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Levi Blue Has His Last Ride!

February 16th, 2019

Michigan legend Levi Blue has had a career that has spanned over two decades. Blue has been in the ring with some of the finest to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots. He’s a multiple time champion in companies all across the Midwest. He’s also responsible for the guidance and training of many of Michigan’s top young talent. It was only fitting that Levi return to his hometown of Holly, MI to take one final ride with his tag team partner and former Nomad member Billy Ray Daniels. Daniels was a mainstay in PPW for the Nomads until the group kicked him out over a year ago. Since then the veteran Levi Blue took him under his wing and formed a tag team they lovingly called “101 Proof.” Although this was the first time that PPW fans had seen this team, unfortunately it was the teams last ride as Blue announced that the team would be disbanding. Blue will go into “semi – retirement” coming back for the occasional match, but the team of 101 Proof will ride no more. Blue wants Daniels to focus on his career and “make something of himself” while he transitions to a behind the scenes roll at PPW. Although Blue won’t be wrestling much in the future he’ll be making an impact behind the scenes with the up and coming talent PPW is producing. No word has been released yet, but many expect Blue to take a position as a Coach at PPW’s Development Center.

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