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3 Ring Pro Wrestling Spectacular Delivers in a Big Way

On Saturday, September 7th 2019 Pure Pro Wrestling made history by presenting a groundbreaking event featuring three rings. Fans were treated to a night of action, suspense, drama, & comedy courtesy of The Warrior’s Way, a new concept for an event complete with two huge title matches with insane stipulations. Check out this recap of the night PPW’s presentation of The Warrior’s Way – 3 Ring Wrestling Spectacular:

The Destroyers Win the 6 Team Ladder Match for the Michigan State Tag Team Titles

PPW takes pride in featuring the absolute best tag team division in Michigan. Over the past two years PPW has rebuilt the division to feature a blend of unique and gifted teams who are hungry to compete each and every match. At Warrior’s Way, the right to be called the best tag team in the state of Michigan hung in the balance...literally. As the Michigan State Tag Team Titles hung high above one of the three rings, the six top tag teams in the state of Michigan went to war in the most innovative tag team match seen in decades.

With six teams starting the rules called for the elimination of three of the of the teams before the titles could be taken. Much to the surprise of the fans the champions at Tenshi & Malice were eliminated, the odds on favorites The Real Rizers were eliminated, and the most decorated tag team in PPW The Nomads were also eliminated. That left DTA’s Adam Wick & Alex Weir, The Destroyers, & Team VIP. With the ladder rules going into effect the match turned into a frantic pace of high octane offense, death defying falls, and one of the most intense moments in PPW history as Dylan Night was back body dropped from the top of the ladder onto another ladder wedged between the ropes and the ladder below. Adam Wick nearly destroyed himself as he attempted a 12 foot ladder infused Senton Bomb on DylanNight while he lay on a ladder. In a clip that garnered over 4,000 views in 24 hours, Wick was seen crashing and burning on the ladder in a truly brutal fall. When the smoke settled it was the Destroyers who were able to capture the titles that hung from 15 feet above the ring. For Cobra T.A. & Freedom Ramsay this marks the second time they’ve been champions and they are thrilled to go into the fall season with the label “best tag team in Michigan” attached to their names.

Nick Xero Survives the Warrior’s Way Elimination Bout w/ Title in Tact:

Nick Xero will put his title on the line against some of the top Heroes & Villains of PPW in the first ever Warrior’s Way Match. Each ring featured two wrestlers, all of whom were fair game in the no disqualification free for all. The rules were simple, eliminate all the wrestlers until the last man standing holds the Continental Championship belt.

Xero’s challengers were Dylan Derringer, The Great Lakes Grappler a Kelly Clansman, “The Big Deal” Cody Manning, & Giuseppe Colonna. Each wrestler fought tooth and nail until one – by – one they were eliminated in incredible displays of action! Perhaps the biggest underdog in the match, Dylan Derringer, a standout student at the PPW Development Center, had a top notch showing as he elevated his game to compete and eliminate some of PPW’s top wrestlers. Derringer did so well that he made it to the last two, however an already eliminated Great Lakes Grappler gave Nick Xero a helping hand and young Derringer found himself taking a pin fall. Although Xero remained champion, Derringer was made into a star in the eyes of the fans who attended Iceland Arena that night. Xero moves on to his next defense on September 21 at the Karl Richter Community Center in Holly, MI against Samson Real, meanwhile Derringer will face Cody Manning the same night in hopes of working his way up the ladder in the Cruiserweight division.

3 Ring Junior Grappler Rumble!

The Junior Grappler 3 Ring Rumble was a sight to behold as all your favorites including Tank, Drake, Ryott, The 24 Karat Kid, and more took center stage. Each Junior Grappler wrestled hard but it was Hannah Henderson who pulled of the victory when a Jack Kelly plan to help the 24 Karat Kid win backfired!

Future Contenders Tag Team Showcase: The Brothers Grey VS The Grappler Club

The Future Contenders are the up and coming adult students who train the PPW’s Development Cente at Iceland Arena in Flint Township. Jimi & Jeras Grey are a young and athletic duo who were able to score a pin fall over the most larger Grappler Club. Although The Brothers Grey were in trouble for most of the match, they managed to squeak out a W at the expense of the Evillucha & The Masked Grappler.

Father Time Slaps Rookie Ryan Bradford Around Before Making Him Tap Out

Father Time was once again tested by a young, up – and – coming “punk” who was “tryin’ to make a name for himself” at the expense of Father Time. Ryan Bradford debuted in the Future Contenders Division at the Genesee County Fair in the middle of August. He had some strong showings and was hoping to get a win over Time to elevate his stature. However his plan to dominate Time were crushed and as a result the former Michigan State Champion slapped him around the ring until he decided to end it with his “Time Lock” Full Nelson submission. Time’s short work of Bradford is a reminder that there’s plenty of fuel left in the elder wrestlers tank. Time is a multiple time survivor of cancer, a stroke survivor, and the only blind wrestler in the world. He wants the world to know that “they ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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