Impact Wrestling’s 350 Pound Monster Kongo Kong Poised to End

Gideon Malice’s Year Long Undefeated Streak and Title Run

November 13th, 2018

If you’ve attended any Pure Pro Wrestling event over the past year then you know that most dominant man in the company is the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Gideon Malice. Standing 6’4 and weighing 240 pounds, the 12-year veteran Malice has defeated all challengers for a year straight. Malice has without a shadow of a doubt solidified himself as the most dominant PPW champion to ever lace the boots in PPW’s near 15-year history. Malice has gone toe – to – toe with PPW’s best grapplers and International TV stars from WWE, ROH, & Impact. Malice never shook, his constitution never wavered, and the championship belt has stayed around his waist for one full year making him the longest reigning champion in PPW history. Malice isn’t just breaking records, he’s breaking bones and winning big matches. Although Malice has ran through an impressive list, his next test is undoubtedly the greatest he’s faced to date…Enter the 350lbs Monster from Impact Wrestling…Kongo Kong.

Kongo Kong has spent 20 years leaving destruction and decimation all over the world. He’s won championships in nearly 50 states and several countries, most recently German & Japan. Fans have captured remarkable footage of his uncanny agility and ability to fly like a cruiserweight and strike like a middle weight, and destroy like a heavyweight. Kongo has defeated some of the best to ever lace the boots. One of his recent victims is Impact Hall of Famer and multi time World Champion Abyss. Kongo is so dominating that on multiple occasions he’s defeated more than one man at a time in the ring.

On December 8 2018, PPW will close out the year with a bang as two of the most dominating forces in pro wrestling step into the ring to find out what each other are made of. The most prestigious prize in PPW and the state of Michigan will be on the line. Malice’s yearlong undefeated streak will be at stake. Kong’s 20-year legacy and reputation are at stake.

Don’t miss these two titans throw down on December 8th at the Flint Iceland Arena. Tickets are on sale now at Special VIP meet & Greet packages are available. VIP fans have an opportunity to get Kong’s autograph and take a picture with him in the ring.

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