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July 13th Attack of the Titans – Iceland Arena

Iron Man Match for the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship: Gideon Malice VS Aaron Orion

After months of intense warfare the rivalry between Gideon Malice & Aaron Orion comes to a close in as both men step into the ring to compete in a match that is the ultimate test if time...The Iron Man Match. This Saturday night at Iceland Arena in Flint Township, Malice puts his Michigan State Heavyweight Championship on the line against the US Army Veteran and leader of the Death Threat Army Aaron Orion. Will Malice keep his two year title reign in tact or will Orion do something he’s never done before...become the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion? Buy your tickets NOW to find out.

6 Man Tag Team Match: DTA (Jack Price, Alex Weir, Adam Wick) VS The Destroyers & Cody Manning

Death Threat Army is in full effect as the returning Alex Weir, Jack Price, join forces with Adam Wick to take on the Michigan State Cruiserweight Champion Cody Manning and his new friends The Destroyers. The veteran Cobra T.A. his young gun partner Freedom Ramsay are one of the most dominant tag teams in the state of Michigan. Together with Manning this trio is the perfect blend of experience, strength, and speed. DTA plans to bring its explosive and innovative brand of offense to the ring in hopes of picking up a win over the champion and top tag team contenders. Don’t miss this action packed six man tag team match scheduled for this Saturday night at Iceland Arenas in Flint, MI.

DTA VS DTA: Karam VS Tommy Vendetta

This Saturday night it will be DTA VS DTA as the muscleman Karam tries to settle his brotherly score with US Marine veteran Tommy Vendetta. The last time these two PPW graduates met in the ring things went from a friendly competition to an all out firefight. When the smoke cleared and the dust settled it was a Lariot from the rock hard 24 inch bicep of Karam that put Vendetta on his back for the three and then sent him home with a concussion. With both wrestlers being prominent members of the Death Threat Army many people are wondering if this match will settle the dispute between Karam & Vendetta or if it will signal the beginning of the end of Michigan’s premiere powerhouse group. Buy your ticket and take the ride, this one’s going to be worth the price of admission alone!

Continental Championship Match: Nick Xero VS Father Time

Last month “Nasty” Nick Xero stole the Continental Championship from Father Time after hiding under the ring in a Battle Royal and waiting until Time thought he won the match to pick his time to strike. Since Xero won the title one month ago, PPW has had several event, however Xero declined to defend his title on any of those events. As a result President of the Championship Committee, Scott Brand made the Continental title a 24/7 rules belt, meaning it can be defended any place at any time. Shortly after Xero was Coaching some new students at the PPW Development Center and one of the students tried to win the belt in the middle of class! Over the past few weeks Xero has went into hiding vowing not to return to the ring until this Saturday night. Sources close to Father Time have confirmed that Time has been in the gym twice a day a training weekly with PPW Head Coach Xavier Justice weekly to get ready for his rematch against Xero. After a recent bout with prostate cancer, Father Time returned to PPW to once again defy all the odds. Unfortunately Time’s homecoming was met with hostility and as a result he finds himself on the challengers side of the ring going into the Continental Title fight this Saturday night at Iceland Arena in Flint Township. Tickets are on sale now, buy your ticket to support Father Time today!

AIWF World Women’s Title Match: Tenshi VS Max the Impaler

After month’s of anticipation and unexpected delays Max the Impaler will travel from the Wastelands to make her PPW debut. What better way to make a debut then to challenge and possibly become the new AIWF World Woman’s Champion, however standing in her way is the reigning and defending champion from the Far East “Warrior Princess” Tenshi. For over a year Tenshi has been defending her title against some of the best women in the world and with the help of her Manager Jack Kelly she’s walked away with the belt every time. Max is a brute strength brawler who has been destroying the best woman in the Midwest independent wrestling scene, however Tenshi is a martial arts master with a mastermind manager in her corner. Who will walk away as champion? Buy your ticket now to see this huge title fight this Saturday night at Iceland Arena in Flint Township.

The Real Rizers Join Forces with Giuseppe Colonna & Team VIP to take on the Nomads in 10 Man Survivors Tag Team Action

Just before the fourth of July break, The Real Rizers lost their tag team titles in Saginaw in heartbreaking fashion to the Nomads. After successfully defending their titles once in Sandusky, MI in the afternoon, The Nomads stole the tag team titles and high tailed it to the Pit & Balcony Theater where PPW was hosting another event. Samson Real & Tay Rizer showed up demanding their titles be returned, instead a Tag Team Title match was made and for the second time in one day the Rizers found themselves defending their belts against the odds. Despite being out manned (Pickles at ringside) they fought hard and nearly put the team of Road Rash & Ace Evans away, but in typical Nomad fashion a foreign object was introduced into the ring and in the blink of the eye Samson was on the mat taking the pin fall after being nailed in the back by a hammer. The Nomads were already scheduled to face another rival team Team VIP this Saturday Night at Iceland. Their friend Giuseppe Colonna was going to be their partner and now the Rizers have been added to the mix to form a ten man Survivor’s Tag Match pitting all the Nomads against the hero team of Colonna, Samson Real, Tay Rizer, MR. One Night Only & Dylan Night. Don’t miss this blockbuster ten man tag team match this Saturday night at Iceland Arena in Flint Township.

PPW Fan to Take the Grizzly House Jones Bearhug Challenge

Don’t miss another action packed night of family friendly wrestling courtesy of Pure Pro Wrestling, Michigan’s largest and only touring brand of professional wrestling. Recent PPW Hall of Fame inductee and retired undefeated pro bear wrestler “Grizzly” House Jones will be bringing back the infamous Bearhug Challenge. Grizzly will select one member of the crowd to enter the ring where he’ll give them a chance to break his infamous finishing hold, “The Bearhug.” If the fan is able to break the Bearhug, PPW will award the fan with FREE PPW TICKETS FOR LIFE. To be considered for the Bearhug Challenge you must buy a ticket to this Saturday nights event online at www.pureprowrestling.net. You will also need to like & share this post to qualify to be selected to take the challenge. And finally, you must be 18 years or older, have no life threatening medical conditions, and be willing to sign a waiver of liability in case of injury of death. Do YOU have what it takes to break the Grizzly House Jones Bearhug? Buy a ticket, like, share, and YOU could be selected to step into the ring this Saturday night at Flint Iceland Arena. Don’t miss your chance to challenge a man so big his mamma named him House this Saturday night!

Dylan Derringer VS The Great Lakes Grappler This Saturday at Flint Iceland Arenas

The PPW Development Center (DC) is the premier training facility for pro wrestlers in the State of Michigan. For over a decade PPW has produced some of the best pros in the state and this Saturday two of PPW’s hand trained wrestlers will compete in a bonus DC Showcase bout. Dylan Derringer, the upstart Cruiserweight training at PPW’s Development Center will face his largest opponent to date, the leader of the Grappler Club, The Great Lakes Grappler. The Grappler stands 6’4 and weights well over 250lbs. This throwback wrestler uses a combination of old school holds and brute force to dominate his opponents. Derringer will need to rely in his quickness and aerial abilities to take down the mammoth Grappler. This bout will will be part of a special bonus pre show bout that PPW sometimes hosts prior to their usual 7PM bell time. These matches are a fun bonus to those who show up early to the arena. Tickets are on sale now at www.pureprowrestling.net

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