-Exclusive Joey Ryan Poster

NOTE: If you've already purchased a ticket and you'd like to upgrade to this seating option please reach out and we will make it work for you!

ONLY 30 available! You can sit in a special section w/ Joey Ryan during the show!

-VIP Ringside seating in the exclusive Joey Ryan Section.
-Swag Bag
-Ticket to the after party (champagne toast) non alcoholic available
-Photo Booth or Private Photo session w/ Joey
-Exclusive Joey Ryan Poster

NOTE: If you've already purchased a ticket and you'd like to upgrade to this seating option please reach out and we will make it work for you!

Super Heavyweights Collide: Malice vs. Anderson for Title!

After finish 2018 undefeated in title defenses, the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Gideon Malice looks ahead to his first challenger in 2019, “Nomad Enforcer” CJ Anderson. With his partner Ace Evans doing a short stint, Anderson will take to singles competition. The multiple time PPW Tag Team Champion and his Nomad Allies Road Rash & Moe Evans hope to end Malice’s title reign and bring the belt back to the Nomad camp. At PPW’s Dec. 8 event at Flint Iceland Arena Malice defeated Impact Star Kongo Kong. As he celebrated the Nomads attacked him to send a message and to weaken Malice before his January 5th defense. Malice has defeated some of the best wrestlers in the world today on his quest to prove his dominance over PPW. What will happen when these two mastodons collide at Iceland Arena?

EXTREME RULES MATCH: Signed in Blood...

It is written in the stars and signed in blood... High Profile Dylan Night will lace up the boots again... And it won't just be any match that draws him out of retirement. It will be an Extreme Rules match against Mr. One Night Only at Joey Ryan's Late to New Years Party on January 5th!

Flint, Michigan may not be ready for this one... I'm not sure either man is ready. But come the night of January 5th... there may be only One "Night" left in PPW.

The war wages on as 4 of PPW’s finest meet in a grudge match!

The troubled youth Nolan Edwards and cagey veteran Nick Xero are out to destroy PPW heroes Tommy Vendetta & Xavier Justice. Although Edwards is young, his threshold for pain and his unique blend of offense have made him difficult to defeat. Xero is a master manipulator who can test the limits of any PPW wrestler. With 15+ years of experience there’s very little tricks that Xero doesn’t know. Vendetta is a battle tested Marine veteran who’s out to settle the score. With PPW’s Head Coach Xavier Justice as his partner, the two hope to end the feud once and for all.

Real Rizers go up against DTA’s soldiers for a Title Opportunity!

The Real Rizers are excited for their first match of the new year. The underdog duo joined PPW’s pro wrestling school not even a full year ago and now they are in the mix for a Tag Title opportunity; proof that PPW’s training program at Flint’s Iceland Arena is THE place to train in the Midwest. Samson Real & Tay Rizer are lifelong best friends who pursued their dream to become wrestlers and now it all comes full circle as they face Death Threat Army (DTA) members Alex Weir & Adam Wick.

DTA has been gaining momentum and looks to take over PPW by the end of 2019. Alex Weir is a black belt martial artist whose precision kicks have earned him the nickname “Weaponized.” Wick is an emo assassin who’s deadly array of DDT’s can knock out an opponent at any moment. DTA’s never say die attitude will surely be tested by the rookie tag team The Real Rizers.

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