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Event Recap - November 2nd, 2019 – Flint Iceland Arena

  • Cameron Cove def Sargant EJ

  • Just Blaze def Jett Jetteson...

  • Black Star def Black Rose

  • Max Danger def Repentless via Count Out

  • Mason Keller def Vic Venom

  • Blackhawk def Rampage

  • AJ def Scarlet Red

  • Omen def Ryott

  • Motivated Dave def Top Guy

  • Drake + Dab Kyng def Mr Hollywood + Rage

  • Tank def Overtaker

  • Kaneki def Hannah Henderson

  • Alexis Royal def 24K Kid w/Jack Kelly

  • Dylan Derringer def Adam Wick

  • Nick Xero w/Jack Kelly def Samson Real to become Michigan State Continental Champion

  • James Alexander def Tay Rizer in a No Disqualification Match to become Michigan State Cruiserweight Champion

  • Gideon Malice, Tenshi, + Jack Kelly def The Destroyers (Cobra TA + Freedom Ramsey) + Nick Xero in the 1st Round of the PPW Tag Team Tournament

  • The Nomads (Road Rash, CJ Anderson, + Moe Evans) w/Ace Evans def Father Time + Brothers Grey (Jheras + Jimi Grey) in the 1st Round of the PPW Tag Team Tournament

  • Team VIP (Mr One Night Only + Dylan Night) + Cody Manning def Mason Keller,

  • Masked Grappler, + Ryan Bradford in the 1st Round of the PPW Tag Team Tournament

  • Samson Real def Aaron Orion to become Michigan State Heavyweight Champion

Junior Mania Runs Wild in Flint

The PPW Junior Grapplers program features kids as young as five years old training and performing in the ring while living out their wildest dreams. This past November 2 several new JR. Grappler students made their in ring debut in front of family, friends, and the PPW Faithful. Each PPW event features a pre show comprised of Junior Grappler talent as well as Future Contenders (PPW’s adult students). This particular pre show event earned the nickname Junior Mania after successfully putting on 13 matches in only one hours time! A feat unheard of by adult wrestlers in promotions across the land. The Winter session of Junior Grapplers is begins soon, be sure to sign up your grappler here.

DTA’s Adam Wick Falls to Dylan Derringer in Opening Bout:

PPW rookie cruiserweight Dylan Derringer squeaked by DTA’s Adam Wick in a hard fought contest that nearly reached its time limit. Wick was explosive early on with a furious flurry of strikes, however Derringer’s jaw appeared to be made of iron as the strikes barely seemed to phase the young wrestler. Derringer was down early in the match, but managed to shake off several combinations of kick a doos from Wick and came back with his own cluster of leg slappers. Wick must have eaten all the Flintstone Vitamins in the bottle before this big bout because he too seemed to be impervious to pain! As the time ticked down, Wick found himself knocked senseless from a devastating School Boy which allowed Double D the opportunity to hit his patented top rope car wreck like falling, twisting, flipping sorta splash maneuver on Wick. Naturally after drinking several Bang energy drinks pre match, Wick felt no pain from the 125 pound frame of Derringer. Luckily “Wrestling’s Rose” had recently been upping his bench press game in the weeks leading up to the match so the lateral press he imposed on Wick was enough to score the pin fall in the most over-the-top opening match in recent PPW history!

James Alexander Captures Michigan’s Cruiserweight Title After Defeating Tay Rizer in Flint

After months of war James Alexander’s final march on Tay Rizer proved to be a successful mission. Alexander came into Flint Iceland Arenas with a Pearl Harbor like game plan that involved Tay Rizer getting jumped prior to the match and laid out with a steel chair. Alexander intimidated the PPW Official into coming to the ring and the match was started. Rizer fought valiantly, but he never really had a chance as he was cut off at the gate by Alexander who was more determined than ever to become Cruiserweight Champion. With there being no disqualifications in effect, Alexander was able to utilize his surroundings to wear down the younger Rizer and then force him to submit or face a career ending injury. After the match Tay Rizer declined comment on what went down in the match. After the match James Alexander informed PPW that he’ll be taking November 30th off, stating that he “booked a spa day, but expects his first defense to be on December 7th at Iceland Arena in Flint.” PPW Officials have confirmed that Tay Rizer has declined to rematch Alexander at this time because he is scheduled to compete in round 2 of the PPW Tag Team Invitational alongside his partner and new Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Samson Real also on December 7th in Flint. As Alexander begins his reign as Cruiserweight Champion, Rizer will lick his wounds and focus on winning the tournament. If his team is successful he’ll have the opportunity to challenge for the Tag Team Titles and at some point in the near future he may elect to have a rematch with Alexander. While some fans are critical of Rizer for choosing to hold off on the rematch, others praise his patience saying that he’s playing the long game. According to Alexander “Tay doesn’t want a rematch because he doesn’t want me to hurt him again.”

The Unlikely Trio of Malice, Tenshi, & Manager Jack Kelly Upset the Destroyers & Nick Xero to Advance in Tag Team Tourney

We’ve seen many unconventional pairings in tag team matches over the years, but non have been as whacky as seeing Manager Jack Kelly teaming with his former clients Tenshi and Gideon Malice. These three PPW greats have an extensive history which is why both Tenshi & Malice both loath Kelly. To make matters worse for Kelly, he was faced to team against his current client and Continental Champion “Nasty” Nick Xero. Early in the match Xero and Kelly tried to dupe Malice & Tenshi by trying to sneak in a pin. Kelly laid down quick for Xero and if it wasn’t for the tortoise like pace of ancient aged referee James Blades, Xero would have picked up a win for his team. After Kelly’s plan backfired Malice went on the offensive on the Tag Team Champions The Destroyers and for good measure knocked Xero clear out of the ring. Tenshi got in on the fun, but a misfire from Malice caused him to get dropped hard by Cobra and then take a stout beating from the trio of terror. After surviving a beat down from three of PPW’s top wrestlers Malice managed to make it to his corner and tag Tenshi where she mounted an offensive strike that would ultimately change the course of the match and secure of win for Tenshi, Malice, and Kelly. After the match Xero was seen arguing with Kelly over his antics. Will this relationship last or will Kelly wind out being fired by Xero? Both Xero & Kelly, The Destroyers, and of course Malice & Tenshi are scheduled to be at Flint Iceland Arena on December 7th. Get your tickets now!

Father Time is Betrayed by the Brothers Grey – Nomads Advance to Round 2

Jimi & Jheras Grey have been working hard at the PPW Develoment Center for a year preparing to take on PPW’s top tag teams in hopes of making it to the highest levels of the division. The Brothers made their debut at Mandurance this past Summer and since then have turned some heads as their energetic and unique style of wrestling has earned them early success. Being paired with multiple time Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Father Time was a good opportunity for The Brothers Grey to make a name for themselves by winning the Tag Team Invitational Tourney. By winning the tournament the team would expect a golden ticket that would get them straight to a shot at the Tag Team Titles. Despite the opportunity being good, The Brothers Grey weren’t happy with being paired with Time and it clearly showed as they literally left him high and dry by refusing to tag in. As a result the veteran team of the Nomads absolutely demolished the aging Time and then pinned him in front of his home town crowd. After the match Time was so furious that he challenged the Brothers Grey to a Handicap Match on December 7 in Flint. The Brothers accepted and now we’ll have this big match as one of our headlining attractions at Silas Young’s Real Man’s Christmas. Get your tickets now!

The Tag Team Trio of One Big Night Makes a Triumphant Debut Despite Dissension

The PPW Tag Team Invitational is a three round, multiple event tourney featuring established tag teams being randomly paired with singles wrestlers. Team VIP’s Dyan Night & Mr. One Night Only have been working hard to climb the tag team ranks in PPW, but an odd pairing with Cody Manning has created problems among the usually chummy tag team. Dylan Night has no use for Manning, however Mr. One Night Only was impressed with Manning’s ability to get the job done after he tagged into the ring in a blaze of fury and nearly defeated the opposing team by himself. After the match Mr. One Night Only welcomed Manning to the group, but Night couldn’t bring himself to go along with hit and walked off on his two partners in disgust. The trio has been dubbed One Big Night by the fans and now the team of Mr. One Night Only, “The Big Deal” Cody Manning, & “High Profile” Dylan Night will be advancing to round two of the big tournament on December 7 at Flint Iceland Arena.

Samson Real Defeats Aaron Orion to Become New Michigan State Heavyweight Champions

In a battle for the 810 the two most dominant athletes in Flint went one-on-one for the right to call themselves the best wrestler in the state of Michigan. The young lion Samson Real is only in his first year of competition, but has found fast success by becoming a triple crown champion. He’s the youngest wrestler ever to win PPW’s Continental, Michigan State Heavyweight, & Tag Team Championships. His opponent the “Vehicle City Villain” Aaron Orion is widely considered to be one of the top wrestlers in the Midwest and currently holds multiple championships in several states and even one in Canada. Going into the match the people were pulling for their hero Real, but the odds were clearly in favorite of the veteran Orion, a man who once served on an artillery team in the US Army. After 15 minutes of back and forth action Orion made a mistake by taking too much time to come off the top rope. Real caught Orion out of mid air with a spear and then followed up with his “Real Deal” finishing maneuver and the rest is history.

After the match the new champion Samson Real was quick to thank God stating that “you can achieve anything if you have faith in the Heavenly Father.” Real also thanked his fans for their constant support and the city of Flint for molding him into a champion the city can be proud of. Meanwhile in the Death Threat Army Camp Aaron Orion looks to comeback with a vengeance. A spokesman for DTA confirmed that “Orion is reloading as we speak.” With DTA breathing down his neck can Samson Real’s first reign as champion of Michigan last? Real’s next defense will be on November 30th in Ferndale. Get your tickets now to see him live! Aaron Orion and his DTA counterparts can be seen on December 7th at Flint Iceland Arena.

PPW Junior Grappler Great Tank is Coming off the Best Month of His Young Life:

If you have been to a PPW show in the past year you know all about Tank. As the Junior Grappler program begins to develop the stars of tomorrow, one young man’s shine is brighter than most. The heavyweight Junior Grappler sensation Tank has been causing quite a stir as his popularity has grown to unprecedented heights. In the month of October Tank was on cloud nine. One year prior to joining the Junior Grappler Program Tank’s struggles with autism and learning disorders made him a target for bullying. After months of training with PPW’s Head Coach Xavier Justice and his staff Tank has found the courage to overcome bullying and fight through the difficulties he faces daily to find confidence, purpose, pride, and of course passion. Tank’s incredible journey into wrestling was the recent feature story for Fox 66 & NBC 25 news in mid Michigan. On top of that he was voted Homecoming Prince at Goodrich High School and to cap it all off on Saturday, November 2 at Flint Iceland Arena he finally got his hands on Nick Xero and delivered an earth shattering spear! Tank’s next appearance will be on November 30th in Ferndale where he’ll compete in a Junior Grappler bout. He claims he’s also coming for Nick Xero on December 7th in Flint! Don’t miss Tank in action. Buy your tickets today!

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