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The Nomads Reign Supreme at MonsterVision: Results for 10.26.19 - Pit & Balcony Theater - Saginaw

PPW’s return to Saginaw’s beautiful Pit & Balcony Theater was met with great energy from the fans in attendance to witness the first annual MonsterVision Halloween themed pro wrestling event. With AEW Superstar Luchasaurus in attendance to meet fans and be a part of the festivities, fans were treated to two hours of incredible action. Here’s the top stories coming out of MonsterVision this past October 26 2019:

MonsterVision Main Event: “Nomad Enforcer” CJ Anderson Defeats Kongo Kong

Kongo Kongo and his Licensed Manager Jack Kelly got on the fighting side of Xavier Justice and as a result PPW’s Founder & Head Coach decided to let the “Nomads do what they do best.” This of course meant sicking the dogs on Kelly’s internationally known TV Star Kongo Kong. A few weeks ago in Holland, Kong crossed an unimaginable line when he pile drove Junior Grapler Hannah Henderson into the mat. Luckily Henderson works out weekly at the PPW Development Center at Flint Iceland Arenas and she was able to walk away sore, but without a lasting injury. As a result of behavior from Kelly’s client, the “Nomad Encorcer” CJ Anderson was put into a “anything goes” main event against Kong in Saginaw. Justice decided rather than handle Kong with his own two hands, he would take the restrictions off of the Nomads and allow them to have full run at Kong. The result was Kong crashing through a table and Anderson picking up the biggest win of his career. Over the past few days Justice’s decision has been a source of controversy due to the recent suspension handed down to CJ Anderson by PPW Officials. Anderson was just in trouble for using weapons and essentially breaking all the rules, now Justice seems to be condoning the behavior by sanctioning it in a match. Kelly has filed a complaint with PPW Officials and is calling for Justice to be “removed from the matchmaking process and confined to a desk where he belongs.” Kelly also plans to start a petition to have Justice removed from his responsibilities. PPW Officials declined to comment on Kelly’s complaints.

Champion VS Champion: Aaron Orion VS Samson Real

After thirty minutes of one of the most intense and physical title matches in recent PPW history, Samson Real successfully defended the AIWF Continental Championship against Michigan’s Heavyweight Champion Aaron Orion. The original plan was to have this be a non title bout, however Real offered to put his title on the line. Orion was asked to do the same, but declined stating that “Real isn’t on Orion’s level.” For most of the match Samson Real found himself on the mat taking a beating that was hard to watch. He kept trying to come back, but Orion’s strikes kept him kissing the canvas for nearly 30 minutes. As Samson looked to be on his final stand, the crowd began to cheer loudly for him to keep fighting. Suddenly a burst of addreneline hit the mighty Samson and some how, some way, he scooped up Orion over his head and then dropped him straight down on his dome with a DVD. One strong cover later and a 1-2-3 and Samson Real took a W over the Michigan State Heavyweight champ Orion. After the match PPW Founder & Head Coach declared Samson the top contender and made a match between Orion & Real to be held THIS Saturday at Flint Iceland Arena. Get your tickets online now!

Tay Rizer Loses His Cool – Title Match Against James Alexander Ruled a DQ

After two months of all out war James Alexander and Tay Rizer met once again to find out who the best Cruiserweight in Michigan is. The match started off with Rizer taking early advantage, however a rookie mistake put him down on the mat with Alexander closing in to victory. With the crowd in his corner, Rizer mounted a late match comeback and looked to pick up a win, but Alexander had different plans. Alexander was hoping to get a DQ by striking Rizer with a belt. As part of his contract, any title match ending in a DQ warrants a rematch. Alexander had already ended the last two bouts intentionally for the opportunity to punish his young opponent. As he tried to get a DQ for a third time, Rizer moved out of the way picked up the belt and then blasted Alexander in the head causing the ref to call for the bell. Rizer didn’t get a win or vanquish his foe, but he did have the satisfaction of returning a long overdue favor. After the match fans in Saginaw were upset with the finish and were calling a restart with a “no DQ” stipulation added. As a result PPW’s Founder & Head Coach Xavier Justice made a NO DQ title match for THIS Saturday night November 2 at Iceland Arena. The the rule book being tossed out, Rizer & Alexander can finally have the war to settle the score. Tickets are available online now!

Michigan State Tag Team Title Match: The Destroyers Defeat Tenshi & Malice

The Destroyers used some questionable tactics to earn a victory over PPW legends Malice & Tenshi. With the former champions on a roll early on Freedom & Cobra had to break a few rules to get the job done. After the match they had no problem celebrating their win. With Tenshi knocked out after the bell, Malice carried her prone body off the stage, but not before making a decree that the fight between them and the Destroyers was “far from over.” Tenshi & Malice will be getting their hands on the Destroyers once again during round one of the PPW Tag Team Invitational to be held this Saturday at Flint Iceland Arena. To get your tickets simply click the event on PPW’s web site!

Alyx Gates Dazzles the Audience in Her Debut After a Win Over Manning

Cody Manning is one of the most decorated stars in PPW which is why he wanted to be the one to test newcomer Alyx Gates to see “if she belongs in this locker room.” Gates has competed in sports during her entire life and has excelled early in her career in wrestling. She is a champion for equality and in fighting Manning hoped to prove that woman can compete with men. Manning did not hesitate to bring his best offense against Gates. In fact, there were times in the match where the beating that Gates took was down right uncomfortable for some fans to see. Nevertheless, with the crowd in her ear Gates dug deep down inside and fought through the pain and discomfort and scored a submission victory over Manning. After the match PPW Founder & Head Coach Xavier Justice asked the crowd if PPW should bring Gates back, nearly 200 people answered with a resounding yes. No details have been released as to when Gates will return to PPW, however she hopes to be back soon. In the meantime Manning will dust himself off and shift focus to this Saturday’s event at Iceland Arena in Flint.

PPW Hall of Famer Chuck Wagon Falls to the Dark Lord Asmodeus

Fans were in awe as the Dark Lord Asmodeus made his debut in Saginaw after a long hiatus away from PPW. Asmodeus is a menacing figure standing 6’4 and weighing in at 250 pounds of muscle. In this true match up of Michigan monsters Chuck Wagon fought as hard as he could, but Asmodeus was just too much to handle. After winning the match Asmodeus looks to be in the hunt for a Michigan State Title. His next appearance in PPW comes on November 30th in Ferndale. Who will be the next to fall to the Dark Lord? Buy a ticket now to find out!

Mr. One Night Only Bites Off More than He Can Chew in Saginaw

Mr. One Night Only was the guest host of PPW’s Halloween Costume Contest. AEW star Luchasaurus casually entered the contest as well, but MR. One Night Only wasn’t having it. After a verbal altercation that lead to Mr. ONO declaring himself the winner of the contest, Luchasaurus took it upon himself to give Mr. ONO a choke slam! The AEW Star then awarded the winning prizes to three handicapable PPW fans and left the contest host in a pile at ringside. Realizing that Mr. ONO was also scheduled to wrestle, PPW’s Founder & Head Coach Xavier Justice ordered MR. ONO’s match to start off the show. Out came Nomad Founder Ace Evans to dish out even more punishment and defeat. Mr. ONO clearly had a terrible Halloween. He’ll be licking his wounds going into Flint Iceland Arena this Saturday night. Meanwhile Ace Evans is riding high as his Nomad team looks to be a top competitor in the first ever Tag Team Invitational.

The Brothers Grey Fail the Time Lock Challenge

“Michigan’s Miracle Man” Father Time returned to Saginaw for the first time in many years to host the Time Lock Challenge. The upstart tag team of The Brothers Grey took it upon themselves to be the ones to step up to the task hoping that breaking the hold would help get them some attention. Both Jheras and Jimmy went into the challenge full of confidence but that confidence was shattered after Time tortured them for 30 seconds a piece. After the challenge was failed The Brothers Grey decided to try to attack Time which lead to even more pain and sorrow at the hands of Time. As Father Time says, “its a crime to mess with Father Time.” Now The Brothers Grey find themselves in a precarious position as tag team partners to Father Time this Saturday night in Flint. Buy a ticket to see what happens next!

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