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Pure Pro Wrestling News Brief 6/5/19 - Battle for the Blind Results

The Junior Grapplers Perform First Feature Length Card – Fans Want More!

The Junior Grapplers made history as they performed in their first ever full Junior Grappler Only Pre Show. “Team JG” presented a full card of 5 matches with finale tag match on the adult show later in the night. At first fans in attendance didn’t know what to think, after all PPW is the only pro wrestling company in the world to feature a kids division of pro wrestling. The Junior Grapplers dazzled the crowd with an awesome array of classic pro wrestling technique mixed with comedy much to the delight of the fans in attendance. The Junior Grapplers are still accepting students ages 5 to 17 for the Summer session. Sign up now at www.pureprowrestling.net.

  • “The Monster” Rampage def. Repentless

  • The Director of Destruction def. The Lone Wolf

  • El Vera Cruz def. Kaneki

  • Revved Up Ralaigh def Sargent EJ

  • The New Ryott Squad (Rage, Mr. Hollywood, “The All American” Jett Jenson, & Ryott) def.

  • Heavy Artillery (“The Global Flyer” Drake, Tank, & The Overtaker

Match Recaps:

“Perfection Personified” James Alexander Destroys Wrestling’s Rose

The 20 year veteran James Alexander showed why he’s “Perfection Personified” after a near flawless victory over “Wrestling’s Rose” Dylan Derringer. The experience and technical mastery of Alexander was on full display as he dissected the rookie. Derringer showed a lot of fight and he never gave up. There were even a few small moments where he looked like he had a fighting chance, but Alexander is on another level and he was able to force Derringer to tap out. A great outing by Alexander and a tremendous learning experience for Derringer. Now Alexander looks at the PPW title picture as he was quoted by PPW Online after the event as saying that “I will be taking some time to myself to train to become the champion I know that I am. When I return I will be coming for all the titles. Until then, I hope this company can survive without me.”

The Nomads Outnumber Team VIP & Hand Them a Loss

The newly formed tag team of Mr. One Night Only & Dylan Night is a friendship forged after both men nearly destroyed each other in a series of brutal wrestling matches. After surviving each other, both men earned a mutual respect for one another which turned into a friendship. They have taken the house name of Team VIP and they were put to the test for the first time in a Handicap Tag Team Match against nearly the entire Nomad crew. Team VIP held their own for as long as they could, but the numbers got the best of them and PPW’s resident bad guys picked up the 1-2-3. Next month Team VIP will join forces with the “Italian Submission Machine” Guiseppe Colonna & Steven “Daredevil” Murdoch to take on CJ Anderson, Ace Evans, Moe Evans, & Road Rash. The Nomad enforcer Pickles the Clown is expected to be in their corner as well.

The Real Rizers Take Out the Destroyers to Keep the Tag Team Titles

In a very closely contested contested Tay Rizer & Samson Real defeated Cobra T.A. and Freedom Ramsay. The two teams were neck & neck through most of the chance, but the explosive offense of the Rizers put Cobra T.A. on the mat for the three count. After the match it was clear to see that the score has not yet been settled, and although the Real Rizers are still the champs, The Destroyers will be breathing down their necks. There’s been no word as to whether or not the two will meet again soon, but rest assure that they will collide again in the near future. With Cobra & Freedom out of the way The Real Rizers look ahead to the next defense on June 22 in Plymouth, Michigan. Information regarding their opponents will be available on PPW social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twiter). Use the handle @ppwpower to get all the up to date information about The Real Rizers next tag team title defense. Order tickets for June 22 in Plymouth to see Samson Real & Tay Rizer in person at www.pureprowrestling.net.

Jack Kelly & Tenshi Help Nick Xero Become the New Continental Champions

The Continental Championship Battle Royal ended in controversy as Father Time was unceremoniously dumped out of the ring by Nick Xero to lose the Continental Title. The match featured 12 men including the 250lbs Great Lakes Grappler, a surprise return by Nolan Edwards, and multiple time Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Grizzly House Jones. During the course of the bout Nick Xero spent more time hiding under the ring than being in it. Father Time did his thing and got rid of everyone in the ring and just when he thought he won, Xero came from behind and attacked. At first Xero’s plan backfired as he nearly got eliminated, but Tenshi & Kelly were there to lend a helping hand along the way and the final result was an angry crowd at Iceland Arena as Nick Xero proudly hoisted his new title high above his head. Xero, a 15+ year veteran and Coach at PPW’s Development Center has breathed new life into his career and now with the help of Licensed Manager Jack Kelly he’s a part of a winning team that also features the AIWF World Women’s Champion Tenshi. The Kelly Clan is one belt richer and whether the fans like it or not, he’s the new PPW Continental champ. The good news for angry fans is that Xero will have to defend the belt on July 13th at Flint Iceland Arena against the former champion Father Time. Time has vowed to “bring the reckoning” and wants “everyone to know he ain’t playing around.” Sources close to Father Time revealed that Time hasn’t been this angry since Rutherford B. Hayes was elected president. Now that Jack Kelly is representing 2 champions he won’t shut up about it! In post match interview with PPW Online Kelly was quoted as stating that “The Kelly Clan is taking over Pure Pro Wrestling one championship at a time. I’ve got Tenshi who’s got the big belt and now Xero is champion of an entire continent. That’s what Jack Kelly brings to the table.”

Vendetta Suffers Concussion in Loss Against Karam

Two of the finest athletes to ever train at the Pure Pro Wrestling Development Center went toe-to-toe in an all out war that left Tommy Vendetta lying punch drunk in the center of the ring. Both men unleashed a vicious display of offense during the course of 10 plus minutes of non stop action. The contest was close until Vendetta hit a series of strikes that put Karam on his back. With Karam dazed from the fighting fury displayed by Vendetta the match looked to be all but over, but suddenly Karam was able to hit a devastating Lariat that caught Vendetta in the jaw forcing him to crash to the mat, snap his head back, and knock him out long enough for a pin fall. After the match Vendetta was helped to the back by PPW medical staff and a full evaluation was conducted by certified medical professionals. The PPW medical team advised Vendetta to go to the hospital for further evaluation after exhibiting signs of a concussion. Sources close to Vendetta say that he declined to seek further medical evaluation stating that “he’d been through worse in the Marine core and he’s fine.”

On June 8th Vendetta will return to action with only one week or rest since his match with the brutish hulk Karam. Vendetta hopes to survive three other men in the first ever Ruck of Champions Tournament that has four armed forces combat veterans waging war for a chance to take on Gideon Malice for the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship in the event’s grand finale. To see Tommy Vendetta live purchase tickets to Battle Tested at www.pureprowrestling.net or at the door.

Karam will be in action again on Saturday, June 29th at the Pit & Balcony Theater in Saginaw. His opponent will be the multiple time champion and leader of the Nomads, Ace Evans. Karam is on a mission to destroy anyone in the way of becoming a champion. Get your tickets to see Karam in action at the web site link posted above or at the door.

Breaking News: Scott Brand Changes the Game - Continental Championship is Now Contested Under the 24/7 Rule

Inspired by our Connecticut counterparts, Pure Pro Wrestling’s President of the Championship Committee has made an official decision to make the Continental Championship defended under 24/7 rules. Read the full explanation in this press release issued by the PPW PCC:

“Effective immediately the Continental Championship is essentially up for grabs any time, anywhere 24/7. If you’re the champion, you’re always on the clock. That means if the champ is sleeping in room number 2 at the local Holiday Inn another wrestler may show up with a ref and win the belt. If a wrestler shows up with a licensed referee it becomes an official contest. It can be on the street, at church, at day care, or on the moon. I don’t care where or when. I’m just trying to send a message to guys like our current Cruiserweight Champion Cody Manning that these titles need to be defended on a regular basis. I’m tired of guys saying they need months to prepare for a title fight, the fans expect these belts to be defended. So as a warning to all the champions, if you don’t defend your respective title on a regular basis, I will make every title a 24/7 rule and you’ll never sleep and you’ll always look over your shoulder. I know this is going to cause controversy, but that’s why I was hired. I have a job to do and sometimes that means making big decisions. Now if I could only get the Nomads to use the tag team ropes I would be a happy man. Also, why doesn’t Iceland Arena serve Pabts? I’ll have to tackle that project next.”

Its safe to say that the acting President of the Championship Committee is out to make sure that fans get the best experience possible. Now that the Continental Championship is up for grabs 24/7 at any location, Nick Xero has a target on his back. Its like a modern day take on The Running Man, except Nick Xero is not as handsome as Arnold. The championship chase is on and all title matches will be posted on PPW’s social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Find us using the handle @ppwpower. Stay tuned!

Orion Pins Malice in Contender’s Tag Team Match

In the main event Aaron Orion and fellow DTA soldier Adam Wick went up against two of PPW’s top guns. Gideon Malice, the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion, was not happy to be paired up with the Cruiserweight Champion Gideon Malice, but nevertheless he went to war. The top contender’s to each belt came out the gates firing on all cylinders. It was fast and furious action as Wick & Orion dished out some highly innovative offense not seen anywhere else in wrestling. With Malice & Manning arguing at every step DTA’s smooth chemistry allowed them to control the match. Eventually the tables turned as Malice, the 2 year champion unleashed a series of devastating strikes and slams. As Malice tried to finish the job, Manning got under his skin and the two starting arguing giving Orion the opportunity he needed to deliver a powerful fireman’s slam that was enough to put Malice down for the three count.

Orion along with rest of the PPW locker room have been trying to pin Malice for two years and finally Orion showed the world that Malice is a man and he is a man that can be defeated. Now that Orion and Wick picked up the victory both men will challenge the champions of their respective division. Orion will face Malice in the ultimate test of time...The Iron Man Match on July 13th at Flint Iceland Arena. Adam Wick will go one-on-one with Cody Manning on the same night with the top light heavyweight prize on the line. Tickets to “Attack of the Titans” at Iceland Arena in Flint Township are available online at www.pureprowrestling.net.

PPW’s Waling Ordnance Adam Wick Looks to Become the Next Cruiserweight Champion

Mid Michigan native Adam Wick is walking proof that dynamite comes in small packages. This DTA soldier has been on the front lines with his fellow brothers trying to become the top dogs in PPW. Wick has been in the hunt for the Cruiserweight Title for several months. He nearly won the Clash of the Cruiserweights Tournament. A multiple event tournament that featured the top Cruiserweights in the State of Michigan. Wick made it all the way to finals only to lose a heart breaker to Big Bite Martinez. Now that Manning is champion Wick is on mission and “The Big Deal” is in his cross hairs. Wick gets his chance to dethrone Manning on July 13th at “Attack of the Titans” at Flint Iceland Arenas. To get your tickets to see the Walking Ordnance in action against Cody Manning go to www.pureprowrestling.net or purchase at the door.

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PPW fans don’t miss this chance to save big bucks this Summer at Flint Iceland Arena. PPW is now offering a special Summer Pass that will give you access to all three Summer events for one low price. You can now purchase your Ringside Row 1 VIP Summer Pass for only $60! VIP Floor Seating Passes are now only $40! Save yourself some money and pick up your Summer Pass Today. The offer is only good until July 13th. Order now at www.pureprowrestling.com. First 10 orders receive FREE VIP Lanyard Pass. Just show and go at the door for easy VIP access.

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