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Malice VS Orion 3 Signed for May 4 at Iceland Arena – Fans Pick the Rules

After defeating CJ Anderson on April 13 in Milford, Gideon Malice moves one step closer to an unprecedented and historic 2 year Michigan State Heavyweight Title reign. His tenure as champion has been nothing short of dominant. Malice has defeated some of the top pro wrestlers in the world on his way to becoming the longest reigning champion in PPW history. Over the past nearly two years, very few men have come close to dethroning the champ, but recently one man has proven that Malice is human and can potentially be beat...that man is US Army Veteran Aaron Orion.

Aaron Orion is widely regarded as one of the top independent wrestlers in the nation. He has captured championships around the Midwest and Canada and now has his sights set on the Michigan State Heavyweight Title. Orion feels that he is the best wrestler in Michigan and winning the title would give him validation to his claim. On May 4 Orion will face Malice for the third time in the past two months. On the first meeting Malice & Orion went back and forth for nearly 20 minutes before Malice pulled off a stunning victory. Orion was withing nanoseconds of becoming the champion on multiple occasions. Orion was willing to take the loss and start back down at the bottom of the ranks, but the fans loved the match so much they demanded a rematch and PPW officials were happy to oblige. Round 2 of Orion VS Malice was so hard hitting that both men destroyed each other to the point where neither man could answer the 10 count. With no clear finish to the saga, Orion VS Malice 3 has been signed for Fandemonium at Flint Iceland Arenas on May 4.

The best part about this exciting announcement is that this match will headline the first fully interactive wrestling event for PPW fans. Each match stipulation will be decided via vote from the fans online. Details regarding the voting, matches, and match stipulations will be available soon on PPW social media and web site. In the mean time, fans are encouraged to get their tickets to the Fandemonium event scheduled for May 4 at Flint Iceland Arenas!

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