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Derek Draven Reveals Ties to the Second Death – Gives Contender Status Away

This past March 7th The mysterious man known as Derek Draven revealed his ties to the Second Death by giving his top contender status away to his “good friends” Asmodeus, The Great Nokken, and Kaneki. To top it all off, Draven helped the Second Death pick up a victory over Father Time & The Grey Wolves. Prior to announcing his affiliation with PPW’s most sinister group,

Draven confused both the fans and the wrestlers by offering to “take their pain and show them the light though a warm embrace.” Naturally none of the fans or wrestlers wanted a hug. Draven & the Second Death will be at Flint Iceland Arenas on April 4th for RETROSLAM. What will happen next?

To find out, buy a ticket by clicking this link: prowrestlingatitsfinest.ticketleap.com/retroslam/

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