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Extreme Rules Title Match Ends in Chaos, Controversy, and Bloodshed

This past March 7th at Concrete Jungle, fans were excited to see Samson Real defend the Michigan State Heavyweight Title against Dylan Night in an Extreme Rules Match. The big title fight did not disappoint as two of PPW’s most popular stars went to war over the most prestigious prize in the Great Lakes State. After nearly 15 minutes of back and forth action, Dylan Night somehow survived a fall from a 10ft ladder that sent him crashing through a table and managed to get Samson Real down and into a Figure 4 Leg Lock that targeted Samson’s injured knee. Everyone in the building thought the match was over and that they were looking at a new champion, that was until disaster struck in the form of Jack Kelly and his henchman Cobra TA & Nick Xero. With the rules being tossed out, the referee could do nothing but watch as Cobra & Xero decimated Dylan Night and his partners Cody Manning & Mr. One Night Only. In the end,

Night was handcuffed and then destroyed by multiple kendo stick shots from Xero. As Samson was finally able to get to his feet, there was nothing left to do but to cover Night for a pin. Although he was reluctant to do so and would have preferred to win on his own merits Samson knew if he didn’t take the pin, Kelly’s henchman would only inflict more damage. After the match PPW’s medical staff rushed to the ring to attend to Night, Manning, and MR. ONO. With blood pouring out of his head and his consciousness fleeting, Night was devastated in how the bout ended. All three members of 1 Big Night spent the night at Genesis Hospital in Grand Blanc. Their official diagnosis will be released at a later date. With all the carnage, the future is yet to be decided. Only one thing is for certain, revenge will be on the minds of 1 Big Night going into April 4th at Flint Iceland Arena.

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