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K.I.A. Quietly Returns to the Ring After 1 Year!

February 16th, 2019

Karam Izzat Alame, better known as DTA’s Muscleman K.I.A. is a breakout star trained by Xavier Justice & his coaching staff at the PPW Development Center located at Flint Iceland Arenas. Upon breaking into the industry he immediately found success and was quickly on his way to becoming one of the most in demand talents in Michigan. Then disaster struck. A freak accident caused a serious injury to Alame’s knee forcing him to delay his career. He fought hard, rehabbed every day, and made his way back to the ring and then lightning struck twice and he again found himself back on the injured reserve list. Between the first injury and the second injury K.I.A. missed a year of events along with an opportunity to wrestle in Mexico, India, and Canada. Needless to say the injury, lost time, income, and opportunity has turned K.I.A. into a hardened man that is vastly different than the smiling babyface that PPW fans grew to love during his rookie debut. On Feb. 15 in Holly, Michigan, K.I.A. decided to test the waters by quietly signing himself in a VIP eyes only match against former heavyweight champion Cobra T.A. Although K.I.A. refused to comment, many believe that K.I.A. wanted to test himself in the hardest way possible before announcing his return to full time competition. After a hard fought battle with Cobra T.A. the bout was ruled a no contest, but in K.I.A.’s mind he picked up a huge victory because not only did his knee hold out, he looked and felt better than ever. Now that K.I.A. is cleared to return he may be the most dangerous man in PPW.

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