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New Year’s Knock Out Event Recap – Dec. 31 2019

Updated: Jan 17

Pure Pro Wrestling(PPW) finished their most successful season of their near 20 years of business by producing what is being called a mega show at Mount Hope Church in Grand Blanc, Michigan. PPW celebrated its success and rung in the new year with over 300 faithful fans! Check out the match results and amazing moments from New Year’s Knockout!

Hannah Henderson Loses Second Straight to Tenshi

Hannah Henderson joined PPW’s training program as a Junior Grappler in early 2019. Hannah’s talent and passion for the ring stood out early to her coaches at the PPW Development Center at Flint Iceland Arenas. After a few months of training she was invited to join adult classes although she was only 17. After months of practice Hannah got her time to shine and she quickly became a sensation in the eyes of the PPW faithful. In just a few weeks Henderson will have her 18th birthday and officially make the transition from Junior Grapplers to the PPW Future Contenders division where she hopes to flourish. However standing in her path to success is the veteran grappler and martial arts master “Warrior Princess” Tenshi.

No one knows why the Tenshi, a former AIWF World Women’s Champion requested two matches with the much younger and inexperienced Hannah. Tenshi refuses to speak in interviews so we’ll never get a straight answer from her, therefore we’re left to speculate as to why she’s shown an interest in Hannah Henderson.

In their first match in December of 2019 Tenshi made Hannah tap out with her own version of the Dragon Sleeper. When the two met on New Year’s Eve Hannah had another shot at Tenshi, but was overwhelmed early in the match by Tenshi’s tactful attack. At one point Hannah was so overwhelmed by Tenshi that she nearly walked away from the match, but the PPW faithful wouldn’t allow it! The crowd began to chant for Hannah and before you knew it she was back in the ring and on the attack. This time something was different. Hannah found herself giving more than she took and she nearly took a pin fall from Tenshi several times. Tenshi ultimately found a way to get the victory, but not before taking a substantial amount of abuse.

After the bout Tenshi helped Hannah to her feet and bowed to her thanking her for a well contested match. Tenshi values honor in combat above all else and her display of sportsmanship was amazing to witness. Now Hannah will look ahead to the Future Contenders division where she hopes to work her way up the ladder, meanwhile Tenshi will return to Gideon Malice’s side in hopes that they can once again become Michigan State Tag Team Champions.

James Alexander Wins Second Triple Threat in Row to Remain Cruiserweight Champion

The PPW Faithful may have noticed a certain familiar individual on WWE programing over the past month. There’s no need to adjust your TV sets, your eyes do not deceive you, yes you have been watching the Michigan State Cruiserweight Champion James Alexander making cameo appearances on WWE’s flagship shows on live TV and the WWE Network. Although his name is often changed for TV to protect his championship image, Alexander must be impressing someone in the world’s largest wrestling company because as of late he’s been featured more than any other local talent in the Midwest.

Needless to say after making numerous WWE appearances and enjoying a taste of finer things to come, Alexander returned to Pure Pro Wrestling with a pompous attitude. The Cruierweight Champion was in top form as he defeated two of Michigan’s top cruiserweights in Mr. One Night Only and Tay Rizer. At this point Alexander feels like he’s untouchable and he feels that he is unequivocally the best cruiserweight in the world. Alexander continues to train hard in hopes of a WWE contract, but in the mean time PPW is blessed to call him champion. Even if that means putting up with his arrogant and ultimately regal like nature.

James Alexander’s next scheduled bout will be at Flint Iceland Arenas on Saturday, February 1. Tickets are available online at www.pureprowrestling.net or at the door!

Samson Real Pins Manning to Retain the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship

Samson Real picked up yet another huge victory in a title defense against “The Big Deal” Cody Manning at New Year’s Knockout. Going into the match Manning had the advantage due to his 15 years of experience and extensive list of championships on his resume. Manning went right at the chiseled champion from the onset. He broke every rule he could and at one point he even enlisted the help of his tag team partner Mr. One Night Only. And yet, despite all the odds stacked against him, the resilient champion Samson Real just wouldn’t give up and he certainly wasn’t going to stay down. Real took the very best Manning had to offer and then fended off Mr. One Night Only to some how find a way to hit a DVD that was enough to keep Manning down for the three count. A win over Cody Manning gives the young Champion another feather in his camp as he’s well on his way to putting together an impressive reign as Michigan’s Heavyweight Champion. You can catch both Samson Real and Cody Manning on Saturday, February 1 at Flint Iceland Arenas. Tickets are available at www.pureprowrestling.net or at the door.

The Destroyers Dominate Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron in Tag Team Title Match

If the love and adoration from the fans was enough to win a match, Zach Gowen and Gregory Iron would be the new Michigan State Tag Team Champions. The impressive crowd of over 300 people gathered on New Year’s Eve to check out PPW’s New Year’s Knockout. Each one of the PPW Faithful in attendance was firmly on the side of the Handicap Heroes who were challenging The Destroyers for the Tag Team Titles. However despite having their hopes up, reality set in and the ultra athletic duo of Freedom Ramsay and Cobra TA put on a tag team clinic and essentially dealt Gowen and Iron a vicious beat down. There were plenty of moments of hope for Gowen and Iron, but the Destroyers had an answer for every offensive attempt that the Handicap Heroes made. In the end the dominant champions picked up a win and put another notch on their tag team belts. The Destroyers victory adds to an impressive nearly year long run as champions. Cobra and Freedom don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon as they have been destroying every team in their path. Could the Destroyers be the most dominant tag team Michigan’s ever seen? Find out for yourself when they wrestle again on February 1 at Flint Iceland Arena. Get your tickets online at www.pureprowrestling.net or at the doors.

Father Time & The Grey Wolves Make Amends Over Common Enemy

Sometimes in life we get off on the wrong foot with people for one reason or another. The Grey Wolves are a hungry young tag team training at the PPW Development Center with high hopes of fortune and championship adventures. When presented with an opportunity to make a name for themselves at the expense of the multiple time champion Father Time, Jimi & Jheras Grey didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. They tried to take out Time, but their plans backfired and they were taught a very rough lesson by Michigan’s Miracle Man. After moving on from poor strategy with Time they decided to take aim at the most dominant group in PPW, The Nomads. Without hesitation they went after the Nomads with full force, but the numbers are too great and the odds not in the young Viking descendents favor.

On New Years Eve the Nomads had an opportunity to win $1000 a piece if they could break Father Time’s Time Lock. Many people have tried to break Time’s version of the Full Nelson, but no man or women has had success. The Nomads gave it their best attempts, but failed miserably in front of a large crowd at Mount Hope Church in Grand Blanc. The Nomads hate losing and took exception to the crowds response and as a result violently attacked Father Time. The Grey Wolves weren’t scheduled to wrestle, but saw their enemies attacking Time and decided that this was the time that the great Viking god Oden had laid an opportunity before them to vanquish their enemies while making amends with a great man that they had wronged.

Jimi & Jheras Grey took to the ring like animals as and went right for the throats of The Nomads. Father Time couldn’t believe that the Grey Wolves were at his side. The brothers apologized to Time and offered to be his partner against the Nomads in a six man tag team match. Time didn’t hesitate to take them up on the offer and then suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of an impromptu tag team bout!

For much of the match The Grey Wolves and Time dominated The Nomads, however their leader Ace Evans had some tricks up his sleeve and were able to steal a victory away from Time and the Wolves. After the match Time gave a heartfelt speech about the power of forgiveness and the blessings God had bestowed upon him to be able to survive multiple strokes, beat cancer several times, and to be able to wrestle despite his age and blindness. He inspired many in the audience to believe that life has so many possibilities and that forgiveness is important to practice.

Time’s next scheduled match will be on Saturday, February 1 at Flint Iceland Arenas as he takes on “Nasty” Nick Xero for the vacant Continental Championship. His opponent Nick Xero is a cagey veteran who plans on having his Manager Jack Kelly in his corner as an insurance policy. Meanwhile the Grey Wolves will take on the newly formed team of The Great Nokken and the “Apprentice” Kaneki. These two menacing athletes are the new pupils of the “Dark Lord” Asmodeus, the 6’4 240 pound monster. Asmodeus has named his new found brotherhood The Second Death. Although his purpose for forming this new group is not clear, it may have grave consequences for the Grey Wolves.

The Fro Gun Gets a Controversial Victory Over Gideon Malice’s

At New Year’s Knockout two of the top independent wrestlers in the nation went one – on – one in a titan like clash. The Fro Gun is a 20 year veteran who’s traveled across the world winning championships, his opponent Gideon Malice is the longest reigning Michigan State Heavyweight Champion of all time. The match started out with Fro Gun trying to get in the mind of Malice, but the mind games didn’t pay off as the record setting grappler controlled the match early on. Suddenly the tables turned when Malice made an easy mistake and ended up crashing into the turnbuckle post giving Fro Gun time to recover and start his own attack. Fro Gun went after the surgically repaired shoulder of Malice and nearly got a victory several times. Fro Gun grew frantic with every kick out and was nearly beaten when Malice came back on the attack, but in the end the Fro Gun pulled a foreign object from his tights and smashed Malice in the dome while the ref was distracted to pick up the 1-2-3. Although Malice was defeated his words of encouragement and personal life testimony after the match provoked many to tears. The mighty Malice gave everything he had and it was because of that the fans still stayed with him despite losing the match.

The Fro Gun will return to PPW later this season, meanwhile Malice will be at Flint Iceland Arena on February 1 to team with Tenshi & Dylan Derringer to take on the Nomads. Tickets are available at www.pureprowrestling.net or at the door.

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