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Kongo Kong Causes Havoc at Harvest Slam!

Pure Pro Wrestling returned to Holland, Michigan this past October 19th for their annual fall spectacular. The night was full of plenty of action as the Heroes & Villains of Pure Pro Wrestling invaded the squared circle. From the very start of the night it was chaos. PPW management was thrown a few curve balls as the card was forced to be changed due to wrestler injuries and cancellations due to conflict of schedule. Despite the deck being stacked against PPW’s management team, some major changes were made that gave new opportunity to up - & - coming talent along with the creation of one of the best tag team title matches of the year.

Hannah Henderson VS Mr One Night Only:

Hannah Henderson is a bright standout from the Junior Grappler division who’s starting to cut test the waters in adult competition. During Henderson’s match with Mr. One Night Only, Kong came to the ring not wanting to wait to fight any longer. Mr. One Night Only took exception to Kong’s presence, made the mistake of getting in his face and then found himself on the end of yet another monster size beat down. Henderson thought that Kong came to help her out and actually hugged the super heavyweight. Little did she know that Kong wasn’t helping Henderson, in fact she found her self in dire straight as Kong looked to choke slam her. Orion ran to the ring and saved the day and a ref followed with him. The ref called for the bell and the big title fight was underway.

Kongo Kong Causes Chaos:

In the main event, international wrestling star Kongo Kong challenged Aaron Orion for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title. The US Army Veteran Orion had his gravest challenge to date as he tried to knock the 6’4 350 plus pound monster to the mat. Despite some early blows, Orion found himself on the receiving end of a monster sized beating. Kong nearly destroyed Orion as he took his time beating up the champion all around the inside of the VFW in Holland. Orion tried to mount a comeback, but Kong would hit him harder and harder. Henderson was at ringside to watch the ruthless attack on Orion from Kong. After nearly 15 minutes of Orion getting pummeled, Henderson decided she had enough and ran into the ring and kicked Kong straight in his lower extremities. The ref called for the bell, the audience looked on in shock. The match ended, the crowd was furious, and even Orion grabbed a mic to say “I would rather have Kong kill me than have you fight my battles.”

The confused and disappointed Henderson was left standing in the ring as the crowd turned on her and began to boo the young 17 year old. As an emotional Henderson tried to leave the ring she was suddenly grabbed by Kong and found herself on the receiving end of a Kongo Driver. The crowd roared in approval. PPW Head Coach Xavier Justice ran into the ring to check on Henderson who appeared to be knocked out. As more help arrived, Kong stood proudly in the corner watching as trainers tended to the prone Henderson.

Justice Vows Revenge:

As Kongo Kong boasted about his carnage to the crowd, Justice lost his temper and got straight in the giant’s face. Kong didn’t hesitate to knock Justice’s head off with a throat thrust, pick him up from the ground and then choke slam him as hard as he could right next to Hannah Henderson. As PPW’s training staff attended both Justice & Henderson, Kong left the building with a security escort. Several fans were waiting in the parking lot to “give Kong a piece of their mind.” As Justice came to and realized what happened, he snapped, took the microphone and declared that he would be seeing Kongo Kong in the ring on Saturday, October 26 at the Pit & Balcony Theater in Saginaw. PPW Online cannot confirm an official match, however Justice was quoted as simply saying “justice will be served.” Fans coming to see the big Saginaw Halloween event featuring AEW’s Luchasaurus and of course Kongo Kong will be in for a treat as Kongo Kong has appeared to have gotten on the fighting side of Xavier Justice. Tickets for MonsterVision in Saginaw are available here:

The Destroyers Steal a Win from The Real Rizers in Tag Team Title Action:

The PPW Michigan State Tag Team Championship belts will be staying on the shoulders of Cobra T.A. & his partner Freedom Ramsay after a hard fought defense against The Real Rizers. With Samson Real & Tay Rizer coming into Holland both as singles champions, a last minute decision to put a title match together between the Destroyers and Real Rizers. With DTA not able to make the match, both teams were informed only minutes before they had to compete. As both teams went back and forth with their best moves, The Destroyers chose to break the rules and steal a win from the Cruiserweight Champion Rizer & the Continental Champion Real. Sources close to The Real Rizers have confirmed that both Real & Rizer have asked PPW Officials for a rematch, however no official match has been made at the time of press. Samson Real will have his Continental Title in tow as he takes on Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Aaron Orion in Saginaw on October 26 in the big Champion VS Champion Co – Main Event.

15 Year Old Sensation Kaneki Defeats 25 Year Old Great Lakes Grappler:

Junior Grappler great Kanki has been excelling in training and has impressed PPW Coach Xavier Justice over the past several months. Justice has sanctioned a handful of matches featuring Kaneki taking on his first adult opponents. While the move may be controversial to some, Kaneki has proved the doubters wrong by picking up wins over some of the top PPW adult wrestlers. In Holland Kaneki took on the Great Lakes Grappler, a super heavyweight with a nasty attitude. At first Kaneki was in deep trouble as the Grappler used a combination of slams and strikes to keep Kaneki on the mat. As the match looked to be over the Grappler’s manager Jack Kelly had a “moment of bad communication” which lead to the Grappler taking a Super Kick that proved to be just enough for a pin fall win for the young budding star. The irate Kelly made a huge scene as he rushed his client out of the building. Kaneki will be appearing live in Saginaw on October 26, the question remains will he be facing a Junior or another Adult? Buy a ticket to find out!

Kevin Morrison Defeats Giuseppe Colonna in a Hard Fought Contest:

Twenty year West Michigan veteran Max Morrison returned to his home town of Holland to tell the fans how disgusted he was with them and to pick up a win over the “Italian Submission Machine” Giuseppe Colonna. The match was full of plenty of action as Morrison used some of the dirtiest plays in the book to weaken Colonna. Although Morrison got an early advantage, Colonna came back in a big way scoring a series of suplexes that were nearly enough to pick up the win. Colonna dug in deep and tried to finish it off, but Morrison found a way to score a pin and walk away with a victory. This was the first time these two met in competition. After the match Colonna told PPW Online that he would “love another shot” at Morrison because “he thinks he can beat him.” Colonna made no excuses in his defeat, instead he said he’ll “learn from his mistakes and train for the next fight.” A true classy response in a world where sportsmanship is not very common! Colonna bill be back in the ring on November 2 at Flint Iceland Arenas. Buy a ticket and check him out. Morrison will be on the next card in Charlotte, Michigan on Friday, November 8th.

The Junior Grapplers Work Hard in Front of a Tough Holland Crowd:

For some wrestling fans the idea of kids in a pro wrestling ring is not appealing, for others they love the kid matches more than the adults. Despite what side of the fence the fans may be on, the Junior Grapplers fight through the criticism and do their best to entertain fans wherever they go. The Junior Grappler division is the only all kids pro wrestling division in America. Head Coach Xavier Justice started the program as youth outreach at Flint Iceland Arenas, but now its turned into something even he didn’t foresee in the makings. The Junior Grapplers are comprised of kids ranging in ages from 5 to 17. They come from all over the state of Michigan with families from all walks of life. This special group of young men & women have been training twice a week learning pro wrestling in preparation for some tough matches in Holland where fans expect only the best pro wrestling around. The Juniors took the ring for the pre show event and put on some great performances! The crowd had a mixed reaction, however it didn’t deter the youngsters from finishing their matches and living their wildest dreams. The Junior Grapplers will be in action on Saturday night in Saginaw, Michigan.

Get your tickets to see the biggest little show on the planet! They’ll be scheduled to perform matches during a special pre show event.

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