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March 7 2020 – Concrete Jungle – Flint Iceland Arena

Updated: Mar 5

Stone Rockwell VS Gideon Malice

PPW will be welcoming Stone Rockwell, Adventurer to Iceland Arenas for the first time. He has competed across the world and for the WWE, ROH, & Impact Wrestling over the course of his near 20 year career. Stone Rockwell fancies himself to be an “Adventurer” and that is why he will embark the perilous journey from the great land of Canada to the “concrete jungle” known as Flint to take on the legendary lion Gideon Malice. Many fans will have been speculating as to why Rockwell has decided to pick a fight with a man who once held the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship for a record breaking two years straight. Perhaps its Rockwell’s pension for danger and deep love for exploration or maybe he’s just plain crazy. Either way, the world traveled pro wrestling veteran Stone Rockwell has a date with destiny as he goes 1-on-1 with the “Lion of the Concrete Jungle” Gideon Malice at Flint Iceland Arenas on Saturday, March 7.

Doors open at 5:30PM, the student showcase bouts kick off at 6PM, and the main attractions including Malice VS Rockwell begins at 7PM. Tickets are one sale now:

Michigan State Tag Team Title: The Destroyers (c) w/ Jack Kelly VS One Big Night

Just one month removed from the Destroyers intentional disqualification that robbed One Big Night of the Michigan State Tag Team Titles, the rematch is on at “Concrete Jungle” scheduled for March 7 at Flint Iceland Arenas. This time things will be different as the DQ clause will be suspended for the match which means if Jack Kelly or any member of The Destroyers attempts to get the match thrown out, the titles will change hands legally. Now that the playing field is level and Jack Kelly has everything to lose if he gets involved in the match, Cody Manning & Mr. One Night Only are confident that they can uproot Cobra TA and Freedom Ramsay from their tag team hardware. Although the rules have been altered, don’t rule the champs out as they have beaten every other tag team in PPW multiple times to become the top team in the state of Michigan. Fists are gonna fly during this tag team title match!

Michigan State Heavyweight Championship – Extreme Rules: Dylan Night VS Samson Real (c)

Last month was an all out war for the most prestigious prize in the state of Michigan. After both Samson Real and Dylan Night nearly tore each other apart, its no surprise that their last encounter ended in a count out. With the fans getting robbed of the finish they deserved to see, PPW has booked an Extreme Rules rematch! Don’t miss the war to settle the score on Saturday, March 7 at Flint Iceland Arenas.

Doors open at 5:30PM, the student showcase bouts kick off at 6PM, and the main attractions including Real VS Night begins at 7PM.

6 Man Tag Match: The Nomads VS The Second Death

The Second Death is the new unholy trio of Kaneki, The Great Nokken, and their leader “Dark Lord” Asmodeus. So far the Second Death has said very little, but they don’t have to after the path of destruction they have been leaving behind. Their opponents are The Nomads and they will compete on Saturday, March 7 at Flint Iceland Arenas. The Nomads are the most ruthless outlaws in PPW and over the years have held more championships than any other faction in the history of the company. At Iceland Arenas it will be “Evil vs Evil.” Both teams are notorious for breaking the rules and imposing their will where ever they roam. Don’t miss this all out slobber knocker!

Woman’s Bout: “Warrior Princess” Tenshi VS Hannah Henderson

There’s no denying that Tenshi has had an impressive career inside the squared circle. She once held the AIWF World Women’s Championship for over a year, she broke barriers by becoming the first women in PPW to compete and defeat male wrestlers, and she is now part of one of the most dominant tag teams in PPW alongside her partner Gideon Malice. Tenshi has proven herself as a wrestler, however her opponent for March 7th Hannah Henderson has not. Henderson began her training at 17 years of age at the PPW Development Center. Her work ethic and passion made her excel at training and as a result her coaches took notice and began moving her up to new levels. Now that she’s graduated from the Junior Grappler program she’s on a mission to make an impact in PPW and she’s hoping to do it at the expense of the veteran grappler Tenshi. During her young career, Henderson has faced Tenshi twice and lost both times. Will the third time be a charm? Buy your ticket now to find out.

Champion VS Champion: “Nasty” Nick Xero VS “Perfection Personified” James Alexander

It will be Champion VS Champion as Continental Champ “Nasty” Nick Xero goes one-on-one against Michigan’s Cruiserweight Champion “Perfection Personified” James Alexander. Xero is a old school brawler who knows and loves to use every dirty trick in the book to pick up a win. His Manager Jack Kelly provides an extra edge as he’s always willing to put himself in harms way if it means his client picks up the winners share of the pot. Alexander fancies himself to be the greatest technical wrestler in PPW today. There’s no denying his greatness and the belt across his weight validates everything that he says. Which champion will prevail?

Derrick Draven Wins Future Contender’s Rumble – Will Announce His Championship Plans 3.7 at Iceland Arenas

Little is known about newcomer Derrick Draven. His coaches know him as a quiet, hard working, and reserved student at the PPW Development Center and yet after winning the Rumble last month, Draven has revealed a glimpse of who he really is. And we should all be paying attention. A win at the Rumble gives Draven a unique opportunity to challenge for either the Cruiserweight, Continental, or Tag Team Championship. After his victory last month, he refused to reveal which belt he would challenge for, however his coaches believe that he’ll make the big reveal on Saturday, March 7 at Flint Iceland Arenas.

Cruiserweight Clash: Dylan Derringer VS Tay Rizer

Tay Rizer is a Flint native and former Michigan State Cruiserweight Champion who wants nothing more but to ascend to the top of the mountain once again. Standing in his way will be the up & coming risk taker “Wrestling’s Rose” Dylan Derringer. Both these young men won’t hesitate to lay it all out on the line to win the match. Both of these young men are among some of the most gifted athletes in all of Michigan. After his last performance, fans are starting to wonder if “Wrestling’s Rose” should be changing his name to “Daring Derringer” because of his death defying, risk-it-all attitude in the ring. A win over Rizer would give Derringer a great opportunity to move up the ranks in the Cruiserweight Division.

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