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Pure Pro Wrestling - Vehicle City Classic Match Recap & Results

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

The heroes and villains of Pure Pro Wrestling

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The Real Rizers Defeat Team VIP w/ Unexpected Help from Nomad CJ Anderson

The Real Rizers & Team VIP went to war at Flint Iceland Arena to determine who would be the next in line to challenge for the Michigan State Tag Team Championships. During the time of the match The Nomads held the championships; titles they won after defeating the Real Rizers in Saginaw a few months ago. As both teams went back and forth dealing out their best moves no clear favorite seemed to be emerging, that was until the Nomad “Enforcer” CJ Anderson showed up to ringside with a kendo stick that he decided to use on an unsuspecting Dylan Night which in turn helped Samson Real of the Real Rizers score the pinfall. As the Real Rizers had their hands raised in victory they were just as confused as the Team VIP and the PPW fans. Team VIP & the Nomads have a lot of bad blood between one another, one can only assume that Anderson was adding insult to injury or perhaps since the The Nomads have already defeated the Rizers and not yet stopped Team VIPs advances, maybe this was the Nomad way of slowing down the momentum that Dylan Night & Mr. One Night Only has had over the past few months. Time will only tell as this story continues to play out.

Tommy Vendetta Defeats Grizzly House Jones Despite Special Body Slam Stipulation Added

Two of the hardest hitting grapplers in PPW went one-on-one at Iceland Arena with the outcome having major implications in the PPW ranks. Vendetta, a Marine veteran was set to the task of delivering a body slam to Jones in order to win the match. After surviving a series of devastating maneuvers at the hands of “Grizzly,” Vendetta managed to muster the strength needed to get the big man off the ground and deliver a ring shaking slam for the victory.

DTA Delivers a Win Over Karam & The Destroyers in Epic Main Event

In what is being called one of the best main events of the year, 6 of PPW’s finest athletes competed in a six man tag team match in the main event at Iceland Arenas this past August 10th. DTA squad members Jack Price, Adam Wick, & the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Aaron Orion had the tough task of taking on Cobra TA & Freedom Ramsay of The Destroyers and the raw fury of “The Washash” Karam. After nearly 20 minutes of intense athletic competition it was DTA who pulled out the W after Tommy Vendetta made an appearance at ringside which caused Karam to be distracted allowing him to be rolled up from behind for the pin fall. The irate Karam took the microphone and belittled DTA, Vendetta, and the PPW fans in attendance. As a result of the match’s outcome, a Street Fight match has been scheduled between Karam & Vendetta for September 7 back at Iceland Arena. By signing the match PPW officials hope that Karam & Vendetta will be able to settle the score and ease the bad blood. Tickets to this match are available now at www.pureprowrestling.net

Tenshi & Malice Become the New Tag Team Champions

What happens when two former champions decide to join forces? PPW fans who attended Flint Iceland Arenas this past August 10th found out! PPW’s newest Dream Team comprised of Tenshi & Malice, two decorated former champions challenged and defeated the Nomads in dominating fashion further cementing their legendary status in PPW. Although the entire Nomad group was at ringside and the odds were against Tenshi & Malice, the two dug down deep and found a way to overcome the odds and become the new champions. The win instantly sent a shock-wave through the entire tag team division at Pure Pro Wrestling. Now that the Nomads have been defeated and Tenshi & Malice are Michigan’s best tag team every team in the division wants a shot. This sentiment was echoed after the announcement of a blockbuster match scheduled for September 7 at Iceland Arena. PPW has officially announced that a 3 Ring Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match will take place featuring Malice & Tenshi putting the belts on the line against The Nomads, The Real Rizers, Team VIP, DTA, & The Destroyers. Get your tickets for this unprecedented match at www.pureprowrestling.net.

Heidi Katrina Furious Over the Action of Nick Xero & Jack Kelly

One of the best matches on the August 10th card at Iceland Arena was the Man vs Women / Champion VS Champion Continental Title match featuring the challenger Heidi Katrina taking on the champ Nick Xero. With Jack Kelly in his corner Xero went into the match with his confidence at an all time high. That confidence went away quickly as the AIWF World Woman’s Champion Heidi Katrina unleashed an uncanny display of offense. With the help of Kelly, Xero was able to slow down Katrina, but only for a moment as Katrina soundly defeated Xero after a top rope leg drop. What makes the Continental title unique is the fact that its defended under 24/7 rules. This means that the title can be defended anywhere at any time without the signing of a contracted match. Post match while Heidi was celebrating she was attacked by the Great Lakes Grappler, who we now can confirm is the newest client of Licensed Manager Jack Kelly. Katrina managed to fend off the attack from the 250 pound grappler, but not before Xero had a chance to roll Katrina up and win the title back only minutes after losing it. The outraged Katrina has demanded a rematch against Xero on September 7 at Warriors Way, PPW officials have not yet released details regarding whether or not this match will take place. Stay tuned to PPW Online for more details, but in the mean time get your tickets now to Warriors Way at Iceland Arena at www.pureprowrestling.net

Junior Grappler Tank is After Continental Champion Nick Xero

Tank is a Junior Grappler Great and fan favorite around the great state of Michigan. For several months Tank has been training hard to become one of the top junior wrestlers in PPW. When Tank believes he can do something, no one can stop him. Tank wants to become the Continental Champion, an adult championship currently help by Nick Xero. Despite his coaches telling him that he cannot compete against adults, Tank has ignored officials and has taken the matter into his own hands. Over the past few months Tank has been spearing any adult he sees at the PPW Development Center at Iceland Arena. And to top it all off he’s been a shadow to the Continental Champion Nick Xero. Tank has let the world know that Xero is “next,” but with PPW officials not being willing to sign an adult vs kid match, Tank hasn’t gotten his way just yet. What do you think? Should Tank be allowed to wrestle Nick Xero for the title? Chime in, drop some comments and don’t forget to share!

Father Time Returns to Top Form After Defeating CJ Anderson

Fans at Iceland Arena were thrilled to see “Michigan’s Miracle Man” back in the ring in top form this past August 10th. Time has been seen sparingly as of late as he’s tried to get himself back in ring shape after his recent bout with prostate cancer. After months of rehab, trials, and tribulations Father Time is back and better than ever and he proved it by defeating one of PPW’s top wrestlers CJ Anderson. What’s next for Father Time? Only time will tell...tick tock, tick tock, stay tuned for details regarding Father Time’s next big match!

The Junior Grapplers Put on Yet Another Awesome Showcase

PPW’s Junior Grappler Division is the only all kid wrestling division in the United States. These young athletes range from 5 to 17 years of age and train each week at the PPW Development Center at Iceland Arenas in Flint Township. This past August 10th the Juniors were on full display as they performed prior to the adult bell time. The next Junior session starts in September, sign ups are taking place now. To join the junior grapplers you mus be 5 to 17 years of age and have parent consent. You can sign up now at www.pureprowrestling.net.

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