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Pure Pro Wrestling – February 1 – Iceland Arena – Meltdown: Extinction Level Event

Michigan State Heavyweight Championship Bout: “High Profile” Dylan Night VS “The Real Deal” Samson Real - Veteran Dylan Night Willing to Go to Extreme Lengths to Take Samson’s Michigan State Heavyweight Title

In professional wrestling championships are the pinnacle of every wrestlers career. Wins are nice, but the true affirmation of excellence lies in carrying the very physical representation of excellence; a championship belt. Being a title holder is something every wrestler strives for. Just like any other sport in the world, the motivating factors that drive every athlete is the chance to become a champion. For becoming a champion is the best way show the world that you’re the best at what you do. Being the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion is everything to Samson Real, PPW’s defending champion. Samson’s lifelong dream of becoming a professional wrestler was achieved over the past year, but simply being a wrestler just wasn’t enough. Samson wanted to win a championship and that’s exactly what he did. First it started with capturing the Michigan State Tag Team Championships with his life long best friend Tay Rizer. After a successful stint as champions, Samson earned the opportunity to challenge Aaron Orion for the most prestigious prize in the state of Michigan. Samson hit the ground running, defeated Orion and is now on his way to cementing a chapter for himself in the PPW history books.

On the other end of the ring is a 20 year veteran who’s love for the rich heritage of professional wrestling drives a never ending passion that is constantly fueled by the flames of championship dreams. Dylan Night has been all over the world competing for two decades against some of the finest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots. Night has held several championships, was a headlining star, trainer, producer, and Booker all during the span of his amazing career. Although Night has plenty of accomplishments on his resume and yet one thing has eluded him since he returned to pro wrestling one year ago...a PPW championship belt. No one has given more blood, sweat, and tears in the past year than Dylan Night. His Extreme Rules bouts with Mr. One Night Only were voted match of the year in 2019 by PPW fans. Night has put himself through the ringer for PPW, but no matter how big of a win he earned, he’s yet to become champion. This is Dylan Night’s shot. And maybe, just maybe, with a laundry list of injuries taking its toll on the aging warrior; it could be his final shot.

On Saturday, February 1 2020 Flint’s own Samson Real will put the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship belt on the line against a very hungry Dylan Night. Samson is quite possibly the best pure athlete PPW has ever seen, however Night knows every trick in the book and has a distinct advantage from the experience factor alone. It will be anyone’s fight as these two great grapplers lock horns in the main event. To get your tickets go to www.pureprowrestling.net.

Michigan State Tag Team Title Bout: One Big Night VS The Destroyers - The Destroyers Put the Michigan State Tag Team Titles on the Line Against One Big Night

After a thrilling victory to close out the finals of the Tag Team Invitational the team of Cody Manning & Mr. One Night Only have an opportunity to take home the Michigan State Tag Team Championships currently being held by Cobra TA & Freedom Ramsay of The Destroyers. The trio of Dylan Night, Cody Manning, & Mr. One Night Only formed a bond over three rounds of thrilling tag team competition and now as winners of that very tournament they stand poised to ride a tide of momentum into battle against the battle tested champions Cobra TA and Freedom Ramsay.

The Destroyers are right smack dab in the middle of one of the most dominant tag team title runs PPW has ever seen. These gifted athletes have been destroying PPW’s top teams including most recently the duo of WWE Alumni Zach Gowen & national wrestling star Gregory Irons. Ramsay and Cobra provide the perfect blend of strength, speed, and stamina combined with excellent leadership with Manager Jack Kelly at the helm.

If Vegas had odds on this tag team title fight it would be a tough bet because each team is of top caliber. Fans won’t want to miss this huge tag team championship match scheduled for Saturday, February 1 at Flint Iceland Arenas. Tickets start at just $6 and are available at the door or online at www.pureprowrestling.net.

Tag Team Bout: Kaneki & Great Nokken vs The Grey Wolves - Rising Stars Collide in Tag Team Action: Kaneki & Great Nokken Take on The Grey Wolves

PPW’s Development Center at Iceland Arena in Flint has produced some of the top talent in independent pro wrestling today. Over the past year many young stars have stepped up to the plate including the dark and brooding duo of Kaneki and the Great Nokken and resilient tandem of The Grey Wolves. On Saturday, February 1 these two young teams will meet in a match that could have serious implications for the tag team division. Get your tickets now at www.pureprowrestling.net.

Continental Title Match: Nick Xero VS Father Time - Giuseppe Colonna Forced into Retirement – Vacates Title – New Champion to be Crowned

PPW online has learned that on New Years Eve Continental Champion and beloved PPW wrestler Giuseppe Colonna suffered from a seizure in while sleeping. After being rushed to the hospital to undergo a series of test it has been determined that Colonna’s seizure was a result of serious head trauma and brain scarring sustained over years of rugby and wrestling. The announcement was made by Colonna via his personal Facebook a few days after the incident. Although Colonna didn’t have proper time to enjoy a long title reign, he did receive the honor to train with Coach Marty Jones from Squared Circle Academy in the UK while making his debut on the British independent wrestling scene. Colonna has agreed to vacate the Continental Championship, this past January 4th at Iceland Arena in Flint Township it was determined that Nick Xero & Father Time would be the top contenders after winning their respective top contenders bouts.

Although coming as a result of another wrestler’s tragic misfortune, the opportunity to win a championship means the world to Father Time. The aging grappler has earned the nickname “Michigan’s Miracle Man” after surviving 4 bouts with cancer and several strokes. He’s also the only blind pro wrestler in the world and his debut ten years ago set a record for the oldest rookie in the world! Time is a former Michigan State Heavyweight, Continental, and Tag Team Champion. Its been some time since Father Time has held the title and now that this opportunity is on the horizon he’s been training hard and praying for a favorable outcome.

“Nasty” Nick Xero will be lead by to the ring by his Manager and insurance policy Jack Kelly. Xero has already had a long stint with the Continental Title only recently losing it to Colonna in Ferndale this past December. Since Xero lost the title Manager Jack Kelly has vowed that “Xero will get his property back.” Kelly also claims that Xero’s always been the rightful champion and his loss was a mere fluke.

Father Time and Nick Xero will be busting out the heavy artillery come Saturday, February 1st at Iceland Arena in Flint Township. Bother wrestlers are willing to lay it all out on the line for the right to be Continental Champion. With Kelly in his corner, Xero looks to make short work of Time, but if anyone knows about Time then they should know to never count Michigan’s Miracle Man out. To get tickets to the event purchase online at www.pureprowrestling.net. We’ll see you at ringside!

6 Person Tag Team Match: The Nomads VS Tenshi, Dylan Derringer, & Gideon Malice - Backstage Brawl Results in 6 Person Tag Team Match – Nomads VS Tenshi, Dylan Derringer, & Gideon Malice

PPW Online has learned that a backstage brawl broke out this past January 4th at Flint Iceland Arena between the Nomads and Tenshi, Dylan Derringer, and Gideon Malice. According to a statement released by PPW’s President of the Championship Committee Scott Brand, “Eyewitness accounts point the finger at the Nomads for instigating and provoking Derringer to defend himself do to fear of bodily harm. After a vicious 3 on 1 assault by the Moe Evans, Road Rash, and Ace Evans of the Nomads Gideon Malice and his tag team partner Tenshi stepped in to deescalate the situation.” Brand adds that he “would rather see them work their differences out in the ring.” As a result of the situation PPW has booked a match between the six wrestlers involved. For the fans that means one heck of a 6 person tag team match!

The Nomads are an outlaw band of brawlers who love to break rules and break jaws. They are hands down the most decorated group of wrestlers in PPW, however they will have the tall task of defeating the legendary duo of Malice and Tenshi, both former champions. Gideon Malice holds the record for longest reigning Michigan State Heavyweight Champion of all time. His record of two years may never be broken. His partner Tenshi once held the AIWF World Women’s Title for a year and a half! These two teams are no strangers to one another, but you add the young lion Dylan Derringer into the mix and anything can happen.

Although young in the game, Derringer has built himself quite a reputation after several strong showings against some of PPW’s finest wrestlers. What Derringer lacks in experience he makes up in sheer will power as he’s been known to sacrifice his body for the sake of victory. Derringer’s fierce nature comes from overcoming bullying as a child. Wrestling was used as his escape and now as an adult he’s on a mission inspire others who have experienced the trauma he faced. The Nomads are known bullies and according to reliable sources they tried to push Derringer around backstage. Derringer didn’t back down despite the 3 – on – 1 odds. The Nomads attacked from every direction an if Malice and Tenshi had not intervened Derringer would be in the hospital.

This bully bustin’ 6 person tag team match goes down Saturday, February 1 at Iceland Arenas in Flint Township. Pick up tickets online at www.pureprowrestling.net or at the door. Tickets start at only 6 bucks. We’ll catch you soon at ringside!

Non Title Match: Cruiserweight Champion “Perfection Personified” James Alexander VS “The Specialist” CJ Otis - Michigan State Cruiserweight Champion James Alexander to Make Appearance February 1 at Iceland Arena

Whether you love him or hate him James Alexander is the top cruiserweight in the state of Michigan today and he’s got the championship belt to prove it. Fans can’t stand his the way he brags about himself and talks down to other people. Alexander has one of the best physiques in all of wrestling, he’s a championship athlete, and he fathered three babies in one fell swoop and yet you will not find one humble bone in his body. Alexander believes that he truly is Perfection Personified and he will not hesitate to tell you why. Despite his less than desirable character traits, in the ring he’s as good as they come. This world class wrestler was trained in WWE Developmental in Florida, has one multiple titles across the United States, and is regularly used on WWE programming such as Raw, Smackdown!, & 205 live. Alexander has been on the top of his game since capturing the Michigan State Cruiserweight Championship a few months ago.

Fans can expect to see Michigan’s Cruiserweight Champion on Saturday, February 1 at Iceland Arena in Flint Township. Tickets are on sale now at www.pureprowrestling.net. We’ll see you at ringside! We might even join in on the booing with you ;)

Legendary West Michigan Wrestler CJ Otis to Host Catch Wrestling Seminar at PPW Development Center

Catch wrestling is a classical hybrid grappling style and combat sport developed in Britain circa 1870 by J. G. Chambers. It was popularized by pro wrestlers on traveling circuits who developed their own submission holds, or "hooks" into their wrestling to increase their effectiveness against their opponents. Modern American pro wrestling was directly influenced and formed in part around these techniques. Learning genuine catch wrestling is an important resource for students of professional wrestling and other combat arts and sports.

PPW is proud to announce that the Development Center at Flint Iceland Arena will host a Catch Wrestling Seminar with Coach CJ Otis, a20 year veteran who is a black belt in submission fighting and skilled catch grappler. Otis was trained by UFC Hall of Fame Legend Dan “The Beast” Severn and has competed in amateur, catch, MMA, and professional wrestling over the years. Otis was also mentored by wrestling legend Sabu and has first hand experience competing overseas.

CJ Otis will be our Guest Coach for our Monthly Seminar with a Star hosted by the Pure Pro Wrestling Development Center at Iceland Arenas in Flint Township. The seminar will take place on Saturday, February 1 from 3pm to 5pm prior to the start of PPW’s big event hosted later that evening. His vast knowledge and incredible coaching ability makes this a huge opportunity for students of the fighting arts and professional wrestling. The seminar will feature 2 straight hours of genuine catch wrestling experience for the low price of $20. Students may sign up online or pay in person prior to the start of the session. For more information and to pre register visit www.pureprowrestling.net/training.

Future Contenders Battle Royal: Hannah Henderson, Tank, Bella Haze, Jaxon Stryker, Mason Kellar, Ryan Bradford - Future Contenders Battle Royal – One Rising Star to Get a Title Shot

The Pure Pro Wrestling Development Center at Flint Iceland Arena has been producing the top talent in Michigan for a number of years. PPW’s newest batch of rising stars have been working hard for their moment to shine and on Saturday, February 1st 2020 PPW will host a special Battle Royal for a chance to challenge for any of the PPW’s Championships that they meet the qualifications for.

Meet Our Future Contenders:

Hannah Henderson – Over the past year Hannah’s hard work and perseverance has turned her into one of PPW’s most popular young stars. She works out each and ever week at the PPW Development Center and is extremely motivated to achieve her dreams of becoming a successful pro wrestler. Hannah is hungry to prove herself and would love to challenge AIWF World Woman’s Champion Heidi Katrina. A win in this Battle Royal would give her the opportunity to do so.

Mason Kellar – A young man who entered PPW’s training program while in high school. Kellar is passionate about pro wrestling and is a true student of the game. When he isn’t in the ring training he’s watching footage and learning from past greats of the squared circle. Inside the ring he’s focused and intense. Winning this Battle Royal could make his dreams of becoming a champion come true.

Ryan Bradford – This young matt technician is a promising prospect who’s been training for a year at at the PPW Development Center. At 6’2 his lengthy frame and lightning fast feet make gives him an advantage over many of the athletes in the Battle Royal. Bradford is a striker and matt wrestler who isn’t afraid to stand toe -to – toe with anyone no matter what the size.

Jaxon Striker – The former Masked Grappler has been unmasked to reveal his true identity and intentions as he navigates his new found career in pro wrestling. Standing 6’3 and weighing 250 pounds, Stiker is a true heavyweight and is the largest competitor in the Battle Royal. Striker is free off a victory over fellow Future Contender Mason Kellar and hopes to continue his winning streak by becoming a top contender.

Bella Haze – This young lady can be seen at ringside managing Father Time and serving as guest interpreter at PPW live events. Haze has been training w/ PPW for quite some time now and has finally mustered up the courage to cross over through the ropes and step into the squared circle as a competitor for the very first time. Haze will be making her in ring debut and hopes to find a way to win so that she may have a chance to one day become a AIWF World Woman’s Champion. If Haze should manage to survive her fellow Future Contenders she will indeed qualify to challenge Heidi Katrina, our current champion and resident stretch artist from the UK.

Tank – The 14 year old Junior Grappler standout had his life changed when he joined the program at the PPW Development Center. Tank was once a shy kid who was picked on for his physical limitations at school, but after a year of competing in the ring he became one of the most popular young stars in PPW and he was voted Homecoming Prince at Goodrich High School! Although he’s very young, he’s quite literally man sized and has been foaming at the bit for an opportunity to wrestle adults. Tank’s Coaches Xavier Justice and Cody Manning were hesitant to allow him to compete in the Battle Royal due to the risks associated with competing against adults, but both Tank and his father Tank SR. believe that he is ready to go. If Tank wins the Battle Royal, he plans on challenging the Continental Champion.

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