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Does XJ Have a Secret? Donahue Plans to Out XJ at Retroslam in April

At Concrete Jungle this past March 7th the Club Director of the Nomads, Donahue confronted PPW’s Founder Xavier Justice. Its no secret that the Nomads and XJ have a long history of in ring wars and as an administrator, XJ has made it his mission to stop the Nomads from continuing to steal matches while not using the tag team rope. At first XJ tried to write off Donahue by telling him to leave the ring, but the Nomads backed him up and XJ was forced to hear what Donahue had to say.

After pulling out some sort of documents, Donahue told the crowd that he knew all of XJ’s “dirty little secrets” and if he issued a warning. “Either come clean with the fans or in one month’s time, I’ll do it for you.” XJ took the paperwork from Donahue’s hands to see what all the fuss was about, but his angered expression quickly turned to concern. As a distraught XJ looked at the audience, he was saved from further chastising by his friend Father Time who came to stand up for XJ. Time claimed that he “knew what was on those papers” while informing the crowd that “its not what they think.” The question remains...What is XJ hiding from the fans? On 4.4 at Flint Iceland Arenas Donahue plans to expose XJ. find out what he knows buy tickets now by clicking prowrestlingatitsfinest.ticketleap.com/retroslam/.

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