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April 6 - Kick Out for Cancer – Flint Iceland Arena – Event Recap

Dylan Derringer Makes Quick Work of Baron Bedlam

In a special VIP eyes only match two of PPW’s Development Center students went at it hoping for a chance to impress management, coaching staff, and of course the fans. Early in the match Bedlam hung tough with Derringer, but the lightening fast Derringer was able to get the pin.

The Great Lakes Grappler Scores a Win for the Grappler Club

In VIP eyes only action The GLG scored a 1-2-3 over North Carolina standout Paradoxis. The sheer size and power nearly proved to be too much for the high flyer Paradoxis to over over come, but the fans at Iceland Arena got behind the young cruiser-weight and he mounted a comeback that nearly scored him a victory. However the GLG got some help from his Grappler Club friends and picked up a victory.

Brother VS Brother – The Junior Grappler Showdown that Amazed Fans at Iceland

Junior Grappler sensations the Director of Distruction & his brother the Lone Wolf decided to bring an at home despite to the ring. The younger brother the Lone Wolf took it too his older brother the Director of Destruction. The two battled back and forth in a fast and furious content, however it was the younger brother the Lone Wolf who was able to score the pin.

WWE Alumni Zach Gowen Returns to PPW to Raise Money for the American Cancer Society

Zach Gowen earned his nickname the “One Leg Warrior” after he refused to let losing his leg to cancer stop him of achieving his dream of becoming a WWE Superstar. Gowen became the only one legged wrestler in WWE history and created several amazing moments during his tenure in WWE. After he left the company Gowen competed across the world and now spends his time wrestling independently and serving as a motivational speaker.

Gowen has a long history with PPW, in fact he’s a former Michigan State Heavyweight Champion and Elite 8 Winner. Gowen’s return to PPW was met with a huge reaction from the crowd. The young lion Freedom Ramsay fought hard against Gowen, but the experience and tenacity of the One Leg Warrior was too much for Ramsay to defeat.

Jack Kelly Gets Tenshi Disqualified – Alyx $ky Granted NO DQ Rematch

Jack Kelly is the manager to “Warrior Princess” Tenshi, whom is the holder of the AIWF World Women’s Championship. Newcomer Alyx $ky was on her way to dethroning Tenshi after a series of explosive offensive maneuvers, but Jack Kelly stopped the ref from counting and got the match thrown out. Kelly knew that Tenshi was in trouble and the belt would stay because a title cannot change hands as a result of a DQ without consent of PPW Management. After the contest PPW management swiftly granted $ky a rematch at Milford on April 13. This time the match will be No DQ. Tickets are available at www.pureprowrestling.net

Jack Kelly Helps Nick Xero Get the W Against Colonna

Just moments after costing Alyx $ky the AIWF World Women’s Champion, manager Jack Kelly helped Nick Xero score a victory over Giuseppe Colonna. Both Xero & Colonna were irate when Kelly sent Tenshi into the ring to spit the mysterious mist into Colonna’s eyes. Xero hit his “Ground Xero” finishing maneuver and scored the pin, but he was not happy that Kelly aided. For nearly two months Kelly has been trying to get Xero to “sign on the dotted line” and become the “Kelly Klan’s” newest acquisition. Colonna has stated that Xero will “get what’s coming to him” and as for Kelly, his quest to sign Nick Xero continues on.

Cruiserweight Title Stolen by Cody Manning

Big Bite Martinez survived three rounds of the Clash of the Cruiserweights Tournament to be crowed the PPW Cruiserweight Champion. After defeating the best in his division he found himself in the center of the ring being presented what he has worked so hard for. Before he could feel what it was like to snap the buckle around his waste, DTA soldier “Walking Ordinance” Adam Wick took to the ring to tell Big Bite that his victory was a fluke and that belt belongs to him. The angry Big Bite took exception to Wick interrupting his award ceremony, especially after defeating him in the final round of the tournament. Wick challenged Big Bite to a rematch, and Bite accepted prompting an impromptu Cruiserweight title match! After ten minutes of high octane action both competitors were neck and neck. Suddenly a familiar face interjected, the bell rang, and both men found themselves on the receiving end of some punishment courtesy of the “The Big Deal” Cody Manning. Manning laid out both Big Bite & Manning, took the title, and told the wrestlers and the fans that he was back from Asia to reclaim his property. Manning then took the belt and left the building. PPW Online is waiting for the official word as to how the Cruiserweight title situation will be handed. Stay tuned for more details.

Xavier Justice Gives Powerful Speech to Help Raise Donations & Awareness for Cancer Research

PPW’s Founder & Head Coach Xavier Justice was in rare spirits as he delivered a fiery message to the fans about fighting a common enemy...cancer. Justice urged the crowd to stand up against cancer, to stand with survivors, and to stand with those who are fighting against the disease on a daily basis. Flint Chapter ACS Director Debra Pavonne and a part of her staff were on hand to take donations and give information. This was Justice first effort to help PPW raise money for cancer research. The first event was a success and now both PPW & the ACS are looking forward to doing more work together in the near future.

Gideon Malice & Aaron Orion Barely Survive Each Other in Epic Title Bout

In one of the most anticipated bouts in PPW history DTA leader & US Army Veteran Aaron Orion challenged Gideon Malice for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title. For over ten minutes the two Goliath-like men exchanged heavy artillery fire until finally both men failed to answer the ten count causing the ref to rule the bout a double count out. This is the second time both men have faced each other in a month’s span. Now that there was no clear winner fans are dying to see these two tango again. Malice’s next scheduled defense goes to Nomad enforcer CJ Anderson on April 13 in Milford. However many are calling for Orion VS Malice to be resigned immediately. Stay tuned for more details regarding the status between Malice & Orion. If Malice defeats CJ Anderson this Saturday night, will Orion be the next in line?

PPW Holds First Ever Junior Grappler Royal Rumble

In the biggest little rumble you’ve ever seen, the Junior Grapplers showcased their talents in the an exciting and history making match. With over a dozen wrestlers competing it was Repentless who took the victory after a devastating Stunner sent Revved Up Raleigh rolling out of the ring.

Father Time Returns to Help the Real Rizers Recapture the Tag Team Titles

Michigan’s Miracle Man, Father Time did the impossible and defeated cancer for the third time in his life. Time made his incredible comeback at Kick Out for Cancer at Flint Iceland Arenas after recovering from prostate cancer surgery. After several months of being sick and several more rehabilitating his body and mind, Time was able to find the courage to return to the ring to team with the Real Rizers to take on his old adversaries The Nomads. After a hard fought tag team match, Time returned to form as he destroyed each Nomad one by one. Time & the Real Rizers held their titles high into the night and now look forward to the future and their next title defenses. The Real Rizers can be seen in action on April 13 in Milford and Father Time again on May 4 at Flint Iceland Arenas.

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