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BREAKING: TV Star to Appear at Pure Pro Wrestling’s MonsterVision at Saginaw’s Pit & Balcony Theatre

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

For Immediate Release

On Saturday, October 26, 2019 Pure Pro Wrestling (PPW) will host an action-packed night of pro wrestling at the Pit & Balcony Theatre located at 805 N Hamilton St, Saginaw, MI 48602. PPW’s MonsterVision is a family – friendly event that will feature 2 hours of action packed entertainment featuring the Heroes & Villains of Pure Pro Wrestling. PPW is the largest pro wrestling company in the state of Michigan featuring over 50 live events per year in destinations all across the Great Lakes State. There will be plenty of suplexes, sleepers, clotheslines, and body slams as Michigan’s best pro grapplers invade the squared circle.

MonsterVision: Kongo Kong And Luchasaurus

Impact Wrestling’s Kongo Kong with AEW Star Luchasaurus in the same show. The two most dominant monsters in pro wrestling will meet in the first ever MonsterVision. Kong is a 6’4 350 pound giant who can crush a common man with his bare hands. His opponents are often blindsided by his deceptive agility combined with his God like strength. Luchasaurus is a 6’5 240 pound prehistoric powerhouse who wants nothing more than to drop Kong like a bad habit. While Kong has been featured destroying his opponents on Impact Wrestling TV over the past year, Luchasaurus recently made his International television debut on AEW Dynamite shown weekly on TNT. This MonsterVision will be an event for the ages! Don’t miss two international superstar monsters appearing for the first time inside the squared circle courtesy of Pure Pro Wrestling! Get your tickets now!

Champion VS Champion: Aaron Orion VS Samson Real

Aaron Orion is the reigning and defending Michigan State Heavyweight Champion. The US Army Veteran in the leader of the Death Threat Army and currently holds several championship belts from companies across the US and Canada. His opponent Samson Real is a former Michigan State Tag Team Champion and the recent recipient of the AIWF Continental Championship after defeating Nick Xero in Flint. Both men are ultra athletes who represent the city of Flint.

Aaron Orion calls himself “The Vehicle City Villain,” a name that he earned after turning his back on the fans by ordering a DTA strike attack on PPW Founder & Head Coach Xavier Justice. With Justice being injured, the newly crowned Continental Champion Samson Real came to aid of Justice and vowed to fight for the honor of the companies founder and the city that Orion turned its back on. On Saturday, October 26 in Saginaw, Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Aaron Orion will put his reputation and title on the line as he takes on the AIWF Continental Champion Samson Real in a huge title bout with major implications for several upcoming events.

Will Samson Real walk away a double champion or will Orion prove to Pure Pro Wrestling that he is the ultimate alpha? Buy a ticket to see this match at the Pit & Balcony Theatre online right now!

Tay Rizer’s Health is a Major Concern Going into Cruiserweight Title Bout with James Alexander

Veteran pro wrestler James Alexander is locked in a quest to become the Michigan State Cruiserweight Champion, but not before destroying the current champ Tay Rizer in the process. Alexander has taken exception to the popularity of young Rizer and as a result has made it his mission in life to destroy his career.

At the last PPW event in Flint, Alexander intentionally disqualified himself in a match for the title with Rizer. Fans couldn’t understand why Alexander would seemingly throw his chances for the title away by getting the DQ. Then Alexander revealed that his iron clad contract states that “all title bouts involving James Alexander must result in a clean decision (pinfall, submission, or KO) in order for a top contender status to be rendered invalid.” In simple terms, Alexander can get himself disqualified as often as he like and still be granted a rematch. For Rizer, the frustration is boiling over. After already defeating him once in Holly, Rizer was baited into a rematch in Flint which lead to the revelation by James Alexander.

When the two top Cruiserweights in Michigan step into the ring on October 26 at the Pit & Balcony Theatre Tay Rizer will not be 100%. His opponent James Alexander is expected to be in top physical condition. With a weakened Rizer defending the title the odds are stacked against him. The question remains...will James Alexander go for the win? Or will he get himself disqualified in order to inflict more damage? Buy a ticket to find out!

Michigan State Tag Team Title Match: The Destroyers Defend Against Tenshi & Malice

The Destroyers have been an absolute force to be reckoned with over the past few months. After winning the Michigan State Tag Team Titles in a 6 team ladder match, Cobra T.A. & Freedom Ramsasy have been on a path of destruction that’s resulted in several impressive title defenses. They will have their hands full as they face the legendary duo of Malice & Tenshi, both decorated multiple time champions. Tenshi is a martial arts master who attacks opponents in their most vulnerable areas. Malice is a 6’4 240 pound power house who is tougher than rawhide. When these four grapplers meet on October 26 in Saginaw, fists are going to fly!

Gender War: Cody Manning VS Alyx Gates

Are men and women really equal? Should men and women compete against one another? All these questions will be answered and more as Cody Manning takes on Alyx Gates at the Pit and Balcony Theatre in Saginaw on October 26. Manning has made bold claims that women “have no business in pro wrestling or sports in general. Instead they should be cooking, cleaning, and serving distinguished men.” Alyx Gates is a newcomer to Pure Pro Wrestling. The match with Cody Manning will be her first in PPW. What drew PPW Officials to sign Gates was her willingness to compete outside of her gender. Other women athletes in PPW often compete against men and Gates willingness to do so along with her championship potential made her an attractive prospect to sign. Gates will be put to the test as she takes on Manning, a multiple time champion who’s a world traveled competitor.

PPW Hall of Famer Chuck Wagon to take on the Dark Lord Asmodeus

They say Halloween is a night made for ghouls, goblins...and dark lords. Perhaps that is why its fitting that on October 26 at the Pit & BalconyTheatere in Saginaw, the “Dard Lord” Asmodeus will rise from the depths to take on PPW Hall of Famer Chuck Wagon as part of the biggest Halloween wrestling event in the state of Michigan. Asmodeus stands 6’3 and weighs in at over 240 pounds...the man is a certifiable monster. However his opponent Chuck Wagon is a 350 pound wrecking ball with 20+ years of experience under his suspenders. Don’t miss this Super Heavyweight Clash at MonsterVision on October 26! Get your tickets today!

Once Again into the Breach: Mr. One Night Only VS Ace Evans

Ace Evans is the founder of The Nomads, an outlaw group of brawling wrestlers who do what they want, whenever they want. Love them or hate them, The Nomads have a knack for drawing tickets, winning championships, and creating controversy wherever they go. “The Big Bad Wolf” Ace Evans is not a fairy tale creature, in fact he’s quite the opposite. Evans may be the most dangerous man in Pure Pro Wrestling because with the snap of a finger his Nomad brothers will not hesitate to leave a path of destruction, no matter what the consequence. And if his brothers can’t get the job done, Evans is plenty capable with his own two hands.

Mr. One Night Only is a fearless wrestler who has zero hesitations about laying his life on the line for a chance for glory. Over the past year PPW fans have witnessed some of the most death defying matches ever seen and Mr. One Night Only has been at ground zero for nearly all of them. It doesn’t matter if its tables, ladder, chairs, kendo sticks, or a stick of dynamite, Mr. One Night Only will not back down. Evans and Mr. One Night Only have been at each others throats for months, now they look to settle the score by heading into the breach that is MonsterVision at Saginaw’s Pit & Balcony Theatre on October 26.

At 5:30pm the doors open for VIP guests. VIP ticket holders receive the best seat in the house, poster, an in-ring meet & greet w/ Luchasaurus and the Heroes and Villains of PPW, and access to a special VIP Eyes Only match at 5:45pm! At 6pm doors open for general admission leading up to the bell time of 7pm. T&T Authentic Mexican taco truck will be parked outside, concessions available inside and alcohol available for those 21 & over.

Advance tickets start at just $15. VIP Stage Seating is available! Tickets may be purchased below, or at the door. VIP seating is limited; fans are encouraged to purchase in advance. Fans can also find more info or inquire about tickets by following us on




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