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Giuseppe Colonna Inducted into PPW’s Hall of Fame

Shortly after the new year Giuseppe Colonna, who at the time was Continental Champion, suffered a serious seizure which put him in the hospital. After extensive testing it was determined that the seizure was a mere side effect of multiple brain injuries sustained during his time in wrestling and rugby. No matter who he was facing or where he was at, Colonna always dove in head first and competed to the best of his ability, but after years of abuse his body and his doctors will no longer allow him to compete in athletics.

Colonna has been devastated by the news, in fact last 2 months ago he had to relinquish his championship, he had to be present during the time of crowning a new champion, and since then has been struggling to find a way to manage to cope with not being able to do what he loves. After years of in ring competition and undying loyalty to PPW, this past March 7th the companies Founder Xavier Justice honored Colonna by putting him in the PPW Hall of Fame.

He was joined ringside by his long time friends the Nomads and was co inducted by Ace Evans, Colonna’s first tag team partner. Colonna joins the ranks of several of PPW’s top performers. Cheers to Giuseppe for an excellent career and service to fans across the state of Michigan. After some rest and recovery, Colonna will look to join PPW’s backstage team to help the next generation of wrestlers currently training at the PPW Development Center.

PPW is ready for the next phase for Giuseppe Colonna!

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