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Gideon Malice Approaching 2 – Year Mark as Champion

Gideon Malice is the reigning and defending Michigan State Heavyweight Champion and he has officially ascended to unprecedented heights by cementing his name in PPW history of the most dominant champion of all time. How fitting that the 6’4 240lbs chiseled champion calls himself “Lion of the Concrete Jungle.” The Lion has been devouring prey every match on his way to an incredible title run that has lasted nearly two years. Malice is PPW’s Iron Man. He defends the title nearly every event, multiple times a month, and at times he’s defended the title with only a week’s rest. Meanwhile TV athletes go months without defending their titles. Malice isn’t a coddled champion who has months of training and recovery time; he’s an old school man’s man who doesn’t take days off and will defend his title any time or anywhere.

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that Malice embodies the very essence of what a champion should be. He doesn’t back down from challenges; he looks every challenger in the eyes and fires his best shots. Many champions resort to dirty and cheap tactics to win their matches and make it one more day as champion, but not Malice. If Malice can’t defeat you fair and square then he accepts it like a man, there’s nothing cheap about PPW’s Lion. Malice’s next title defense will come on June 8th in St. John’s, Michigan at the VFW. Malice will take on the winner of the first ever “Ruck of Champions,” a four-man tournament featuring the top armed forces veteran pro wresters in the nation.

Malice won’t know who he’ll face that night until for four men in the tournament settle their scores in the ring. Regardless of the lack of preparation time, Malice will step between the ropes again to defend his very right to be called the best wrestler in the state of Michigan…and he’ll do so without giving it a second thought; for the fight is natural for a man like Malice.

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