The Nomads challenge IMPACT Tag Team Champions oVe to a match in Birch Run

November 13th, 2017

For nearly a year the renegade band of roughnecks known as the Nomads have dominated PPW’s tag team scene. No matter who they face, they always find a way to walk away with their championships intact. The Michigan State Tag Team Champions Ace Evans & CJ Anderson are hungry for competition. Upon hearing the news of oVE’s signing, it’s no surprise that The Nomads are calling out Impact’s World Tag Team Champions.

oVE is a veteran tag team from humble Ohio beginnings. Jake & Dave Crist are exceptional athletes who have become independent wrestling trendsetters. No matter where the brothers Crist show their faces, they always steal the show. oVe (Ohio VS Everything) was signed by Impact Wrestling a few months ago and they found immediate success by defeating LAX to capture the World Tag Team Champions.

Now the question remains, will oVe take the Nomads up on their challenge? OVe has never been one to back down from a fight, but without a contract being signed, PPW cannot officially announce a match. One thing’s for certain, IF this goes down, oVe VS The Nomads at the Birch Run Expo Center on January 6th would be worth the price of admission alone!



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