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Pure Pro Wrestling Live - Holland, MI Match Recap

Fans are Calling PPW’s Presentation of Joey Ryan Salute to the Troops the Event of the Year

If you missed Pure Pro Wrestling at the Holland VFW on May 18th, you missed quite possibly the best event of the year! From top to bottom the card was stacked, the stakes were high, and Joey Ryan did not disappoint! Fans in attendance an amazing night packed full of amazing memories they’ll never forget! From the Chikara Invasion turned Dance Party to the 5 Star Classic between Aaron Orion & Tommy Vendetta, PPW delivered in a BIG way. It’s a good thing that 2019 is far from over because PPW will have plenty of chances to top this event. If you missed it…we’re feel so sorry for you. We’ll cheer you up with a quick recap and invite you to join us to our next shin dig on June 1 at Flint Iceland Arenas!

The Ringside Review of Pure Pro Wrestling’s Joey Ryan’s Salute to the Troops

Fans Sing Happy Birthday to Jack Verville After his Tap Out Victory Over Mr. One Night Only

It was a birthday Jack Verville will never forget after the entire Holland crowd joined host Xavier Justice in singing Happy Birthday to Mr. Ground & Pound. At first Verville’s birthday celebration looked to be in jeopardy as Mr. One Night Only controlled most of the match. The offense he dished out was methodical and brutal, yet Verville persisted through the pain. After very close call near fall, Mr. One Night Only became frustrated with the in ring Official and began arguing that the match was over. This gave Verville an opportunity to regain his composure and deliver a Flatliner into an impressive submission that gave Mr. One Night Only no choice but to tap out or risk injury. After the match the crowd joined Xavier Justice in serenading Jack Verville with the birthday song, meanwhile in the ring Mr. One Night Only plead his case to the Official, but he refused to change the call. Verville reportedly celebrated the rest of his night with some of the fans in Holland. A true token of appreciation shown by the loyal fans in Western Michigan.

Mr. One Night Only at Odds w/ PPW Officiating & Management After Questionable Call in Holland

On May 18th in Holland, Michigan Mr. One Night Only faced Jack Verville in a Cruiserweight Clash for a chance to challenge for the cruiserweight title at a later date. Mr. One Night Only controlled most of the match by using a vast array of strikes and brutal moves. Towards the end of the match Mr. One Night Only landed move and went for a pin. The official call was a two count, however it was very close and Mr. One Night Only felt that it should have been a three. Instead of accepting the decision he argued with the official which gave time for Verville to regain his strength and submit his opponent. After the match Mr. One Night Only cussed the official out calling him nearly every name in the book. This prompted PPW officials to remove Mr. One Night Only from the locker room. The rumor going around the office is that PPW is considering fining Mr. One Night Only for his actions after the match and in the locker room.

Mr. One Night Only doesn’t believe he’s done anything wrong and that fans and PPW Management should understand his “totally justifiable reaction to having the worst ref in the history of pro wrestling.” Mr. One Night Only has informed PPW Online that he is filling a complaint to PPW’s management and asking that the company “retrain its referees to count to (explicative phrase) three.” When asked about his feelings regarding PPW possibly issuing a fine to punish him for his actions after the match he stated that he will “find the toughest lawyer in Michigan and sue the company for every penny its got.” Mr. One Night Only feels that he’s being treated unfairly and feels that he’s being discriminated against because others are jealous that he’s “a pro wrestling treasure and 190 pounds of pleasure.”

The question remains, will PPW fine Mr. One Night Only? Will PPW review the official call from the match and change the decision like Mr. One Night Only is asking for? One thing is certain, the controversial finish in Holland could blow up to be a huge fiasco for PPW. Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.

Tank & Drake Pick Up a Win Over The Overtaker & The Twisted Kid in Holland Junior Grappler Action

The Overtaker & Twisted Kid put on a great showing against Tank & Drake, but they weren’t able to pull off the victory. The four kid match witness by the fans in Holland was a demonstration exhibition that showcased the Junior Grapplers, a one of a kind kid based training program featuring ages 5 to 17. The Junior Grapplers train weekly at Flint Iceland Arenas. The Overtaker & Twisted kid singled out Drake and looked to have the match all but wrapped up, but suddenly Drank flipped, landed on his feet and forced Taker and the Kid to collide. Drake his a fast and furious combo of splashes, The Overtaker stopped him in his tracks, then Tank smashed them all in the corner. After some more action Tank fought a double choke slam attempt and then hit the ropes to deliver a double spear. This allowed Drake a chance to hit the top rope and deliver a devastating Frog Splash that spelled W for the little man. The bout had all the fans in Holland impressed and cheering. To sign up for the next session of Junior Grapplers visit www.pureprowrestling.net.

The Nomads Defeat Adam Wick & Max Morrison with the Help of Fan

The Nomads are PPW’s notorious outlaw band of bikers who do what they want when they want. As hard PPW management has tried to control them, The Nomads run rough shot over the tag team ranks. For the Nomads there’s strength in numbers and brotherhood. The Nomads run with a pack of five, but the fan base is state wide. Prior to the match CJ Anderson issued a warning that everyone should be afraid of the Nomads because “Nomads are everywhere.” He proved this statement to be true after a fan got up from his chair and slipped a weapon to CJ Anderson. That same weapon was used to win the match after it was smashed into the head of Max Morrison. It all happened so fast that fans didn’t know what to think & PPW staff couldn’t prevent it. The mysterious fan returned to his seat like nothing happened and for the rest of the evening quietly enjoyed the show. Wick & Morrison wanted the fan ejected and understandably so, but with so many people packed into the VFW, PPW management chose to defuse the situation, return him to his seat and have security watch him for the rest of the night. With the Nomads using a plant in the audience, many wrestlers in the locker room worry that this incident will create a bad precedent that could have some very dangerous implications. Wick & Morrison have vowed revenge, the question remains, when Nomads are seemingly everywhere, will they ever get it?

The Real Rizers Retain the Tag Team Titles Against Malice & Tenshi

PPW’s Michigan State Tag Team Champions the Real Rizers went toe to toe with the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Gideon Malice & the AIWF World Women’s Champion Tenshi. In this Champions VS Champions tag team match both teams went back and forth. The Real Rizers singled out Malice early on, but he and Tenshi returned the favor as they did the same to Samson Real. Eventually Real was able to make a tag and both he and Tay Rizer delivered a series of epic offense that nearly got a pin. It was at that moment that Jack Kelly decided to try to get involved. He slipped Tenshi something and the next thing you knew green mist was spewing out of her mouth in the direction of Tay Rizer. Somehow Tay was able to move out of the way and the mist went into the eyes of Malice. Samson saw an opportunity and clotheslined him over the ropes out of the ring. Tenshi went to check on her partner and while she was distracted Tay rolled her up and Samson added some extra pressure to get the pin fall. A win over both champions is huge for the young tag team champions as they move on to the busy summer schedule. The Real Rizers next title defense is on June 1 at Flint Iceland Arenas. Get your tickets now at www.pureprowrestling.net

Aaron Orion & Tommy Vendetta Go to War

The fans in attendance in Holland this past May 18th witnessed a 5-star performance from Tommy Vendetta & Aaron Orion. The match was a preview match for PPW’s newest brand of pro wrestling called Battle Tested. The new brand features Armed Forces Veterans VS Armed Forces Veterans. Tommy Vendetta & Aaron Orion have been signed to that roster and the match they were involved in was a preview for what fans can expect at PPW’s first Battle Tested event on June 8th in St. Johns, Michigan. When these two stallions stepped in the ring is was Army VS Marines, the pride vs the fall. After nearly 15 minutes of jaw dropping action it was Orion who got the pinfall after a devastating double under hook pile driver. Both competitors shook hands after the match much to the delight of the fans in attendance. After the match it was safe to say that the future of the Battle Tested brand is in good hands. Fans who buy tickets to see Battle Tested on June 8th in St. Johns may have a chance to see a Vendetta VS Orion rematch. Both men are entered into the Ruck of Champions, a four man tournament with winner facing Gideon Malice for the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship in the final round.

Chikara Dazzles the Crowd in Holland & Starts an Epic Dance Party

For over a decade the stars of Philadelphia based Chikara have dazzled audiences world-wide with their one of a kind unique presentation of professional wrestling. The wrestlers of Chikara are like heroes and villains from a comic book leaping from the pages. Chikara’s in ring performances are nothing short of incredible and they proved that point in Holland on May 18th as they mesmerized the fans in attendance with their incredible display of action, suspense, and comedy. It was Team Rudos featuring Still Life & Bobby Constellation being directed by the veteran Ophidian against Team Technicos which featured the beautiful Solo Darling and her mates Razor Hawk & Boomer Hatfield. For nearly 15 minutes both teams went back and forth delivering incredible offense and counter offense. In the end Team Rudos pulled out the victory, but they’re celebration was cut short by PPW’s very own rudos, the Nomads. It looked like the Nomads were going to send Chikara home with a few bumps and bruises, but that was until Ophidian used his snake charming magic to hypnotize the Nomads. Suddenly “Uptown Funk” blasted through the speakers and before we knew it was had a Chikara Dance Party in a PPW ring! The crowd went wild as the luchadores and the Nomads strutted their stuff. After the dance party ended PPW announced that the stars of Chikara would return to Holland on October 19th to compete in the first ever Chikara VS PPW event! Tickets are on sale at www.pureprowrestling.net

Depsite Having his Hands Full During his Match w/ Joey Ryan, Cody Manning Retains the Cruiserweight Title

Joey Ryan made his highly anticipated return to Pure Pro Wrestling in front of packed house at the Holland VFW. The crowd was electric and loved every second of the main event featuring Joey taking on Cody Manning for the Cruiserweight Title. Manning let it be known early on that he’s the “top gun” of PPW and didn’t back down from Ryan. After some hilarious antics from both Manning & Ryan, the defending champion took control of the match. Ryan looked to be in serious trouble as he lie prone on the mat. However, it was some quick thinking and a well-placed body party that spearheaded a comeback from Ryan that lead to a devastating “modified suplex” that nearly knocked Manning out for the count. As Ryan looked to finish Manning off there was a lighting fast counter and suddenly Ryan found himself on the receiving end of a school boy roll up. Manning grabbed the tights for leverage and stole the 3 count and lived to defend the Cruiserweight Title another day. After the match Manning took his title and left, but Joey stayed to thank the crowd for supporting the troops with him. A true testament to the fact that despite his hairy and oiled up exterior, Joey Ryan has a heart of gold…and pants full of dynamite.

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