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Pure Pro Wrestling Comes To Ferndale, MI – November 30 2019 – Event Card

Mr. One Night Only to Pull Double Duty on Birthday – Signs to Compete in Boxing Match & Wrestling Match in Same Night

Mr. One Night Only is pushing the boundaries of physical limitation as he signs two separate contracts to compete in 2 vastly different fights on November 30th in Ferndale, Michigan. Fans know Mr. One Night Only as the over-the-top entertainer who’s always outlandish and dripping with confidence. The only negative thing about confidence is that some times it can get you in over your head and with the news of this unprecedented double header, many will be left wondering if Mr. One Night Only has done just that. Let’s talk about what he’s getting himself into.

Fight 1: Boxing Exhibition VS Professional Boxer & Detroit area native Tyrone “Poison” Ivory

Boxing is often referred to as the sweet science however there will be nothing sweet in the ring on November 30th as Tyrone “Poison” Ivory steps into the ring with the sole intention of knocking Mr. One Night Only out. What started as internet beef has quickly escalated into a full fledged exhibition boxing match that is sure to be an unfriendly competition. Ivory is an accomplished pro boxer from the Detroit area who took exception to Mr. One Night Only’s downplaying of boxing when compared to pro wrestling. On the flip side, Ivory thinks pro wrestlers are “...Walkin and talkin jokes in wearing ladies tights...” Mr. One Night Only believes that wrestlers are far more talented and tougher than any boxer “in the history of ever.” He says “boxers need months to prepare for fights that barely ever go the distance, meanwhile wrestlers perform as much as 300 days a year while traveling countless miles.” Ivory issued the challenge to Mr. One Night Only after a social media skirmish and the two look to settle the score in a good old fashioned game of fisticuffs.

Fight 2: Wrestling Match VS Nolan Edwards

After picking a fight online that resulted in a boxing match, Mr. One Night Only couldn’t help but to 1 up himself as he signed yet another contract to compete against Nolan Edwards on the same night he’s boxing Ivory. Nolan Edwards got his start in pro wrestling by training at the PPW Development Center located at Iceland Arenas in Flint, Michigan. Shortly after making his debut he quickly became one of the most in demand wrestlers in the state of Michigan. He’s athletic ability and resilience in the ring paired with his larger than life personality created the perfect recipe for today’s wrestling fan. Since debuting at PPW Edwards has performed for several promotions across several states. He now works behind the scenes for Impact Wrestling while continuing to train and compete on the independent circuit. Edwards will be making his way from Nashville to take on Mr. One Night Only with the intent “to shut Mr. One Night Only up and give him the worst birthday of his life.”

Can he pull it off? Stranger things have happened on live wrestling events in the past, but time will tell if Mr. One Night Only has the wherewithal to take on two exceptional athletes in two vastly different combat sports in one epic night. To see the triumph or failure unfold before your very eyes, you MUST buy tickets to this event! Remember, seating is limited at the Ferndale FOP where the fights are scheduled to be held. Don’t be left standing out in the cold on November 30th, get your tickets online today!

The Nomads (CJ & Road Rash) W/ Ace Evans VS Tenshi & Malice

Former Champions Clash in Tag Team Action – Malice & Tenshi Take on the Nomads

Fresh off a round one victory in the PPW Tag Team Invitational the Nomads look to continue their winning streak by defeating the team of legendary PPW grapplers Tenshi & Gideon Malice. CJ Anderson has been on a roll since returning from suspension. He’s help to lead the Nomads to some monumental victories in October including picking up a huge win against Impact star Kongo Kong. Anderson will team with Road Rash w/ Nomad founder Ace Evans in their corner giving orders and if necessary, busting heads. The Nomads will have the tough task of taking out martial arts master “Warrior Princess” Tenshi who has no issues with competing against men twice her size. Her lighting fast counter attacks and mysterious mist are threats that no man can properly prepare for. Her partner Gideon Malice has earned the nickname “Lion of the Concrete Jungle” after his uncanny 2 year reign as Michigan’s Heavyweight Champion. Fists will be flying as two of the top tag teams in independent wrestling go to war in Ferndale on November 30th. Get your tickets online today!

The Destroyers VS One Big Night (Cody Manning & Dylan Night) w/ Mr. One Night Only

1 Big Night to Challenge The Destroyers for the Tag Team Titles

After making a successful debut this past November 2nd One Big Night will be in tag team action challenging Freedom Ramsay and Cobra TA of The Destroyers for the Michigan State Tag Team Titles. “The Big Deal” Cody Manning was paired with Mr. One Night Only & Dylan Night in the PPW Tag Team Invitational. Dylan Night was not happy with the pairing and even refused a high five after the trio won their round 1 match against a team of PPW Future Contenders. With the event on November 30th being a celebration of Mr. One Night Only’s birthday, he pulled a few strings with PPW Officials and got partners Manning and Night a shot at the champs.

Cody Manning is a multiple time champion who has competed and coached overseas. Dylan Night is a 20 year veteran who has also spent time competing, coaching, and producing wrestling over seas. Although the two grappler greats don’t get along, the pairing is essentially a dream team putting two of PPW’s finest wrestlers together to challenge the most dominant tag team champions in recent history The Destroyers. If Manning & Night want to dethrone Ramsay and Cobra, they’ll need to be on the same page, and even if they do manage to work together it still may not be enough to beat the red hot champions. Freedom Ramsay is the complete package. He’s ultra athletic, in amazing shape, moves like a cruiserweight and yet has the strength of a heavyweight. His partner Cobra TA is an experienced multiple time champion who is one of the few true heavyweight’s competing in Michigan today. Who will prevail? Buy a ticket now to November 30th in Ferndale to find out!

Lord Asmodeus VS Tay Rizer

The Dark Lord Asmodeus Vows to Destroy Tay Rizer in Ferndale

In a true David VS Goliath battle super heavyweight “The Dark Lord” Asmodeus returns to PPW to give for former Cruiserweight Champion Tay Rizer his gravest challenge to date. Fresh off losing the Cruiserweight title in a ruthless No DQ match against James Alexander, Rizer looks to prove what he’s made of by requesting to fight one of the top heavyweights in the Midwest. Rizer believes that he’s more than a top cruiserweight and feels that by defeating a heavyweight he “can silence the haters.” Lord Asmodeus stands 6’4 and weights over 240 pounds. This brooding villain brings his unholy offense to the ring with one thing in mind...inflicting pain. Asmodeus is known all over the Midwest as being one of the top big men and his nearly 20 years of experience will be tough to overcome by the young wrestler Tay Rizer. Asmodeus has appeared on several matches for Ring of Honor and he has held multiple titles in top independent companies across the nation. Can David defeat Goliath? Buy a ticket now to November 30th in Ferndale to find out!

Michigan State Heavyweight Title Match: “The Frogun” D-Ray 3000 VS Samson Real

Samson Real Makes his First Title Defense Against Impact Original D-Ray 3000

Fresh off his huge over DTA’s Aaron Orion, the new Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Samson Real will be making his first title defense against the 20 year veteran “The Frogun” D-Ray 3000. Samson Real is a Flint, Michigan native who is young, athletic, and seemingly chiseled from stone. His positive attitude and bright smile along with amazing in ring ability has made him a hero in the eyes of the PPW Faithful. After vanquishing his foe Aaron Orion he now looks to tango with one of the original members of TNA that helped to put the company now known as Impact Wrestling on the map. “The Frogun” considers himself to be wrestling royalty and is the self proclaimed “baddest man in wrestling.” His larger than life character combined with his high caliber of in ring ability makes him a formidable opponent for Real. When The Frogun found out Samson Real won the title he took exception to his win because he feels that he’s the best wrestler in the state of Michigan. On November 30th in Ferndale, PPW fans will get to find out! Get your tickets online today!

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