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July 27 2019 - Pure Pro Wrestling Invades Manistee MI

The Nomads Defend The Tag Team Titles Against Malice & Tenshi in Manistee

On Saturday, July 27th, the VFW in Manistee will host an epic tag team championship match featuring the legendary Tenshi & Gideon Malice teaming up to try to take the PPW Michigan State Tag Team Championships from Road Rash & Ace Evans of the Nomads. The Nomads recently defeated the Real Rizers in Saginaw and now look to keep their reign alive against two former champions. Gideon Malice is 6’4 240lbs of rock hard muscle and the longest reigning champion in PPW history. Malice held the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship for roughly two years after losing it earlier this month at Iceland Arena in Flint to DTA’s front man Aaron Orion. His tag team partner “Warrior Princess” Tenshi is recently departed with the AIWF World Woman’s Championship, a title she held for well over a year. She defeated some of the best woman in the world while cementing her name in PPW’s record books. Heidi Katrina recently dethroned her and now the martial arts master is looks to vent some of her frustration at the expense of the Nomads. Will the two legendary former champions prevail at the Manistee or will The Nomads take find a way to keep the belts? Buy a ticket to to see Pure Pro Wrestling live at the Manistee VFW on Saturday, July 27th at 6PM. Tickets are on sale now for this family friendly event at


Aaron Orion Set to Defend the Michigan State Heavyweight Title in Manistee Against “The Wahash” Karam

Earlier this month Aaron Orion did what no other man could do in two years...he defeated Gideon Malice, snapped his two year title reign, and became the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion. With his fellow Death Threat Army(DTA) members by his side Orion breathed in the moment because the victory in front of his home town crown was the culmination of years of hard work. Then the unthinkable happened, a fellow DTA soldier and brother Karam goes rogue, unleashed “The Wahash,” and takes then out each member of DTA one – by – one. Out of Jack Price, Tommy Vendetta, Alex Weir, Adam Wick, & Aaron Orion, only Orion & Wick are able to show up in Manistee due to injuries sustained at the hands of “The Washash” Karam...a one time member of the DTA; now enemy number one.

Although Karam is not the number one contender, he is demanding to cut in line. Earler this week he issued a statement to PPW Online. Karam’s statement reads as follows:

“DTA has served its purpose. I rode that train as long as I needed to and now that Orion has the title and injured from a war with Malice, I will be taking my rightful place as the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion. I am genetically superior to everyone in PPW. There’s not a man or woman from in the locker room that trains like me. I want this more than anyone else. And in order to make a buzz in Michigan, you need to take the PPW Title. On July 27th in Manistee the VFW better have an ambulance on standby because I’m going to send Orion to the hospital.”

DTA’s camp has chosen to remain silent and if history teaches us anything its that Orion will do his talking with his fists on Saturday, July 27 in Manistee. Orion has agreed to give Karam what he wants; a shot at the Michigan State Heavyweight Title. This will be Orion’s first title defense and Karam’s first opportunity at a PPW title since returning from an injury that sidelined him for nearly a year. Orion will have nearly two weeks to recover from his Iron Man Match with Malice and attack from Karam. In the mean time Karam’s representation has informed PPW Online that Karam is currently doing workouts twice each day to prepare for the match.

This main event match will be worth the price of admission alone. Be sure to get your tickets at



Cruiserweight Title Bout: Cody Manning Defends Against Tay Rizer

After a successful run as Michigan State Tag Team Champion alongside his best friend Samson Real, the explosive cruiserweight Tay Rizer will try his hand at singles competition and challenge Cody Manning for the Michigan State Cruiserweight Title. Rizer is known for his lighting fast moves and fearless brand of offense. Rizer will not hesitate to take to the air and use his body as a weapon. The veteran champion Manning has accumulated an impressive reign as Cruiserweight Champion. Manning first captured the title over a year ago where he took the title to India to defend it against the top cruiserweights in the CWE, India’s largest pro wrestling company owned by former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali. After defeating India’s finest, Manning took a brief hiatus from wrestling to star in a Korean TV program. PPW officials decided to make strip the title from Manning citing “lack of defense” as the official reasoning. This of course infuriated Manning which caused to him leave his role as as daytime TV star in Korea and return to the states. After returning to the US Manning recaptured the title from Big Bite Martinez and over the past several months has defended the title several times. Rizer is a gifted and hungry athlete that wants to continue to elevate his status in PPW. A championship win over Manning could launch a singles career. Rizer has no intentions of leaving the Real Rizers, in fact he hopes that he and his partner Samson Real can capture both singles and tag team titles. Can Manning hold back Tay Rizer’s challenge in Manistee on Saturday, July 27th? Buy your tickets to find out!


Super Heavyweight’s Collide: Nomad Enforcer CJ Anderson Goes 1-on-1 w/ Samson Real

The Nomads are one of the most successful and dominant pro wrestling factions in the history of PPW and the state of Michigan. Their list of titles and other accomplishments is miles long, but the means in which they achieved their success is...well, questionable to say the least. The Nomads are good at two things...Hurting people & Breaking Rules. Their enforcer CJ Anderson is perhaps the most talented at the two fields as he has no issue throwing around his 250 pound frame for purposes of mass destruction. His opponent Samson Real is exactly the opposite. Real is one half of the Real Rizers, one of PPW’s most popular tag teams. Real is is young, but what he lacks in experience is made up by his incredible athleticism & peak physical shape. Samson Real is one of the good guys...he’s an honorable role model for today’s youth. When the bell rings on Saturday, July 27th the ground in Manistee will shake as these two titans go head-to-head to settle the score for their respective teams. A win could have huge implications in the Heavyweight Title picture. Both men are former champions who pose a genuine threat to Aaron Orion’s Michigan State Heavyweight Title. Don’t miss this action packed match in Manistee. Buy tickets now at


Cruiserweight Contender’s Bout: Adam Wick VS Mr. One Night Only

DTA’s Cruiserweight sensation Adam Wick is like walking ordinance that’s ready to explode on command. His lighting fast kicks and innovative attack combinations make him a danger to any man in the ring no matter what the size. Wick has come close to taking the Michigan State Cruiserweight Title on several occassions. Earlier this month he pinned the champion Cody Manning in tag team action. Wick hopes to win this match so that he has another shot to take out Manning. Standing in his way is a true wrestling treasure, Mr. One Night Only. Wick will have to be on his A game as the calm, cool, and collected cruiserweight “Mr. ONO” takes the ring against him. Mr. ONO is known to be an old school brawler who will take you to the mat and keep you there. The two contrasting styles from both competitors will make this an exciting contest that will ultimately decide who the next challenger for the Michigan State Cruiserweight Title will be. This epic match goes down on Saturday, July 27 in Manistee at the VFW. Get tickets now at


Junior Grappler Showdown: Jack Kelly Leads Expected to be Ringside as His Newest Client the 24 Karat Kid takes on Fan Favorite Tank

Jack Kelly is known all around the state of Michigan as being pro wrestling’s “only licensed manager.” As a professional Kelly is currently representing two of PPW’s top wrestlers, the current Continental Champion Nick Xero & former AIWF World Woman’s Champion Tenshi. With both his clients finding success Kelly is now looking ahead to the Junior division to find his next star. And according to sources close to the Kelly Clan camp, that star is none other than Junior Grappler sensation The 24 Karat Kid.

Flint native the 24 Karat Kid is a 13 year old multiple sport athlete who also gets straight A’s in school. He claims its due to his “perfect genetics.” As he often calls himself a “gift from God.” Despite the cockiness, the Kid has impressed wrestling all across the state of Michigan. His fearless attitude and high flying athletic ability has allowed him to compete well in several Junior matches. Despite his statistics, The Kid will have to bring his best stuff against the spear machine known as Tank. Tank is only a young teenage boy, but when he snaps into Beast Mode anyone can become a victim of his devastating spear. Tank has won several Junior Grappler showcase bouts and is currently hoping that PPW officials will allow him to compete for the Continental Title against Nick Xero. So far PPW has not made an official ruling. Tank made an attempt at Xero’s title earlier this month, but instead of hitting Xero, Jack Kelly was at the blunt end of a Tank sized spear.

After Tank laid out Kelly he wasted no time signing the 24 Karat Kid and immediately signed him to a match against Tank to “teach him a lesson.” Will “Kelly’s Kid” pull out the 1-2-3 and get the revenge Jack is after or will Tank bust out the big guns and take both the Kid and Kelly down? Get your tickets to see it live in Manistee. Tickets at www.pureprowrestling.net

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