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Father Time Refuses to Make Excuses After Disappointing Title Loss

Updated: Mar 5

Last month in Flint, “Michigan’s Miracle Man” Father Time suffered a tough loss at the hands of Nick Xero and with it a chance to once again become champion. Although Jack Kelly was truly the reason behind the loss, Time refuses to make excuses stating “I don’t care what Kelly did, losing is on me.” Time is a multiple time Michigan State Heavyweight, Continental, and Tag Team Champion which is incredibly impressive seeing as he’s three times the age of his opponents, he’s blind, and he’s a stroke and cancer survivor. Time’s been overcoming obstacles his entire life, but what he has never done has used his eye sight, cancer, the strokes, or his age as an excuse not to succeed. Although Time’s loss to Xero stung terribly, the man that defeated cancer three times is now back in the gym preparing for his next match on March 7 at Flint Iceland Arenas. Sources close to Time said that he’s more dedicated now than ever to becoming a champion. PPW has not yet released the details for his next match, however Time will be in the house on March 7th and you can see him live by buying tickets here:

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