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Enter the Fro Gun Recap – January 4 2020

The first event of the 2020 season proved to be a 3 hour spectacle that set the tone for the new year. PPW welcomed back Impact Wrestling original “Fro Gun” D Ray 3000 to Flint Iceland Arenas to an event named after him. “Enter the Fro Gun” was full of action, suspense, and plenty of surprises as a lively crowd of the PPW Faithful gathered once again to enjoy a night of quality professional wrestling.

Samson Real Survives Asmodeus to Remain Heavyweight Champion

For the past several months the “Dark Lord” Asmodeus has been on a path of destruction that has lead him to the Michigan State Heavyweight Title. Asmodeus stands 6’4 and weighs over 240 pounds and with a pension for pain and 20 years of in ring experience he proved to be the biggest threat to Samson Real’s reign as champion to date. Fist Asmodeus declared his intentions in Saginaw late last year when he absolutely crushed Samson’s tag team partner Tay Rizer. Then after weeks of eerie promos and intimidation tactics, the match between Asmodeus and Samson Real was made.

Fans watched in anticipation as Asmodeus put Samson Real through hell as he unleashed a series of vicious attacks that were so devastating that a normal man wouldn’t be able to survive. Luckily for the PPW Faithful, their champion Samson Real is no normal man. Samson’s amazing conditioning and athletic physique carried him through every painful blow until he finally found the equalizer he needed to make a run at the Dark Lord. With Asmodeus surprised that Samson was on the come up he made some simple mistakes that played into the champions favor and suddenly after a devastating Fireman’s Slam Asmodeus found himself on his back looking up at the lights for a three count.

After the match Samson Real knew just how close he had come to losing his Michigan State Heavyweight Championship. As a result of the near disastrous night the champ has increased his workouts and has made plans to return to the PPW Development Center to continue to increase his chances of keeping his title. After the match it was declared that Dyan Night of One Big Night will be challenging for the title on Saturday, February 1 at Flint Iceland Arenas. To see Samson defend the State Heavyweight Title live buy tickets now at www.pureprowrestling.net or purchase in person at the PPW box office. Also be aware that the Dark Lord will also be in the house!

Hannah Henderson Picks Up a Singles Win Over Ryan Bradford

Hannah Henderson took on a very aggressive Ryan Bradford in a Future Contenders division match at Iceland Arena in Flint. Early in the match Bradford had the advantage after deceiving young Hannah into thinking that he was going to be a sportsman. A hand shake turned into a headlock and young Hannah found herself in trouble early on. Bradford executed several great wrestling maneuvers and holds and yet Hannah seemed to find a way to get out of every pin attempt. After Bradford’s anger got the best of him he allowed time for the young grappler to mount a counter attack that put Bradford in dire straights. After a series of back and forth moves and near falls, Hannah prevailed with a pin fall giving her a huge win in the Future Contenders division. Hannah’s next match will be on Saturday, February 1 at Flint Iceland Arena. Tickets are available online or at the door.

Giuseppe Colonna Forced to Retire – Relinquishes Continental Championship

In a stunning course of events it was announced by Giuseppe Colonna via his personal Facebook account that he was unexpectedly retiring from pro wrestling due to brain trauma caused by a lifetime of head injuries. Colonna suffered a seizure on New Years Eve and as a result had several tests on his brain performed and the diagnosis will force the champion to step away from the sport he loves more than anything. Colonna has years of rugby and pro wrestling under his belt and doctors believe that scarring on his brain indicates head trauma that may continue to cause difficulties throughout the remainder of his life. An emotional Colonna thanked his fans for their love and support. Colonna is expected to be at Flint Iceland Arena on February 1 to relinquish his championship and help to crown a new champion.

“Nasty” Nick Xero Runs the Gauntlet to Become Top Contender

With the news of Giuseppe Colonna being forced to give up his Continental Title due to brain trauma a top contender gauntlet was held to determine one half of the new contenders for the championship. Xero was lead to the ring by his Manager Jack Kelly, who has an impressive history of being in the corner of championship wrestlers. Surviving the Gauntlet was no easy task as the Great Nokken of The Second Death, The Grey Wolves, & Dylan Derringer were all in the hunt for the top contenders spot. With a little help from Jack Kelly, Xero survived the match and is now a top contender for the Continental Title. Xero is scheduled for face Father Time on February 1 at Flint Iceland Arena to crown a new champion. Tickets are on sale now at www.pureprowrestling.net.

Father Time Defeats Tag Team Champion Cobra TA to Earn Spot in Continental Title Match

Father Time is no stranger to defying the odds. After surviving multiple strokes, defeating cancer 3 times, overcoming blindness, and being a bonafide senior citizen, Father Time knows that each and every time he’s in the ring he’s the underdog who defies the odds. His opponent Cobra TA is one half of the red hot tag team championship holding team known as The Destroyers. Alongside Freedom Ramsay, Cobra has been unstoppable and the prospect of adding a singles belt to the fold was an opportunity that the tag team champ couldn’t pass up. Cobra TA didn’t pull any punches as he went after Father Time from the onset. Time did everything he could to fight off the advances of Cobra, but the experience and strength of Cobra proved to be too much early on for Michigan’s Miracle Man. Time looked to be all but done and on his way to a loss, but suddenly the crowd came alive as Time mounted an unexpected late match offensive counterattack and as a result picked up a win with his famous Time Lock Maneuver.

One Big Night Defeats The Nomads to Win the Tag Team Invitational

The PPW Tag Team Invitational is a one-of-a-kind 6 person tag team tournament in which established tag teams are paired with random singles wrestlers to compete in a three month long tournament with the winners receiving top contender status. From the very beginning of the tournament Dylan Night wanted no part in teaming with Cody Manning, in fact Night’s partner Mr. One Night Only was spent more time mediating rather than wrestling. Although the team didn’t get a long, their chemistry and the unique combination of their talents proved to be an unexpected winning formula that took them all the way to the finals to take on the decorated team of The Nomads. Lead by the club President Donahue, Ace Evans, Road Rash, and Moe Evans went into the match with their confidence at an all time high. They knew that One Big Night was a divided team of larger than life personalities and they looked to take advantage from the get go.

The Nomads laid out a plan to attack One Big Night prior to the start of the match. After 5 minutes of considerable carnage, Night was escorted to the back by PPW medical staff and Mr. One Night Only and Cody Manning barely managed to make it to the ring in one piece. What began as a six man tag turned into a handicap nightmare scenario as both Manning and One Night were considerable banged up when the bell rang. The Nomads didn’t waste any time putting the big hurt on One Big Night. Under the guidance of President Donahue, the Nomads systematically picked apart Mr. One Night Only until he was barely able to move. However One Night found a way to make it to his corner and Manning came in like a house of fire torching every Nomad in his path. Just as Manning looked to pick up a win, he to fell victim to the numbers game. With the Nomads in firm control, fans were all but certain the match would end in a One Big Night Loss. That was until Dylan Night returned to the ring with weapons in tow! Night proceeded to destroy the Nomads with his favorite extreme tools and the momentum shifted to One Big Night. After some tandem offense from the trio the Nomads fell in defeat. After the match One Big Night celebrated as a unified team and now stand poised for title belts as the new declared top contenders. On Saturday, February 1 Dylan Night will Challenge Samson Real for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title and Cody Manning & Mr. One Night Only will challenge The Destroyers for the Michigan State Tag Team Titles. Tickets are available now at www.pureprowrestling.net

James Alexander Retains Cruiserweight Crown in Hard Fought 3 Way Dance

The Michigan State Cruiserweight Champion James Alexander fancies himself as the best all around wrestler in the state of Michigan. After surviving two 3 way matches in one week, Alexander is riding a wave of success going into his next match on Saturday, February 1 at Flint Iceland Arena. James took on Tay Rizer & the Fro Gun in an exciting bout. The match was so close to going any which way, but Alexander was able to get rid of the Fro Gun and get a pin fall on Rizer. To see the champion in action simple order tickets to PPW’s Feb 1 event online at www.pureprowrestling.net

Tay Rizer Defeats Kaneki in Singles Action

Former Tag Team and Cruiserweight Champion Tay Rizer made short work of Kaneki in singles action. Rizer looked in top form while beating the young apprentice of Asmodeus. Kaneki came close to winning for a few moments, but in the end Rizer proved to be too much for the young Kaneki to overcome. Both cruiserweights will be in action on Saturday, Feb 1 2020 at Flint Iceland Arenas. Get your tickets now at www.pureprowrestling.net

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