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August 10th Pure Pro Wrestling Comes Home to Iceland Arenas in Flint

The Real Rizers Battle Team VIP to Become Top Contenders

For the first time in history Team VIP will take on the Real Rizers with the winner receiving the next show at the Michigan State Tag Team Championships. Team VIP consists of the tough-as-nails veteran Dylan Night & his ground & pound teaming Mr. One Night Only. The two were once bitter rivals turned friends who now are out to become the best team in Michigan. Standing in their way across the ring will be the young guns Samson Real & the Michigan State Cruiserweight Champion Tay Rizer. The Real Rizers have already had one run as tag team champions and ever since they lost the belts to the Nomads amongst a seat of controversy a little over a month ago they’ve been on a quest to recapture what they feel is rightfully theirs. The stakes are high in this tag team match! Get tickets now!

PPW Old School VS PPW New School: Grizzly House Jones VS Tommy Vendetta

Two of the hardest hitting men in PPW will tango as the Marine Veteran & DTA soldier Tommy Vendetta takes on PPW Hall of Fame Grappler Grizzly House Jones. Vendetta is one of the most exciting and fasting rising stars in pro wrestling. His size, speed, athletic ability, and complete and total disregard for his body has earned him success in PPW and companies across the Midwest & Canada. Grizzly House Jones is a multiple time PPW champion and a retired and undefeated pro bear wrestler who has made a living with his version of the “Bearhug.” Don’t miss this ultimate battle of PPW old school vs PPW new school at Flint Iceland Arenas!

DTA - Aaron Orion, Adam Wick, & Jack Price VS The Destoyers & “The Wahash” Karam

Fans won’t want to miss this barn burner six man tag team match as some of the best athletes in Michigan enter the squared circle with one purpose...all out destruction! DTA is THE in demand brand in independent professional wrestling. This collection of ultra athletes is lead by US Army Veteran and the reigning Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Aaron Orion. The champ comes with plenty of back up in the form of “Walking Ordinance” Adam Wick & “Black Diamond” Jack Price; two of PPW’s most innovative performers.

DTA better bring its heavy artillery because they’ll be facing three of PPW’s finest in The Destroyers & “The Wahash” Karam. The Destroyers are an accomplished tag team featuring the young grappler great Freedom Ramsay, a man that makes winning look easy and the veteran and former Michigan Heavyweight Champion Cobra T.A. who is pound for pound one of the strongest wrestlers on the PPW roster. In their corner will be the wrecking machine known as simply as Karam. “The Wahash” translates to “beast” in Arabic, a nickname Karam earned after destroying his opponents with a mind boggling display of strength and viscous strikes. Make no mistake about it, this match will be worth the price of admission alone! Get your tickets for this slobber knocker now!

Michigan State Tag Team Title Match: Gideon Malice & Tenshi VS The Nomads (Road Rash & Ace Evans)

Two Former Champions Unite to Dethrone the Nomads: Malice & Tenshi Challenge Evans & Road Rash for the Big Belts in Flint

Gideon Malice is a man that needs no introduction after becoming the longest reigning champion in PPW history and cementing his status as a bonafide Michigan Legend. After losing the Michigan Heavyweight Championship to Aaron Orion, Malice has decided to take a break from singles action and has now formed a tag team with the infamous “Warrior Princess” Tenshi. After well over a year of title defenses Tenshi was defeated for the AIWF World Woman’s Championship by Heidi Katrina. Now she’s crossing the void and making history by attempting to become the first woman in Michigan to hold a traditionally male dominated title. Although Malice & Tenshi are accustomed to carrying championship belts, become Michigan State Tag Team Champions will be no easy task because the Nomads have their hands on them and they don’t intend on letting go anytime soon. Ace Evans is the founder and leader of the rebellious group who has spent years bringing chaos and anarchy to PPW. His partner and Co Champion Road Rash went from a lowly recruit to one of the most dangerous members of the outlaw team. Rash is a loose cannon who is capable of anything at any time and his partner Ace Evans is one of the most decorated PPW stars of all time. With Nomad enforcer CJ Anderson, mastermind Donahue, the cutthroat Moe Evans & the craziest clown in the business Pickles at ringside, this won’t exactly be a fair fight; but if anyone can overcome these odds its PPW’s newest Dream Team Can Malice & Tenshi dethrone the baddest bad guys around? Buy tickets now to find out!

Man VS Woman / Champion VS Champion – Continental Title Match: Nick Xero W/Jack Kelly VS Heidi Katrina

PPW has no issues with equality and proves it daily with some of the best man Vs woman match-ups in America. Fans at Iceland Arena will be treated to an amazing match that you have to see to believe. Nick Xero is the reigning and defending Continental Champion who is lead by his Manager Jack Kelly. Kelly has a bone to pick with Xero’s challenger, Heidi Katrina, a British bombshell and the new AIWF World Woman’s Champion. Last month Katrina defeated Kelly’s other client, the now former Woman’s champ Tenshi. During the title fight Tenshi wasn’t the only one receiving a beating! Jack Kelly was put in the hospital after Katrina put a hurting on him at Iceland Arena. Now he’s seeking revenge by brokering a deal with PPW for Xero to put his title on the line against the top woman in independent pro wrestling Heidi Katrina. Sources close to Katrina claim that she is not afraid to wrestle men as she has competed against and defeated men from around the world. She often chooses to spar with men as well because she’s prone to hurting her training partners. Katrina is going into this match in the best shape of her life and with her confidence at an all time high. Will she be able to take Xero’s title and become a double champion? Or will Jack Kelly have his revenge? Buy your tickets now to find out!

Father Time Returns to take on Nomad Enforcer CJ Anderson

Tick tock...tick tock...tick tock...Father Time is coming back to Pure Pro Wrestling! Father Time has earned the nickname Michigan’s Miracle Man by defying the odds to live his dream as a pro wrestler. Father Time is legally blind, he’s a 2 time cancer survivor, he’s a survivor of multiple strokes, and he’s the only senior citizen on the PPW roster! Over the span of his impressive career Time became the oldest rookie in pro wrestling on his way to capturing multiple championships include a lengthy run as Michigan’s Heavyweight Champion. This Saturday he returns to the ring at Iceland Arena in Flint to take on the enforcer of the Nomads, CJ Anderson. Time’s no stranger to Anderson as both have clashed multiple times in the past. Anderson is also an accomplished multiple time champion who is a force to be reckoned with between the ropes. Fans can expect to see a hard hitting fight as both men go one-one-one at Iceland Arena in Flint!

The Junior Grapplers Look to Steal the Show in Flint

PPW is proud to feature the only all kid pro wrestling division in America! Don’t miss all the rising stars of PPW as they take center stage at Iceland Arenas in Flint! This incredible showcase will feature wrestlers ranging from ages 5 all the way to 17. The Juniors Grapplers will be featured at 6PM prior to the show’s start!

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