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PPW’s President K.I.A. Gets a Surprise Choke Out from Veteran!

February 16th, 2019

K.I.A. didn’t expect to wind up on the wrong end of a choke out after he confronted a local Holly Veteran for “stealing his ring time.” PPW often has local celebrity guests involved in events to draw extra ticket sales. Apparently K.I.A. took exception to this and wanted the “old man” out of the ring. Normally a guy the size of K.I.A. would be enough to intimidate anyone, but not to this veteran of the US armed forces. The two got into a shoving match, a punch was thrown and somehow K.I.A. ended up on his back in a chokehold! Refs separated the two, but not before K.I.A.’s pride would take a loss for the night.

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