• Xavier Justice

Nick Xero Costs Tank a Junior Grappler Match

One can only imagine as to what reason Nick Xero would have interfering in a Junior Grappler match. What could he possibly get out of squashing a teenage boys dream? “Nasty” Nick Xero, the reigning Continental Champion has, for the second time in two months, caused Tank to lose a match. Tank is one of the most popular young wrestlers in PPW and is one of the nicest kids you’ll ever meet and has done absolutely nothing to warrant this behavior from a grown man.

Nevertheless, the Nasty one has continued to bully young Tank. After losing his match, Tank declared that Xero is “next” on his list to receive a spear. The question remains, will he try it on Xero this April 4th at Flint Iceland Arenas? Buy your ticket to RETROSLAM now to find out. Click the link for tickets: prowrestlingatitsfinest.ticketleap.com/retroslam/

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