Local Wrestling Legend Levi Blue to Compete in Holly for

Veteran's Fundraiser

January 24th, 2018

For over 20 years Holly native Shawn Grugel competed in rings all across Michigan as "Levi Blue." On Friday, February 16 2018 Levi Blue will lace the boots up one more time to help raise money for Holly's Veteran's Resources & American Legion.


Grugel is especially excited about being able to wrestle in his former high school. The Karl Richter Community Center gymnasium will host the February matches, but at one time it was the high school in the community of Holly. For Grugel, returning to the Richter center will be his homecoming. Grugel's storied career carried him to places he never thought possible when he started. During his time in the ring Grugel has competed against many headlining wrestlers that spent time in the WWE, TNA, ROH, and ECW. Some of Grugel's most memorable bouts came from XICW, a poplular Michigan promotion located in a Detroit Suburb. XICW is especially known for its hardcore wrestling and high profile cards. Grugel competed there for many years, had many wars, and captured gold on several occasions. Grugel is also popular in the greater Flint area after competing with the Flint based MWO for well over a decade. MWO hosts Flint based events that raise money for charity while being a starting point for many of Michigan's top pro wrestlers. Grugel spent years training wrestlers and competing for charity in the area in hopes of giving back to the business he loves so dearly.


Although he may not be as young as he once was and his body is full of aches and pains, Grugel plans to suit up in his "Levi Blue" gear one more time in hopes of helping the community he loves. For more information on PPW's upcoming fundraising event in Holly on February 16th simply visit PPW online at pureprowrestling.net 


Tickets are available now online and at select ticket locations in the community of Holly.

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