• Xavier Justice

An Update From Coach Xavier Justice

Attention PPW Fans, Supporters, Staff Members, Wrestlers & Students

Due to an Executive Order from the Michigan Governor's office, Iceland Arena & the Pure Pro Wrestling Development Center will be forced to shut down until March 30th.

Subsequently all pro wrestling practices will be cancelled for the remainder of March. To those who have signed up for the monthly March membership or the Junior Grappler Spring session, I will be honoring your paid memberships when we reopen our doors. Meaning, we've been open for half of March, therefore you'll have credit on your accounts for the remaining two weeks of March so that you get the ring time you have paid for. To those of you who have not yet paid for Feb & March classes you have attended, I desperately need you to pay those dues now. PPW will be losing thousands of dollars during this crisis. Every dollar counts. Addressing Upcoming Events: At this point the Executive Order is only until March 30th, which means at this point all events on our upcoming schedule will continue as planned. including the 4.4 events at Flint Iceland Arenas. However, we must all be aware that there is a possibility of the order being extended beyond March 30th. IF this were to happen, all events scheduled would be cancelled per order of the State of Michigan. IF our events were to be canceled, tickets orders would be honored at rescheduled events. To the wrestlers & promoters who on performing & producing during the month of March: Any promoter who continues to produce an event during the month of March will be in direct violation of a state appointed Governor's Executive Order. I would urge all wrestlers & promoters to consider cancelling their March events. Secondly, continuing to host and perform said events will be putting lives at risk. Also, your venue and individual liability insurance policies will be voided which means events that violate the order will not be insured. And finally, if no insurance and risking lives is not enough for you to cancel, then you may want to consider the legal consequences that follow violations of executive orders. It is in my professional opinion that those continuing to wrestle & produce events in March are making a huge mistake. We are all facing trying times during this crisis. I truly appreciate your support and understanding as we attempt to navigate through uncharted waters. PPW will be looking to create a Patreon page & a streaming pro wrestling program to help raise funds to keep our doors open and mitigate the thousands of dollars we stand to lose over the next 8 weeks. Information regarding the Patreon page & streaming show will be available soon.

Stay safe, be prayerful, and my God bless you & yours. Joseph Byrd (Xavier Justice) Founder & Head Coach at Pure Pro Wrestling

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