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Nomads Issue Warning to Xavier Justice

Updated: Mar 5

Last month Nomad Club Director Donahue posted a video on the Nomad Facebook page essentially calling out PPW’s Founder & Head Coach Xavier Justice. Apparently over the course of the past year, Donahue’s disdain for the way Justice has been running PPW has grown to the point where Donahue has actually called out the Hall of Famer.

Justice has not responded, however many in the PPW locker room are not surprised to find out that after calling out the boss, The Nomads find themselves scheduled to face The Second Death on March 7th at Flint Iceland Arena. Sources inside the locker room claim that many wrestlers feel the Nomads being made to face the Dark Lord Asmodeus, Kaneki, & The Great Nokken is a form of punishment. The Nomads declined to comment on the making of the match.

The question remains will Justice respond to the blatant disrespect by the Nomads? Did Justice make the 6 man tag team match as a form of punishment? Get your tickets today and find out!

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