Nolan Edwards & Nick Xero  VS  Xavier Justice & Tommy Vendetta – Out for Blood!

November 15th, 2018

Throughout history wrestling has been a sport of honor, courage, discipline, and respect. When competitors took to the mat it was in the spirit of competition, for the love of the sport, and to find out which wrestler was better. After the outcome was decided, wrestlers shook hands and wrestlers went on with their lives. That was then, this is now…

Nolan Edwards and Nick Xero didn’t join forces for the spirit of competition. The unholy union of these two villains came from a deep routed hatred they feel for their opponents Xavier Justice and Tommy Vendetta. What fans see in the ring is only part of the story, but behind the scenes these four men have a history.

In early 2019, Xavier Justice reached a milestone in his career by being selected to represent the US and coach at Continental Wrestling Entertainment in Punjab, India. The CWE is owned by former World Heavyweight Champion the Great Khali. The CWE hosts events across India for crowds as big as 75,000 people and its school located in Jalandhar is one of the largest in the world. While Justice was traveling across the world and living his dreams, a bitter Nick Xero sat at home and watched XJ’s journey from his cell phone.

To say that Nick Xero and Xavier Justice have history would be an understatement. Both men began their careers at the same time, in the same place, together as peers. Xero and Justice spent years together training, traveling, and honing their craft. Over the years Xero left wrestling to be a father, he returned off and on when he couldn’t stand to be away any longer. In 2018 Xero returned to PPW full time. At one time Xero’s prospects were much higher than XJ’s. In fact, Xero’s work was catching the eyes of promoters all across the territories. Yet when Xero stepped away, XJ’s career took off. And deep down, Xero built up resentment towards XJ for it. That jealousy and frustration of unfulfilled potential has reared its ugly head as Xero stepped up to join Edwards in his quest to destroy PPW’s heroes, especially if that meant an opportunity to take out Justice.

Nolan Edwards is on a different path altogether. This troubled young man spent a lifetime in pain facing unspeakable trauma growing up. He always wanted to be a wrestler, because when he watched it on TV it was his escape from reality. When he found out that PPW offered training classes, he put his life on hold and he enrolled in the school. He immersed himself into the experience and found the outlet he needed to deal with the emotions of his own life. And just when he was finally enjoying life along came Tommy Vendetta.

Vendetta enrolled in the school after serving two tours in Iraq as a US Marine. Like Edwards he too was looking for an outlet and found that time in the ring helped him cope with memories of the battlefield and the stress of adjusting back to civilian life. He knew going into wrestling he didn’t want to be like everyone else. He wasn’t after fame and money, he wanted to use his wrestling to inspire others.

Both Edwards and Vendetta have all the tools to make it big in pro wrestling. Edwards was getting a lot of attention until Vendetta showed up and began wowing coaches and other members of the roster. It didn’t take long before Vendetta was on PPW events in big matches against top stars, meanwhile Edwards was barely getting opportunity. And much like Xero & XJ, a deep routed sense of jealousy emerged.

Meanwhile, Tommy Vendetta is caught in the middle of it all. And now, the jealousy, hatred, and rage will come to a head on December 8th at the Flint Iceland Arena as Nick Xero & Nolan Edwards face Xavier Justice & Tommy Vendetta in a Tag Team Grudge Match. Tickets are available now at

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