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Orion End’s Malice’s Two Year Title Reign -- PPW Crowns a New Michigan State Heavyweight Champion

On Saturday, July 19th in front of a hot Flint Iceland Arena Crowd Aaron Orion defeated Gideon Malice in an Iron Man Match. After months of warfare, the two top professional wrestlers in the state of Michigan went toe-to-toe one last time to settle the score, once and for all. Gideon Malice’s name has officially hit legendary status as his two year reign goes down in history as PPW’s longest and most dominant title run in the 15+ years the company has been around.

For Orion, defeating Malice is the culmination of years of hard work, hustle, and grind. Orion trained under PPW Head Coach Xavier Justice over a decade ago and got his start in PPW. After becoming a Tag Team Champion with the now retired Evan Epic, Orion decided to leave wrestling and serve his country by joining the Army. After serving as an artillery infantryman he decided to get back into the ring and take his talents on the road where he’s spent years winning championships around the Midwest, deep South, and Canada. Now after all these years his journey comes full circle as he captures the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship in what could be the best match in the history of PPW.

After the match, in a true act of class, Malice took the championship from the referees hands and personally awarded it to Orion, but not before shaking his hand and looking him in the eyes as a man. Malice embodies what a champion should aspire to be. In two years of defenses he never once turned down a fight. It didn’t matter if he was injured, sick, or if he was mourning the loss of loved ones...Malice still showed up, on time, boot laces tight, always ready for the ring. Deep down PPW fans and wrestlers alike all knew that Malice couldn’t be defeated by just anybody. It had to be someone special, someone worthy of carrying the PPW torch, someone with class and humility...someone with honor.

The stars were aligned just right for Aaron Orion to come from behind down 2 falls and win in 30 minutes of hell that is the Iron Man Match. Despite being battered and nearly broken, after surviving falls to the floor, a suplex on a pile of steel and wood chairs, and mortar like strikes and slams from the 6’4 240 pound Malice, Orion dug his toes in deep and willed himself to become the new champion. Malice gave Orion everything he had, but Orion just wouldn’t be denied. Strike by strike, slam by slam, Orion inched his way closer to victory and in the final seconds he secured the go ahead pin fall that cemented his name in the PPW record books. It is official wrestling fans...Aaron Orion is your NEW Michigan State Heavyweight Champion.

DTA’s Celebration Destroyed by the Turncoat Karam

After an amazing 30 minute Iron Man Match, the leader of the Death Threat Army(DTA) Aaron Orion celebrated winning the Michigan State Championship with his his DTA brothers Alex Weir, Jack Price, Adam Wick, Tommy Vendetta, & Karam. The fans at Flint Iceland Arena where ecstatic after witnessing what many are calling the match of the year. For Orion, the moment was special, for the DTA brotherhood, the moment was sacred. And then disaster struck...

DTA’s muscleman Karam showed his true colors and proceeded to destroy every single wrestler in the ring. Weir went flying, Vendetta slamed through the mat, Wick nearly had his head taken off, Price was destroyed, and new Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Orion was knocked unconscious. Karam took the title and the microphone and declared that he’s only in wrestling to win titles and make money. He used DTA to get opportunity and exposure and now that they have served their purpose its time to step out of the shadows and take over. After the event, DTA declined to comment about the betrayal and attack. The championship celebration DTA had planned was canceled due to the injuries sustained.

As we approach the half way point in the Summer PPW has never been hotter! With the rivalry between Malice & Orion coming to a close and Karam showing his true colors, fans are expecting Orion to return the favor. Stay tuned to PPW Online for more details as this story continues to develop!

DTA’s Athleticism on Full Display While Defeating Cody Manning & The Destroyers

The Death Threat Army returned to PPW in full force as Alex Weir, Jack Price, & Adam Wick combined efforts to defeat The Destroyers & the Michigan State Cruiserweight Champion Cody Manning. The athleticism and unique offense displayed by DTA dazzled the fans at Flint Iceland Arenas. Cobra T.A., Freedom Ramsay, & Manning held their own throughout the contest, but a few mistakes resulted in a flurry of explosive offensive combinations that became the deciding factor in the 6 man tag team contest. Adam Wick got the final pin on the champion Manning. For months Wick has been trying to beat Manning for the title but has come up short each time. Although the pin didn’t get him the title, it was sweet revenge for all the times Manning cheated to win. With Orion as the new Heavyweight Champion, DTA looks to be ascending the PPW ladder and hopes to continue to ad championships to the fold.

Vendetta Picks Up the W in Singles Competition Against Karam

Two of PPW’s ultimate athletes went head-to-head at Flint Iceland Arena this past Saturday Night. After nearly 10 minutes of hard fought wrestling, Vendetta picked up a win by stacking Karam on a school boy pin. The first time Vendetta wrestled Karam he lost and was sent home with a concussion, the win at Attack of the Titans evened the score. Word on the street is that fans want to see these two stallions tango again. Will PPW book this match soon? Stay tuned to PPW Online to find out!

Bad Blood Boils Over: Karam Releases the Wahash & Betrays DTA

Tommy Vendetta & Karam were both initiated into the Death Threat Army within months apart of each other. Together as brothers the two ultra athletes turned the heads of every promoter in the Midwest. Their hard work and commitment to the DTA cause helped to elevate the faction and as a result DTA has essentially become the most in demand pro wrestling entity in the Midwest. Although the group has been successful, when a group of ultra athletes get together, there’s bound to be competition and inner squad rivalries; a true bi product of getting a group of alpha males trying to work together.

When Karam first came on the scene everyone across the nation thought that he would be next big thing in wrestling. Thirsty promoters drooled over his promo pictures and major companies let him skip ahead in line. The sky seemed to be the limit for Karam, but then disaster struck. Karam sustained an injury to his knee in a match outside of PPW which resulted in major surgery and a torturous road to recovery. While Karam was on the sideline for nearly a year trying to recover, Tommy Vendetta started to get the attention that Karam once had. Before long Vendetta was emerged in the spotlight by regional companies across the Midwest and Canada. As Karam watched his fellow DTA member receiving the opportunities he once had bitterness and jealousy reared its ugly head and a dark cloud settled over Karam. Combine that with frustration, fear for his career, and painful physical therapy... one can easily see how Karam’s soul began to become corrupted. His recovery was once fueled by passion and love of the sport, but his motivations changed as his heart turned dark.

When Karam returned from injury it was quiet and didn’t have much fanfare. There was no grand celebration or hype video, he was cleared, he was booked and he returned to competition. Although he looked like a million bucks and had no residual effects from the injury, the attention he once had was no longer there. During the time he was away, PPW dramatically changed its roster and now features an entire lineup of ultra athletes and amazing pro wrestlers. Karam was now one of many thoroughbreds running the PPW race. To make matters worse for him, the once top contender was forced to start at the very bottom of the ranks. Ultimately this rocked Karam to the core, but he never showed it to his fans or to his brothers in the Death Threat Army. Instead he kept it instead and it ate at his soul like a cancer. While he appeared happy for his brothers on the outside, deep down the anger, hated and resentment began to brew.

When PPW booked Karam & Vendetta to wrestle each other a few months ago Vendetta thought he was going into a friendly competition with his DTA brother. He expected to wrestle, not to fight. Karam didn’t see it that way. Instead of wrestling, Karam used the match as an opportunity to vent his anger and frustration. It was a way to manifest how he felt inside while proving to the world that he was better than Vendetta. Karam wanted the spotlight back on him and he had no issue getting it at the expense of a man he called a friend. To his defense Vendetta didn’t show up prepared for a fight and as a result Karam unleashed a vicious attack that resulted in an easy win and a Vendetta concussion.

When Vendetta came to and realized what Karam had done he vowed to get revenge...brother or not. DTA’s leader Aaron Orion wanted them to settle their score like men and as a result a match was made this for this past Saturday night. This time Vendetta knew what he was walking into and he came prepared. Karam gave it his all, but Vendetta used his mat skills to score a pin instead of going for the knockout. Vendetta thought the argument had been settled like men, little did he know that the pin fall he scored would be the final straw for Karam’s fleeting control.

Later that night after DTA’s leader did the impossible and defeated Gideon Malice in an amazing Iron Man match. All the members of DTA were in the ring celebrating with their fearless leader, all except Karam. Instead Karam made his way out last even opting to play his theme music. What happened next shouldn’t be a surprise to the fans reading this, but to the brotherhood that is DTA, it was truly an unexpected and unforgivable moment in time.

When Karam took to the ring, he smiled and shook Vendetta’s hand making him believe that the heat between the two was water under the bridge. Then he congratulated Orion for his title win by giving him a warm embrace. Orion squeezed him right back taking comfort in thinking that Karam’s beef with Vendetta had been squashed. The group relaxed and went back to celebrating Orion’s historic win...All part of Karam’s master plan. As the members of DTA were on the turnbuckle hyping the crowd, Karam’s smile tuned to a crazed look and then IT happened. All the rage he had stored inside for a year was released into the world and for the first time PPW fans saw what Karam had become...The Wahash. Something that is more monster than man. As a result Karam unleashed destruction on DTA and subsequently destroyed Wick, Weir, Price, Vendetta, and the new champion Orion. The ultimate act of betrayal was followed by a declaration that Karam was only in this business for himself and that he fully intends on defeating Orion and becoming the champion. The crowd jeered him, but Karam clearly doesn’t care about the PPW fans or the men he once called brothers. In this story there is no happy ending. Karam has changed, his heart has been blackened, his soul has been soured. In Arabic “wahash” loosely translates to “beast or animal.” For Karam “The Wahash” is a state of mind that took form and possessed a man who once had a heart of gold. “The Wahash” Karam has been UNLEASHED...may God have mercy on us all.

Jack Kelly Stops Nick Xero from Losing the Continental Title

When you think of a pro wrestling manager you think of someone who talks and talks, but when a fight breaks out they’re usually the first to head for the hills while their client is left to fend for themselves. Licensed Manager Jack Kelly is a rare exception to the usual suspects because when everything’s on the line, Kelly is willing to put his body on the line for his clients. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Kelly is the ultimate advocate for his wrestlers. Since signing Nick Xero, a veteran wrestler and coach at PPW he’s helped push Xero all the way to a Continental Championship. Prior to Kelly’s guidance Xero thought his best days were behind him, but now he’s showing fans that he’s got plenty of fight left in the tank.

When it was announced that the Continental Title was to be a 24/7 rules belt Xero became a walking target anywhere he goes. This past Saturday night in Flint, Xero was supposed to face Father Time, however an illness kept him from competing. Xero was planning to taking the night off, but some of the wrestlers had other plans. With his backed turned, Mr. One Night Only dashed to the ring, nailed his “Starstruck” move and pinned Xero to take the title. Suddenly Road Rash of the Nomads hit the ring and nailed a move on One Night that kept him down for a three count making Road Rash the new champ. Then out of no where Tay Rizer struck down Road Rash to get a pin and become the new champion. As Tay celebrated, Xero came to and rolled up Rizer to take the title back. And just when Xero thought he was safe, out of the corner of his eye he saw a blur coming his way. Luckily Kelly saw that blur before Xero and quickly realized it was Junior Grappler sensation Tank barreling full speed ahead looking to spear Xero’s life away. Without hesitating Kelly pushed Xero out of the way and took a giant spear from Tank that caused them both to crash to the mat.

When the dust settled, Xero was able to hightail it out of town with his championship reign in tact thanks to Kelly being willing to sacrifice his body for his client. When asked to comment about the actions of Tank, Kelly stated that his “new Junior Grappler client The 24 Karot Kid will take care of Tank the first chance he gets.” With Xero narrowly escaping several wrestlers many wonder how long he can keep the title. Stay tuned to PPW Online to see what happens with the Continental Championship next!

Grappling for Gavin – PPW Heroes & Villains to Visit 9 Year Old Suffering from Cystic Fibrosis

For over 15 years PPW has taken pride in helping others. Over the years PPW has worked hand in hand with non profits, civic organizations, military organizations, and schools to touch the lives of thousands of Michigan residents. This Thursday the Heroes & Villains of PPW will visit the Sparrow Hospital in Lansing to bring comfort and joy to 9 year old Gavin, a young man fighting cystic fibrosis. PPW has recently partnered with the CF Fighters to help Michigan citizens with cystic fibrosis. The Michigan State Heavyweight Champion & AIWF World Woman’s Champion Heidi Katrina will lead other grappler greats to the room of young Gavin in hopes of cheering him up while giving him words of encouragement as he fights CF. To support the CF Fighters click the link here: https://www.facebook.com/CFFIGHTERSMI/

The UK’s Heidi Katrina Becomes New AIWF World Woman’s Champion

It was truly an international affair as three of the top woman wrestlers in the world competed in a Triple Threat Match for the AIWF World Woman’s Championship. “Warrior Princess” Tenshi the martial arts expert from the Far East held the title for over a year with several amazing title defenses under her belt. Newcomer Max the Impaler left her friendly abode in the US Wastelands to bring her particular brand of carnage to the mix. However it was the experience, resiliency, and conditioning that British bombshell Heidi Katrina possesses that was the deciding factor in the match. After 10+ minutes of back and forth action with no woman taking a firm lead, Katrina was able to drop get rid of Tenshi and pin Max the Impaler to capture the prestigious AIWF World Woman’s Title. After the match Heidi bowed to Tenshi to show respect for her impressive reign as champion. With tears in her eyes and a smile on her face she thanked the fans in attendance and from around the world. Heidi will be defending her title on August 10th in at Flint Iceland Arena. If she is successful she’s scheduled to defend the title in Japan, Mexico, Europe, and South Africa. To see Heidi Katrina live, but tickets at www.pureprowrestling.net

The Nomads Survive 5 of the Top Wrestlers in PPW – Contender’s Match Formed

The Nomads went toe-to-toe with five of the best wrestlers in PPW and walked away victorious in their usual controversial fashion. Team VIP members MR. One Night Only & Dylan Night fought side by side with Giuseppe Colonna & The Real Rizers in hopes of shutting down the Nomads once and for all. After minutes of cheating from the Nomads and underhanded tactics being used to eliminate his team mates, Dylan Night snapped. The result was a steel chair crashing into the bodies of the remaining Nomad members. Night was thrown out of the match, but his steel chair attack allowed the remaining member of the team Mr. One Night Only to eliminate two Nomads and even the odds. Mr. One Night Only was left in the ring with one last Nomad, Donahue...a man known more for his mouth than his ability to fight. As One Night went to put Donahue away, Road Rash was able to sneak attack him with a weapon allowing Donahue to get the pin and the Nomads got the last laugh. After the match a fight broke out between the two teams which lead to the Nomads retreating. The Real Rizers got on the microphone to let everyone know that they were after the tag team titles. However, Dylan Night made sure to inform The Real Rizers that Team VIP wants the belts just as bad.

On August 10th at Iceland Arenas in Flint Township The Real Rizers will take on Team VIP in a Number 1 Contender’s Tag Team Match. The winner will earn a shot at The Nomads! Tickets are on sale now at www.pureprowrestling.net

Vendetta Rescues a Fan from the Grizzly’s Bearhug – Match Made for August

Grizzly House Jones is a PPW Hall of Famer, former Michigan State Heavyweight champion, and a retired undefeated bear wrestler. For over a decade he has squeezed the life out of his opponents and anyone who dared to take his infamous Bear Hug Challenge. This past Saturday night Grizzly issued the challenge to the fans in at Iceland Arena. A very large and muscular gentleman was hand selected by Grizzly, however despite his best efforts he could not break the grip. When the ref called for the bell, Grizzly smiled and squeezed even harder. He refused to let go despite the bell ringing and the ref calling or a break. After hearing the fans screaming in concern, Tommy Vendetta dropped what he was doing and raced to the aid of the fan and broke the grip. Vendetta proceeded to knock Grizzly out of the ring and call him out for his actions. As a result of the conflict, Vendetta is scheduled to face the man so big his mamma named him House on August 10th at Flint Iceland Arenas. Tickets are available now at www.pureprowrestling.net

Wrestling’s Rose Scores a Victory Over the Much Larger Great Lakes Grapplers

Two of PPW’s Development Center Students went 1-on-1 in a showcase bout this past Saturday night. “Wrestling’s Rose” Dylan Derringer is a high flying cruiserweight who stepped out of his weight division to take on the super heavyweight Great Lakes Grappler, a 6’3 250lbs mammoth of a man. The GLG took to to Derringer early, but Wrestling’s Rose was able to attack the knee of the GLG to even the score. When the dust settled Derringer scored a pin fall in front of the impressed Iceland crowd.

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