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Pure Pro Wrestling Unleashes in August and September!

7 Days / 20 Events: Mandurance at the Genesee County Fair

From Left to Right: Mr One Night Only, Ace Evans of the Nomads, Aaron Orion, The Warrior Tenshi, Gideon Malice, The Real Rizers: Samson Real and Tay Rizer.

The legendary event known as Mandurance is back at the Genesee County Fair in Mt. Morris starting August 19th and ending August 25th.

For over a decade PPW has been one of the main attractions of the community fair that draws thousands of people over the span of an entire week. Wrestlers who participate in Mandurance are pushed to the limits of mind and body. As each suplex and slam starts to take its toll on their bodies, the wrestlers are pushed to pain and suffering that no man or women should have to endure. The wrestlers push their boundaries by choice because the honor & glory draws them in, but the never ending quest to be a champion is their driving force. In past Mandurance events fans witnessed some of the best rivalries, matches and moments in PPW history. This year Mandurance will feature a combination of PPW’s elite stars, students trying to forge a path to the main roster, new wrestlers trying to get a chance to show their worth, and for the first time ever the Junior Grapplers will join the fun. The best part is that the events are free with the price of admission to the fair. PPW performs Monday - Saturday at 5PM, 7PM & 9PM. Sunday at 5PM & 7PM.

The event is outdoors and is weather permitting. Limited bleacher seating is available, fans are encouraged to bring chairs or blankets.

The action is so incredible that many simply stand in the thoroughfare.

We're very excited and hope to see everyone at the fair!

Left to right: "The Wahash" Karam and Tommy Vendetta

The Warrior’s Way – 3 Ring Pro Wrestling Spectacular Comes to Flint Iceland Arena

History will be made as Michigan wrestling fans will witness the first ever 3 ring pro wrestling spectacular! You read it right...3 rings, the top pro wrestlers in the state of Michigan, and YOU the fan coming together in one epic night of action! Check out what’s in store for Michigan wrestling fans:

6 Team – 3 Ring – Tag Team Title Ladder Match

The best tag team division in the state of Michigan will be on full display as the Michigan State Tag Team Titles are hung from the ceiling dangling above 6 teams and three rings. Let’s meet the teams:

Team VIP: Enemies turned friends, Mr. One Night Only & Dylan Night nearly killed each other in a series of brutal matches at Iceland Arena. After the score was settled a mutual respect between the two. Mr. One Night Only trained at the PPW DC before debuting a year ago. Since that time he’s become one of the premiere Cruiserweight’s in Michigan. Dylan Night is a world traveled 20 year veteran who has done amazing things with his career. He’s been a main event performer, promoter, booker, and now serves as Coach & Talent Relations Director at PPW. Night’s experience with Mr. One Night Only’s tenacity make this team a force to be reckoned with.

The Destroyers: Cobra TA & Freedom Ramsay are two of the toughest wrestlers in PPW. Cobra TA is a multiple time Michigan Heavyweight & Tag Team Champion. Ramsay is a multiple time Tag Team Champion. Cobra’s size and power combined with Ramsay’s speed and agility creates a formula for one of the most successful teams in the game today. The other teams in this match will have to being their A game to take on The Destroyers.

DTA – Adam Wick & Alex Weir: Two of the most explosive athletes in PPW representing the Death Threat Army lead by Michigan’s Heavyweight Champion Aaron Orion. Adam Wick is the youngest of the group, but in a short time here in PPW he’s become one of the best Cruiserweights on the roster. Wick is like walking stick of ordinance. He’s prone to explosive combinations of kicks and high flying combat. His partner Alex Weir is a bonafide ninja assassin. Flat out, Weir has been training in martial arts for his entire life. Weir has competed and won in several martial arts tournaments across the world. Inside the ring he loves to use the ring as a weapon while dazzling the crowd with a vast array of martial arts influenced offense. These lethal weapons can do some serious damage, with a ladder in their hands the sky is the limit.

The Nomads: The rough and rugged outlaw band of biker baddies are one the most decorated group in Pure Pro Wrestling. For this match the Nomads have elected to send Road Rash & Moe Evans to wage war for the tag team titles. CJ Anderson is serving a suspension, Ace Evans is nursing an injury, and Pickles the Clown is barred from ringside. That leaves Evans & Road Rash with the tough task of climbing a ladder to retrieve the title belts while chaos ensues in the three rings below. Although these two brawlers are not the ladder climbing type, the lack of rules and allowance of foreign objects will play in their favor. Road Rash is the Nomad who’s in charge of keeping his clubhouse stocked with blunt objects and Moe has a championship history and has been in main event matches many times before. Don’t sleep on the Nomads during this tag team title bout.

The Real Rizers: Samson Real & Tay Rizer are homegrown talent from the PPW DC and after a year’s time have become fan favorites across the state of Michigan. At the time of press Rizer is the Cruiserweight Champion and his partner Real has shared success as one time Michigan’s Tag Team champs. After tasting success and holding the titles for a season The Real Rizers are hungry to be the top dogs once again. This athletically gifted duo will give 110% every time and on September 7th we’ll find out if “Flint’s Beatdown Boys” has the right stuff to take the titles home.

Tenshi & Gideon Malice: Two of the most dominant champions in PPW history have joined forces and now reign as the top tag team in Michigan. After spending two years as Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Malice looks to conquer the tag team division with help from former AIWF World Woman’s Champion Tenshi. Last month the Dream Team defeated The Nomads and at the time of press are the current holders of the Tag Team Titles. Going into the match the duo will have a target painted on their backs.

Top Contender’s Street Fight: “The Wahash” Karam VS Tommy Vendetta

Two of PPW’s superior athletes will lock horns at Warrior’s Way in a Vehicle City Street Fight. The winner of this match will go on to face Aaron Orion for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title. For several months Karam & Vendetta have been all over each other. What started as friendly DTA inner squad competition turned into a rivalry which eventually lead to Karam turning on DTA and declaring war against “The brand.” Karam is a 6’4 240 pound powerhouse who’s vast array of devastating slams is enough to break bones and rattle brains. His counterpart Vendetta is a tough-as-nails ex Marine who is willing to destroy his own body if it means taking out his opponent. There’s blood in the water and these two sharks are on the hunt. This match will be worth the price of admission alone!

6 Wrestler Warrior’s Way Match for the Continental Championship

Wrestling fans in Michigan will be treated to a three ring spectacular known as the “Warrior’s Way.” Three rings, 6 competitors, and the Continental Championship are going to be mixed together to create a master formula that spells high octane action for fans in attendance on September 7th at Iceland Arenas in Flint Township. Let’s break down how the Warrior’s Way Match up will work.

Warrior’s Way Rules:

  1. PPW has selected 6 of the top wrestlers in Pure Pro Wrestling to compete for the Continental Championship currently held by Nick Xero.

  2. The 6 wrestlers will be paired by random drawing in one of the three rings.

  3. The match will start with three singles matches taking place at once, however wrestlers may feel free to leave their respective ring and join another ring at any time during the match.

  4. The match will be No Disqualification with eliminations taking place via pin fall or submission. The final surviving wrestler will be declared the winner and be awarded the Continental Championship.

  5. The 24/7 Rules Stipulation for the Continental Title will be suspended until during the entire duration of the bout.

Meet the Competitors:

Aaron Orion: The current Michigan State Heavyweight Champion and leader of the Death Threat Army appears to be the favorite going into this match. As a US Army Veteran, Orion has the ability to thrive in any condition, the Warrior’s Way should be no exception. Orion recently snapped the 2 year title run of Gideon Malice and hopes to add a second belt to his growing collection of Regional titles aka the spoils of war.

Giuseppe Colonna: The Italian Submission Machine isn’t the biggest dog in the fight, but he sure packs a vicious bite. One of the best pure suplexman in the game today, Colonna is as tenacious as they come when it comes to getting his opponent down to the mat. Colonna knows a vast array of take downs and submissions but can also throw hands with the best of them. A win at Warrior’s Way would give Colonna his first title in PPW.

Father Time: There ain’t no time like Father Time. “Michigan’s Miracle Man” has defied incredible odds to live his dream as a wrestler while becoming one of the most inspirational figures in pro wrestling today. Time joined the wrestling game late in life. After fighting back from multiple bouts with cancer and strokes, he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of being a wrestler. After training with Xavier Justice, Time made his debut nearly ten years ago and over the span of his career has held multiple titles and even appeared on Ring of Honor. Time is no average man, in fact many fans and wrestlers feel that he may be the dark horse favorite going into this match. Will Time survive the Warrior’s Way and become the Continental Champ? Only time will tell...tick tock, tick tock.

Cody Manning: Love him or hate him, Manning is one of the most decorated wrestlers in PPW history. Manning has held multiple titles, coaches for PPW, and has competed and coached in India with CWE – the largest pro wrestling company in India owned by former World Heavyweight Champion & WWE Alumni The Great Khali. Manning has been in big matches before and has defeated men and women of all shapes and sizes. Recently Manning had an impressive year long run as Cruiserweight Champion with wins over India’s elite cruiserweights as well as a win over international star Joey Ryan. Manning is as intelligent wrestler who knows how to take advantage of opportunity and winning the Continental Title is a huge opportunity!

Heidi Katrina: PPW believes that women are just as capable as men and have no issues having them compete against their male counterparts. Katrina is the reigning AIWF World Woman’s Champion who is an import from the UK. Katrina is an international star who’s held titles in Mexico, Japan, and Europe. She’s trained with some of the top coaches in all of wrestling with her main influences being British wrestling legends Johnny Saint, Robbie Brookside, & Marty Jones. Grappler greats with royal wrestling lineage that dates back to the original and now infamous “Snake Pit.” Katrina has no issues mixing it up with men twice her size because she knows her ability is enough to beat anyone on the planet.

Nick Xero: The reigning Continental Champion has revitalized his nearly 20 year career after signing with his manager Jack Kelly. With the guidance of Kelly and some occasional ringside assistance Xero has held the title for several months, even with the 24/7 rules being attached to the belt. Xero is a cunning wrestler who likes to fight dirty. He constantly gets in the heads of his opponents to take them off their game plans. Together Xero & Kelly are as sneaky as a snake and the other competitors in this match should look over their shoulder for PPW’s “Ultimate Opportunists.”

3 Ring Junior Grappler Battle Royal

At Warrior’s Way on September 7th at Flint Iceland Arenas, Michigan wrestling fans will be treated to the first ever three ring Battle Royal featuring the Junior Grapplers; the only all kid wrestling division in the nation. Over 20 Junior Grapplers will be divided into three three rings. The winner of each ring will be combined into one ring to decide the victor. Don’t miss the action as these kids try their best to steal the show!

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