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Pure Pro Wrestling presents The Warrior’s Way – 3 Ring Pro Wrestling Spectacular

PPW will make history by producing the first ever three ring event in Michigan featuring the top Heroes & Villains of the squared circle. Fans can expect to see all out chaos with a touch of pandemonium with three wrestling rings in play at the same time!

Check out our awesome matches scheduled for The Warrior’s Way:

The Heroes and Villains of Pure Pro Wrestling

Main Event: 6 Team Ladder Match for the Michigan State Tag Team Titles

PPW takes pride in featuring the absolute best tag team division in Michigan. Over the past two years PPW has rebuilt the division to feature a blend of unique and gifted teams who are hungry to compete each and every match. The current Michigan State Tag Team Championships are being held by the legendary team of Gideon Malice & “Warrior Princess” Tenshi. Now they put their titles on the line in the most dangerous tag team match conceivable!

Malice & Tenshi – The Champs: Both wrestlers are decorated champions who have achieved legendary status in Pure Pro Wrestling. Malice held the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship for 2 years while his counterpart Tenshi held the AIWF World Woman’s Title for over a year.

The Destroyers – Cobra T.A. & Freedom Ramsay are two of the premiere athletes in PPW. The perfect blend of power and athleticism puts the decorated tag team in an excellent position to win the match.

The Nomads – W/ Ace Evans being out w/ an injury & CJ Anderson being suspended, PPW’s outlaw tag team will send Moe Evans & Road Rash to war for the tag team titles. Both Evans & Road Rash are no strangers to violent matches and may be a sleeper favorite going into the match.

Team VIP – Enemies turned friends, the veteran Dylan Night & his young tag team partner Mr. One Night Only are on a mission to show the fans that the tag team titles belong on their mantles. Night has 20 years of world traveled wrestling experience and his partner “Mr. ONO” has quickly established himself as one of the top light heavyweight’s in Michigan.

The Real Rizers – Clearly the fan favorite going into the match, Tay Rizer & Samson Real are two of the most exciting wrestlers in PPW. The fans love their energy and positive attitudes. Both wrestlers are in tremendous physical condition and are passionate about the fans. Can the Real Rizers “Rize Up” and get the belts?

DTA "Death Threat Army"– The most in demand brand will send two of its most athletically gifted wrestlers into war for the tag team titles. Fan can expect to see the combination of Adam Wick & Alex Weir who’s styles mesh well together. DTA has a great shot to become the next champions.

Tommy Vendetta VS Karam – Street Fight to Name a Top Contender

Tommy Vendetta and Karam have been tearing each other apart for months and now it all comes to a head. The stakes couldn’t be higher as the winner of this match will be next in line to challenge Aaron Orion for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title.

Warrior’s Way Elimination Bout for the Continental Title:

Nick Xero will put his title on the line against some of the top Heroes & Villains of PPW in the first ever Warrior’s Way Match. Each ring will feature two wrestlers. When the bell rings all three rings will be in play. Wrestlers may feel free to move about the rings at their discretion. There will be no disqualifications and falls may be contested over a pin fall, submission, or knockout. The last wrestler standing will be declared the victor and Continental Champion.

Xero’s challengers will be Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Aaron Orion, The Great Lakes Grappler lead to the ring by his manager Jack Kelly, “The Big Deal” Cody Manning, Giuseppe Colonna, & Dylan Derringer.

3 Ring Junior Grappler Rumble!

The Junior Grapplers are the only all kid wrestling division in America. They will be competing in the first ever three ring rumble! Don’t miss the action as the Junior Grapplers take center stage.

Future Contenders Tag Team Showcase: The Brothers Grey VS The Grappler Club

The Future Contenders are the up and coming adult students who train the PPW’s Development Cente at Iceland Arena in Flint Township. Jimi & Jeras Grey are a young and athletic duo who wants to make a name for themselves in PPW. The Grappler Club looks to be the next big team in PPW’s tag team division. With both teams being hungry for success, this is bound to be a good match.

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